Prius Plug-In Expected to Hold Its Value Fairly Well

The 0 Mile Electric Range Electric Cars

Believe it or not, there are plug-in electric cars available with 0 miles of electric-only range. These are what we call the 0-milers of electric cars. If you’re going electric for the ability to drive electrically, then these cars (all of which are plug-in hybrids) are not for you. BMW…

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Hydrogen Station in Amagasaki city

Nissan, Toyota, Honda Agree To Jointly Develop Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure In Japan

Nissan has officially joined the hydrogen fuel cell bandwagon with this joint announcement “Toyota, Nissan, and Honda to Jointly Support Hydrogen Station Infrastructure Development” “Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. have agreed to work together to help accelerate the development of hydrogen station infrastructure…

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That's One Part Of The "Better Battery"

How Hydrogen Fuel Is Made – Video

Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell campaign is beginning (note Toyota is the sponsor of the video below). DNews recently released video covering several aspects of hydrogen fuel cell cars, including how the fuel is made. Judging from the comments from EV enthusiasts, it seems that FCVs are unwanted, though we should point…

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Toyota Mirai

Toyota Announces One More Production Increase For Mirai

When you set an initial production rate really, really low, it allows room for several production increase announcements. Such is the case with the Toyota Mirai. We’re can’t even count the number of times Toyota has announced a production increase for Mirai, but here’s the latest one: Toyota to Increase…

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