Carlos Ghosn Applauds Musk, Tesla – Nothing But Praise

Though shareholders have concerns about Tesla’s success, Renault-Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn, paints a different picture. Ghosn addressed concerns at a recent shareholders’ meeting, putting Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Silicon Valley electric automaker on a pedestal. He assured the attendees that they should see Tesla as an ally, rather…

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Renault Kangoo EV Wireless Charging

Dynamic EV Charging At Up To 60 MPH – Video

Here is a little more detail about the 20 kW wireless dynamic charging project that Qualcomm and Renault (among 23 other partners) conducted in France last month. The 100 meter long test track consists of four 25 meter stubs, that are powered according to the needs of the charge vehicle (or vehicles)…

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Renault Increased Electric Vehicle Sales In May By 30%

Renault apparently sorted out its handbrake problems in early ZOE 40 Z.E. offerings in April, and returned a strong path of growth in May, delivering 2,454 electric cars. Last month’s result is nearly 30% better than a year ago, and represents roughly 1.05% of overall Renault sales. Renault electric vehicle sales in May: Renault…

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Renault Concerned Over Lagging EV Residual Values

The residual value of electric cars is popular topic, and now becomes a hot one in Spain, where Renault dealers are gearing up for the upcoming end of leases. As it turns out in Europe, lease-end residual values are lower than originally expected when set a few years ago, and someone will…

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Nissan Might Take Over Renault’s Formula E Spot

Formula E’s leading manufacturer Renault could have its entry taken over by Nissan. The Renault-Nissan alliance, one of the world’s biggest automotive partnerships, has been discussing how to best operate works motorsport programmes for the French and Japanese makes. In addition to joining Formula E for the 2015/16 season, Renault…

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Radically Quick Renault ZOE eSport Hits The Streets – Video

Ahead of the Formula E Paris ePrix, Renault is presenting its e.Dams team’s racer, along with the radically quick ZOE e-Sport Concept (think 0-62 mph in about 3 seconds), and a bunch of production ZOE 40 ZEs for retail consumption. Renault, beside being the number one all-electric vehicle manufacturer in France and Europe…

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