Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed3

Tesla Model S Versus Mazdaspeed 3 – Video

Which vehicles hasn’t the Tesla Model S been pitted against? One answer to that question would be the Mazdaspeed3. In this particular match up, a 2014 Tesla Model S faces off against a tuned Mazdaspeed3 with a claimed 300 hp on tap. The race takes place in Lviv, Ukraine and…

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Formula E Track in Beijing

Beijing Formula E Track Takes Shape

Umm…This is not the track layout we were expecting to see, but at least it’s not a big continuous oval. Here’s the layout for the track for the first-ever Formula E racing event, which will take place this September in Beijing, China. As you can see, it’s basically an odd-shaped…

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Tesla Model S at ButtonWillow

Video: Tesla Model S at ButtonWillow Raceway

According to Teslarati, “ButtonWillow Raceway is a 3.1 mile long road course near Bakersfield, California. The turns throughout the course look deceptively simple, but surely are not. We’ve never seen so many cars spin out and lose control before on any track.” This video shows a Tesla Model S lapping…

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Keep a Close Eye on the Tachometers

Video: Tesla Model S P85 Versus Audi S6

This ain’t your ordinary Tesla versus ICE race. This time the focus of the camera is solely on the speedometers of both vehicles. The vehicles, a 2014 Tesla Model S Performance and a 2013 Audi S6 are rather evenly matched in terms of horsepower, but only one can come out…

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