Tesla Model S P85D (Image Credit: Autocar)

UK Review Of Tesla Model S P85D

What does UK-based Autocar think of the Tesla Model S P85D? Well, Autocar loves the fact that the Model S is a 691 horsepower family sedan that can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds, and still function as a long-range (~265 miles) electric that’s cross-country road trip capable with tons…

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Tesla Energy Powerwall

Western Solar Lays Out Details On Tesla Powerwall

When Tesla Motors introduces new products, it raises a lot of excitement, which seems to be the core strategy that enables Tesla to spread the word across the world without advertising. Although not all seem to share the excitement. For example Western Solar, a company installing solar system in Washington, recently…

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It's Go Time

Tesla Model S P85D Versus P85 – Drag Race Videos

Description for video above: Test and Tune night at Farmington Dragway (1/8th mile), 2015-04-17. Quietest drag race ever… P85D: 7.415 @ 93.218 MPH P85: 8.170 @ 87.621 MPH P85D 60′: 1.654s P85 60′: 1.938s P85D 330′: 4.775s P85 330′: 5.348s P85 reaction: 0.224s P85D reaction: 0.336s Description for video above:…

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Tesla Model S With Larte Design's Elizabeta Body Kit

900 HP Tesla Model S P85D Under Development

LARTE Design, creators of the body kit seen here for the Tesla Model S, now claims to be in the development stage of a high-power Model S P85D, a “mighty 900 HP,” in fact. LARTE claims that the bump in power does not negatively impact range. There is precisely zero…

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Tesla Energy Powerwall

Does Tesla’s Powerwall Make Financial Sense?

We’ll get to the math below soon, but allow me a couple of rambling paragraphs as prelude. Did it make sense in 1983 to pay $10,000 in today’s dollar (adjusted for inflation) for the first commercially available cell phone, the DynaTAC 8000, that had a talk time of 30 minutes,…

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Tesla Model 3 Render ( (via Stumpf Studio)

Tesla Model 3 Concept Render

Anticipation ahead of the arrival of the 200 mile, $35,000 to $40,000, Tesla Model 3 continues to grow ahead of its scheduled 2017 release. InsideEVs reader James Stumpf, who also happens to be the founder and lead industrial designer at Stumpf Studio, has put his take on the upcoming Model 3, as well as a mock-advert program for…

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Tesla Model S at 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

Tesla Invites Hackers To Hack Model S At Defcon 2015

DEF CON 23 is coming up (more info here) and Tesla Motors will be inviting hackers to see if they can hack into a Tesla Model S. Previously, Qihoo 360 Technology won for being able to (sort of) hack a Model S EV.  Afterwards, Tesla immediately took care of the vulnerability Another opportunity…

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Yes, Clearly We Are In China With These Charging Protocols

Tesla To Adopt China’s Charging Standards?

China has its own charging standards – presented above in the case of Denza EV (DC on the left and AC on the right). Tesla Motors is using in China the same charging inlet like it does in Europe, which can directly handle European Type 2 AC charging and DC…

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