Tesla Model S Goes Vroom...Vroom

Tesla Model S 60 Minutes Sound Parody – Video

“B-Roll footage from the recent 60 Minutes special episode with Elon Musk.” Says the uploader of this YouTube video. But after watching the brief video you’ll realize this ain’t B-roll footage from 60 minutes, but rather a parody of 60 Minutes, in that lots of sounds are added to the…

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Bjorn’s Tesla Model S FAQ #1 – Video

Bjorn Nyland’s highly popular series of Tesla Model S videos have led loads of commenters to ask Nyland various Model S questions. Rather than answer those questions one by one (a time consuming and daunting task), Nyland will creat a series of FAQ videos, starting with this one, which is…

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Bjorn Nyland Tesla Model S Outtakes – Video

Fans of Bjorn Nyland’s Tesla Model S video series will enjoy this “outtakes” episode: “Outtakes and bloopers from video #2 to #7.” Says Bjorn. What we especially like is that we get a chance to see all the effort/work Nyland puts into his highly viewed series of Model S videos….

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