Tesla Allterrain Concept (Jason McGinnity)

Design Grad Renders Tesla Allterrain Truck Concept

Most of us are wondering how “new kind of pickup truck” announced in the second part of Master Plan might look like. A year ago, designer Jason McGinnity did a set of sketches (and a minature) for a Tesla Allterrain Concept (combining Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ Cruiser features), which maybe…

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"Pony Express" electrification of long haul trucks using tractor swapping

Furrer + Frey (Opbrid) Proposes Tractor Swapping – Pony Express

Furrer + Frey, which has acquired the Opbrid, recently proposed a pretty nifty idea on how to electrify long-haul trucking. Instead of overhead catenaries, inductive charging while driving, fast charging along the route, or battery swapping, Opbrid is considering swapping whole tractors (it would seem they are definitely Formula E fans…

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Efficient Drivetrains EDI PowerDrive(TM) technology integrated into leading utility work trucks to electrify fleets

Efficient Drivetrains Now Offers EDI PowerDrive PHEV Kit For OEMs

Efficient Drivetrains introduces its OEM developer kits for manufacturers of plug-in hybrid trucks. The kit includes the EDI PowerDrive extensible drivetrain, vehicle control software, electric power export option, and training with a developers support program. In truth, we bet that there are many willing to supply electric drivetrain components to…

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Balqon Electric Tractor

California To Award $23.6 Million For Zero Emission Trucks At Seaports

The State of California announced $23.6 million to the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) for zero-emission Class 8 Drayage truck development and demonstration project. In total 43 all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will by delivered in port-adjacent/disadvantaged communities found in Los Angeles, San Joaquin Valley, Oakland, San Diego and…

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Tesla Logo

Tesla Pickup Truck Is No Slam Dunk

TESLA PICKUP NO SLAM DUNK “To be long-term successful in the US, we’re going to have to have a pickup truck offering.” That’s Tesla’s Diarmuid O’Connell near the end of this video. Well . . . The Toyota Tundra was supposed to annihilate the D3 competition, or at the very least, give…

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