Renault Kangoo Z.E. Pick-Up

Renault Kangoo Z.E. Pick-Up Truck By Kolle

Renault Kangoo Z.E. lives on to see it get a pick-up truck version, developed by French company Kolle. Sales begin this month. There is no change to the drivetrain or batteries – still 22 kWh / 170 km (106 miles) NEDC range. The stated price is some €14,500 (including incentives,…

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Love is in the air for #ValentinesDay

Because It’s Valentine’s Day

“Love is in the air for #ValentinesDay: it’s the perfect time to declare your love for your #RenaultZE.” Or for your Nissan LEAF, Chevrolet  Volt, BMW i3, Tesla Model S and so on. Just go out there and declare your electric car love. Just do it!

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Electric Car Market Share In Europe By Automaker

European Electric Car Market Share – Top 5 Automakers

Recently, Nissan released a set of sales figures (see below) for pure electric cars sold in 2014 in Europe. Those figures were put to use in the market share graphic (above) presented by Green Car Congress. From the graphic, it’s immediately apparent that Renault-Nissan dominates electric car sales in Europe. …

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Rayttle E28 EV (source:

Renault Twizy Cloned By Rayttle E28 EV in China

According to, Chinese company Zhejiang Litong New Energy Automobile Corporation cloned the Renault Twizy. Here is the Rayttle E28 EV, which despite its slightly different dimensions, weight, plastics on the front wheels and taillights, looks almost exactly like the Twizy. There are some changes inside and to the drivetrain…

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