Driving Point Of View - Tesla Model S

Winding Road Reviews Tesla Model S P85 – Video

Over at Winding Road, there’s a new point-of-view format for video test drives, like this one conducted in the Tesla Model S. The entertainment value is lacking in this format, but fortunately there’s a Winding Road written review of the Model S P85 too. Basically, Winding Road concludes that the…

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Battery Swapping Is Here

Tesla Details First “Pilot Program” Battery Swap Station

Earlier today we reported that Tesla’s first battery swapping station was live at Tesla’s Supercharging location in Harris Ranch California (ok, actually it is across the street from the existing chargers). Now Tesla has put together a little press release of their own on the subject.  Of note, the company is…

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Global Tesla Model S Fleet Surpasses 1 Billion Kilometers Driven

Milestone achieved! Tesla Motors just announced that the global fleet of Model S EVs have cumulatively driven past the 1-billion-kilometer mark, saving more than 100 million liters of gas in the process. For comparison purposes, Nissan announced recently that the world’s LEAFs surpassed 1 billion kilometers, but that calculation relies…

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Tesla Model S P85D In The Snow – Video

Here’s a brief video that shows the all-wheel-drive, dual-motor Tesla Model S P85D accelerating in the snow. It’s not a snow test drive, or a winter testing video.  Rather, you’ll briefly see the P85D blast down a road with barely a coating of snow. The video quality is far from…

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