Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – October 2014

Plug-in Car Sales Still Strong In UK – 1,700 In October

After the record September, last month (October) sales of plug-in cars remain strong in the UK compared to previous periods. 1,708 units sold is the second best result overall, from which 463 are all-electric cars and 1,245 plug-in hybrids (preliminary data). Plug-in hybrids now dominate the British EV market. Plug-in…

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Tesla’s Top 10 Countries For Model S Sales

Tracking Tesla Model S sales isn’t easy, but we’ve routinely got the numbers down to within a few percent margin of error.  With a strong degree of certainty, we can report on the Top 10 countries for Model S sales for 2014 through the end of Q3. #1 – United…

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Toyota And Ford Sink EV Sales Streak In October For US

What a difference a few months make. In May and June of this year, plug-ins from Toyota and Ford where pushing the market to new all-time highs…now just a few months later, the duo is responsible for the end to a pretty impressive streak – 46 consecutive months of record EV sales in the…

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