Tesla software update 8.0

Tesla 8.0 Software Update Arrives – Here Are All The Details

Tesla recently released the software update 8.0 (the big one), which should improve the Model S and Model X. Improved software touches various areas (the largest are Media Player, Maps & Navigation, Voice Commands and Autopilot) so the whole experience should be better (not only safer on Autopilot). Safer, More Intuitive Software update 8.0…

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How Much Would Range Increase If P Was Removed?

Elon Musk: Tesla To Probably Stop At 100 kWh Battery

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to respond to a thrilled P100D owner. Musk’s response wasn’t as expected though. Instead of responding with something along the lines of just “Glad you like it!” Musk added another line in there that caught our attention. Musk stated: “I think we…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Launches In Japan (w/video)

During the first week of September, Tesla Motors hosted an event in Japan to celebrate the launch of the Model X there. We were alerted to this via a post on the Tesla motors Club forum, though Tesla itself didn’t make a formal announcement of the X launch event. This…

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