Toyota i-TRIL Concept

Toyota Teases i-Tril Electric City Car, With A Tilt

Toyota has announced a new zero-emission concept that will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Toyota i-TRIL Concept was developed by the company’s European division – Toyota Motor Europe (TME) – in collaboration with the company’s ED² design studio in Nice. It features three seats (1+2)…

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All Toyota Mirais Recalled For Software Glitch

Toyota announced that all of its Mirai hydrogen fuel cell cars are affected by a software glitch that needs a recall to repair; an issue that an over-the-air update system probably could have alleviated seamlessly. To date, 2,843 Mirai have been sold worldwide since December 2014 (mainly in Japan and the…

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Lexus Sees Possible Need For Electric Car In Lineup

Hell hath frozen over… Long-time electric car hater Lexus seems to be warming up to the notion that it needs a plug-in car in its lineup. In Detroit, at NAIAS 2017, Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken stated: “We do think there’s room to fill some gaps that still exist for Lexus.”…

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