Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – March 2016

Germany Plug-In Electric Car Sales Up In March But Only 11%

Germany continued its growth in the plug-in electric car segment, which last month resulted in 11% more registrations when compared to March 2015 – perhaps indicating a slight lull in anticipation of a pending national EV incentive program. In total, 2,394 plug-ins were registered (1,104 pure electric and 1,290 plug-in hybrids). The drawback…

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Renault presents the keys to the 50,000th ZOE

Renault Delivered 50,000th ZOE

Renault has announced a significant milestone of passing 50,000 ZOEs sold since its introduction in early 2013. With 18,500 sales in 2015, the ZOE represents around 20% of BEV sales in Europe and 55% in France.  So it is a major driving force in the electrification of the automobile in the region….

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Nissan LEAF in France

3 Out Of 100 Nissans Sold In Europe Are All-Electric

Nissan recently announced full year European sales results for 2015 (which ended March 31st). The Japanese company happily boasted a 9.4% growth, up to record 710,321 cars sold; but our focus of course is to determine the share of all-electric models. In case of Nissan there were 20,710 BEVs: 16,916 LEAFs 3,794 e-NV200…

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The New BMW i3 Will Help Boost BMW i Brand's Worldwide Sales Which Have Recently Flattened Out Due To Poor US Demand

BMW Sold 5,128 BMW i3/i8 In The First Quarter Of 2016

The BMW i sub-brand encountered a slowdown for third consecutive month. In March 2,255 i3 and i8 plug-ins were delivered, which is down 14% year-over-year. Hopefully April will enable return to the growth. “A total of 5,128 BMW i electric vehicles have been delivered to customers worldwide in the year-to-date, with…

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Ok, We Confess We Just Mirrored A Chevy Volt To Look LHD Here...Check Out The Links Below To See The "Real Deal" Opel Ampera Mule

Canada Plug-In Electric Car Sales March 2016

It’s time once again to take a look at plug-in electric car sales in Canada. Less and less automakers report plug-in electric car sales in Canada now, so the list of vehicles below has dwindled down significantly to just a few of the major models. No matter, a very few…

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U.S. Plug-In car sales – Market Share - March 2015

U.S. Plug-In Electric Car Sales Sorted By Market Share

In our previous story about U.S. plug-in electric car sales, one of the comments (oliver) was requesting a further graphical representation of plug-in  market share for every month. Here we fulfill that wish, allowing for some tiny margin of error as a small percentage of the historical data has been estimated….

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Passenger BEV Registrations in France – March 2016

Renault Passes 25,000 ZOE Sold In France, 45,000 In Total

Renault’s flagship electric car – the ZOE, reached a significant milestone in France this month, passing 25,000 units sold to date. In its home market the ZOE always shines, often exceeding 50% of the total market share among passenger BEVs. In March, a record 1,370 ZOE were moved, so the model is showing no…

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BEV Registrations in France – March 2016

France Plug-In Electric Car Sales Hits New High In March

Globally, March of 2016 was pretty kind to EV sales around the world…and France was no exception. In total, the 3,255 new registrations of all-electric vehicles is new high –  up 104% up year-over-year.  In fact, BEVs made up 1.33% of the total market share! Some 2,739 of those sales, were passenger BEVs…

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