Tesla CFO Jason Wheeler Stepping Down

One of many pieces of news that came out of this week’s Tesla fourth-quarter earnings call, was CEO Elon Musk’s announcement that Chief Financial Officer Jason Wheeler has decided to leave the company. Wheeler has taken an interest in projects related to public policy, and he has decided to step…

23 hours ago by Steven Loveday 4

PG&E Brings Online 2 MWh Tesla Powerpack Substation

Earlier this month, the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. launched its Tesla energy storage system at substation in Browns Valley (Yuba County), in California. The one used by PG&E is smaller unit relatively speaking – 2 MWh of energy and 0.5 MW of power (for up to four hours), consisting of 22…

2 days ago by Mark Kane 10

Autopilot Camera Captures Tesla Model S Crash

Back in April of 2016, Tesla featured an accident as one of its customer stories. The accident survivor and his wife credited Tesla for saving his life. Now, thanks to renowned “Tesla hacker,” Jason Hughes (@wk057), the story has come back to life, complete with video footage of the incident….

2 days ago by Steven Loveday 8

360 Degree Video From Inside Tesla Model X

Here is another, and somewhat unique look at the inside of a Tesla Model X thanks to some 360-degree video footage. In addition to the 360, we do like that the video is shot from various seating positions within the X and that provides you with a sense of spaciousness (or lack…

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