Average Monthly Model S, Leaf Sales

Tesla Model S Outselling Nissan LEAF In Northern Europe

According to International Business Times, Tesla Model S is outselling the Nissan LEAF in the northern European markets. For both cars, the number one market is Norway. And it seems that Tesla is ahead of LEAF there.  However, this is only because in March Tesla delivered a record number of…

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Tesla “Truths” – Part 2

It all started several months ago when a group of anti-Tesla advocates put slips of paper spelling out the Tesla “truths” on vehicle in San Francisco. That same group is now back at it again with this: “TESLA’S HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE BEEN FOUNDED BY ORGANIZED CRIME-CLASS BRIBES AND…

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Some cool drone shots in the beginning as well! Nicely done!

Tesla Model S Tips And Tricks – Video

The author of “Owning a Model S,” Nick Howe shows us some tips and tricks for the Tesla Model S in the video above. These tips and tricks may come in handy for Model S owners who may actually discover some features of the vehicles that they’ve not yet known…

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Grishin With His Model S Via Instagram

Meet Russia’s First Tesla Model S Owner

Dmitry Grishin, owner of one of the biggest news portals in all of Russia, is likely the first person to acquire a Tesla Model S in Russia. Currently, Tesla does not sell the Model S in Russia, but it seems as though a lot of Russians wish Tesla would offer the electric…

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