Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota Gives Up On Pure Electric Vehicles

Toyota is done with electric vehicles and is now shifting towards hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The two currently made Toyota EVs, Scion iQ minicar and RAV4 EV will most likely be out with a fuel cell powered Toyota vehicle claimed to be in showrooms in 2015. Oddly, Toyota’s Head of…

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Scion iQ - From Thousands Per Year To 91 Lifetime Sales

Toyota CEO Comments On RAV4 EV, Scion iQ EV

Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz doesn’t often discuss electric vehicles, but when he does, the conversation always turns to fuel cells: “I would rather invest my dollars in fuel cell development than in another 2,500 EVs.” It’s 2,600 actually, but who’s keeping track. Technically, Toyota offers two pure electric…

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Chevy Volt

Canada Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales June 2014

June was a record-setting month for at least on plug-in electric vehicle in Canada.  Surprisingly, the vehicle that set the record didn’t even top the Canadian plug-in electric sales chart last month. Once again, it was the Chevy Volt that took the #1 spot on the plug-in electric vehicle sales…

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Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-ROAD: Tokyo Trials – Video

Toyota seems reluctant to do full size electric cars, but the Japanese company is trying to develop personal mobility vehicles with electric drive. One of the few examples of such vehicle is Toyota’s i-Road three-wheelers, used in car sharing schemes. Here is a video from Tokyo trials: “Toyota’s i-ROAD compact…

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