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2017 Ford Fusion Energi | TEVAdrive

2017 Ford Fusion Energi Review and Test Drive – Video

The Toronto Electric Vehicle Association TEVA has released interesting (and thorough) test drive review of updated for 2017 Ford Fusion Energi. TEVAdrive discuss the differences between the latest model year of Ford and its previous 2016 version, as well as its impressions of the new set up – which is always useful to know…

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BMW i3

2017 BMW i3 94Ah REx Test Drive Review

While the BMW i3 REx (with a 650cc two-cylinder petrol engine serving as back-up generator) has been the primary choice in UK from the start, the introduction of a longer-range 33.2 kWh (94 Ah li-ion cells) battery version means the advantage of the extended range option on the BMW should decrease (a fact we have…

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Mercedes-Benz C350e

2016 Mercedes C 350 e Sport Test Drive Review

Autocar recently test drove the Mercedes-Benz C 350 e plug-in hybird in the UK In fact, the C 350 e is actually a best selling plug-in for the UK already for the first half of 2016: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 5,145 Mercedes C 350 e – 2,768 Nissan LEAF – 1,620 The…

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2016 Kia Soul EV:  Long Term Recap & Review From Toronto, Canada

2016 Kia Soul EV: 1 Year Review – Video

Following up on a early review of a 2016 Kia Soul EV sent to us by Dax in Toronto, Canada last January, here is the follow-up, 1 year (long term) report on the 93 mile (epa rated) all-electric Kia. It is interesting to note Dax’s opinions on the car, especially considering…

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