NVIDIA CEO Interviews Tesla’s Elon Musk – Video

NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun, interviews Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk in the 22-minute video posted above. We were sucked into this video within the first 30 seconds by the commentary of Jen-Hsun.  Turns out he loves Tesla. This video is packed with all sorts of information in regards to vehicles, including…

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Prepare to launch!

Verge Drives Insane Tesla Model S P85D – Video

The 2-minute video above show Verge checking out the Tesla Model S P85D. Of course, even Verge can’t resist some acceleration tests. Acceleration is the main (and only) point of the video.  Verge shows us that the P85D is insanely quick. There’s not a lot to see in this video…

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Model S P85D

Tesla Produced Video Shows Model S P85D In The Cold, Snow

“Tesla’s Dual Motor Model S is a categorical improvement on conventional all-wheel drive systems.” “Conventional all-wheel drive cars employ complex mechanical linkages to distribute power from a single engine to all four wheels. This sacrifices efficiency in favor of all weather traction. In contrast, each Model S motor is lighter,…

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tesla model p85d winter 6

Autocar Reviews Tesla Model S P85D

“Many will look at the raw figures, do the maths and, with a tinge of regret, allow head to overrule heart. Those who don’t will be picking one of the most remarkable production cars on sale today.” States Autocar in its review of the Tesla Model S P85D. “What’s it…

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musk announcement

Audio From Tesla Press Conference On Model S Software 6.2 – Range Anxiety, P85D Top Speed, Valet Mode

Here’s video containing complete audio from Tesla’s recent Model S software 6.2 announcement on Thursday. Topics include: Range Assurance and Trip Planner into Model S’s navigation P85D new top speed Automatic routing along Tesla’s Charging Network Push notification at Superchargers New driver assist features Valet mode Automatic emergency braking and blind…

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