SolarCity Carport Structure

Tesla & SolarCity Press Conference Digest

SOLARCITY/TESLA PRESS CONFERENCE DIGEST Everything below is a direct quote from Musk during the SolarCity acquisition press conference. TeslaMondo just finagled the questions to make the whole thing more readable and conversational. Will Tesla ever do vehicle-to-grid? We’ve debated this since the early days of the Roadster. The early proto-Roasters would do vehicle…

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Inside The Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s “Golden Ticket” Gets You A Gigafactory Tour

Of the 150,000 customers loyal enough to reserve a Tesla Model 3 on the opening day, 12 lucky “Golden Ticket” winners were invited to attend the Gigafactory Grand Opening. All expenses will be paid by Tesla. The email from goldenticket@tesla.com reads: Hello, Congratulations! Through random selection, Tesla has chosen twelve…

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Tesla Superchargers And Destination Chargers In China

100th Tesla Supercharger Now Open In China

Robin Ren, Tesla’s vice president for the Asia-Pacific region, has confirmed that Tesla opened its 100th Supercharger in China earlier this week. The average Supercharger in China has only 4 stalls though, so the total Supercharger stall count is only 400. The 100th Supercharger opened up in the business district…

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Building Permits Reveal 6 Tidbits About Tesla Gigafactory

While details regarding the cost, size, and purposes of the Tesla Gigafactory are not a secret, many interesting details are still being discovered. Using information from building permits, six “top tidbits” have surfaced. Jack Cookson of buildzoom, analyzes many building permits to place consumers and businesses with top talent. He provided…

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Tesla Model X Drag Race

Tesla Model X P90D A Perfect Bracket Racer? Video

The sport of drag racing doesn’t always require that a vehicle be fast to win. There’s bracket racing, which picks a winner based almost entirely on consistency. Not familiar with bracket racing? Here’s a basic rundown (via Staging Light): “At a race, you are given several time trials, which are…

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