Renault's Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars - No Plug-In Hybrids, Or Even Regular Hybrids To Be Seen...At Least Not Yet

Renault Electric Vehicle Sales Continues To Fall In March

Renault continues on the downward sales trend of its electric vehicles and March has not brought any change. Basically, all of Renault’s electric models are selling less than in previous periods.  Only the recently new ZOE light commercial vehicle does not have a reference point for us to compare to…

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Ok, The Renault Twizy Convertible Looks Like A Lot Of Fun Drive - But Also A Deathtrap At The Same Time (via Green Motor)

Rendered: LEAF, Twizy + Zoe Convertible

  There is just something about electric cars that makes us wish they would also be offered in convertible trims – perhaps it has something to do with the allure of a quiet drive with the wind in your hair. Recently, the fellows at GreenMotor UK asked the question “Where are…

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Passenger Electric Cars Registrations In France

France Pure Electric Vehicle Sales Report March 2014

Another month passes us by and France is now back above the level of 1,000 new EV registrations in March. 709 of 1,037 are electric passenger cars and 328 are electric light delivery vehicles (LCVs). This result is significantly lower than March 2013 due to Renault ZOE’s spike in 2013,…

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