Production Of The Toyota RAV4 EV Ceased Earlier This Year

Former Toyota Exec – Future Of Electric Cars Is Dim

It’s time for Toyota (and now ex-Toyota execs) to ease up on electric vehicles in our opinion. Newsflash Toyota: RAV4 EV, Toyota i-Road, Toyota COMS, Scion iQ EV are all pure electric vehicles. Environment 360 reports: “Former Toyota executive Bill Reinert has long been dubious about the potential of electric cars. In…

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The McLaren P1 -

Top 10 Best Looking EVs On Sale Today

Taking a break from the hard and fast news cycle of the week, we are stepping back for something a little less precise – “The Top 10 Best Looking EVs On Sale Today”. And rather than just put out a list myself representing InsideEVs, we opened it up to all…

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Toyota's Fuel Cell Sedan

2014 Paris Motor Show: Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota brought EVs for the role of small urban haulers at the 2014 Paris Motor Show, spreading the vision that for the mid-distance, hybrids will be the leader and for long distance, fuel cells are the only way to go. The Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan will come to the Europe…

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Toyota i-Road

2014 Paris Motor Show: Toyota i-Road

About two years ago, Toyota unveiled the i-Road concept, which matured to a production-ready road-legal version. A fleet of these two-seater tricycle-format personal mobility vehicles (PMV) are used at car sharing project the Citélib by Ha:mo in Grenoble, France. You can drive it without a helmet or protective clothing and…

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