Tesla Model S Registrations In The Switzerland - July 2015

Tesla Model S Leads Swiss Luxury-Segment In Sales

Tesla Model S is booming in Switzerland’ after introduction of the four-wheel-drive versions (P85D and 85D). In just June and July ,Tesla sold some 450 units, while YTD number of registrations stands at 837. Over 87% (730) of all Model S sold this year in Switzerland’ are AWD, according to…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

August 2015 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

If you have been a follower of plug-in vehicle sales in the United States this year, then you knew this month was coming – the bottom of the barrel as it were.   Compared to a year ago, August 2015 is EV sales-armageddon!  Put another way, with only the last inventory scraps of the first…

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BMW i3 And i8

Global BMW i Sales – July & YTD

In announcing its global sales figures for July, BMW issued an update on i sales, both for the month of July and YTD. Here are the worldwide sales figures for i vehicles. Note that BMW doesn’t break out i3 and i8 sales individually when reporting global numbers: “A total of…

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Best Selling BEV In Europe For July

Tesla Model S was the best selling all-electric car in Western Europe last month, according to EagleAID. 1,106 Model S were enough to take 1st place ahead of 1,011 Nissan LEAFs, 980 Renault ZOEs and 928 Volkswagen e-Golfs. Those are the most popular BEV models in Europe this summer. For…

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Comparison of 2015 and 2014 Sales in Canada (source: FleetCarma)

Detailed Look At Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada

FleetCarma released this month a wonderful report on plug-in electric car sales in Canada. Despite sales of the most popular model, the Chevrolet Volt, dwindling down as buyers await the 2016 model, the Canadian market is growing in 2015 by some 15%. In the first six months, registrations reached 2,779…

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TOP 5 U.S. Plug-In Cars Manufacturers (U.S. by July 2015)

U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Sales Sorted By Manufacturer

If you’ve ever wondered about plug-in electric car sales in US sorted by manufacturer, then we’ve got something special for you. As it turns out, the top 2 manufacturers (GM and Nissan) delivered nearly 48% of all plug-in electric cars sold, while the top 5 delivered nearly 89%. The remaining…

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Plug-in car registrations in Germany – July 2015

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Germany Up By 80% In July

80% of year-over-year growth for plug-in electric car registrations in Germany enabled the second best ever result in July – 1,906. Only March was higher at 2,164. Sales split almost exactly in half between all-electric and plug-in hybrids – 962 and 944 respectively. Both types acquired 0.3% market share (total…

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