Europe's electric car market fails to build up steam (Source: EagleAID)

All-Electric Car Sales In Western Europe Down 0.7% In May

All-electric car sales in Western Europe decreased slightly in May (-0.7%) year-over-year to around 5,800. BEVs apparently needed to take a deep breath after long-run of growth, because lower sales were reported in 10 out of 16 markets monitored by AID. Perhaps some of problem could be attributed to the…

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cvrp funding header

California Rebate Program Out Of Money. Again. Kinda.

For what seems like the umpteenth time, the California Clean Vehicle Rebate program is out of money. Kinda. Less three months ago the program was overhauled to “cap for higher-income consumers, and increased rebate levels for low- and moderate-income consumers” (details).  The CVRP rebate for all-electric cars maxes out at $4,000, while plug-in…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE

Plug-In Hybrids Growth In France Stuck After Lowering Incentives

Quick growth of plug-in hybrid sales in France slowed in May, mainly due to lowered incentives – from €4,000 to €1,000 (plus €2,500 available for scrapping old diesel cars). New passenger PHEV registrations in France amounted to 435 units – which is just about 2% higher compared to last year, this after months of…

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Diesel and plug-in electric passenger cars market share in Norway – May 2016

Plug-Ins Eating Diesel Market Share In Norway

A few years ago diesel cars were in the majority for many European countries, as diesel was favored by governments on various levels. In more recent years however, diesel has been in retreat. France has even introduced incentives to scrap old diesels, with Volkswagen’s DieselGate only adding “fuel to the…

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BEV Registrations in France – April 2016

All-Electric Car Sales In France Up By 57% To Over 2,200

May was 19th consecutive month of growth for new all-electric car registrations in France. The 2,214 new BEV sales was an increase of 57% year-over-year, and now gives all-electric vehicles a market share over a 1% (from 0.74% in 2015). All-electric passenger car sales moved up by 71.4% to 1,829 (9,960 YTD), while LCVs…

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