Renault Kangoo Z.E. with Symbio FCell's hydrogen fuel cell range-extender

Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 EV Fuel Cell Sets New Range Record

Symbio FCell, a supplier of hydrogen fuel cell range-extenders, announced a new record distance traveled in a Kangoo ZE-H2 (basically a Kangoo Z.E., but with a hydrogen fuel cell power plant). 1.8 kg of hydrogen and a 22 kWh on-board battery enabled the Kangoo to drive for 367 km (228 miles) in…

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Another Look At The e30 (Photo: InsideEVs From Auto China)

Renault & Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Eyes $8,000 BEV For China

A rebadged Nissan LEAF for China, offered as the Venucia e30 (aka the “Morning Wind” if you will) has not resonated well with the booming Chinese plug-in vehicle market. The price tag of 242,800 yuan ($36,900) is simply too high for the Chinese consumer compared to what the car offers. In 2015, only…

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