Chris Jones, Mike Hanlon and rider Danny Pottage at Queensland Raceway

Voltron EVO: When Too Much Is Not Enough (w/video)

Where to start?  There’s so much to this story – the EV motorcycle community in Australia, electric motorcycle racing, the (quite insane) build, the (even more insane) story behind the build, the (you’re getting the idea – pure insanity) performance of this bike? OK, how about some introductions.  This bike…

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Moto Electra Takes Its Place in History (w/video)

While some seem to attract the media spotlight, others quietly go about their business thrashing records and breaking down barriers.  Team Moto Electra falls into the latter category, and often, through their years of effort, it seemed that history would pass them by.  As they took their place as the…

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BYU's Electric Blue, a world-record holding E1 streamliner

BYU Electric Car Breaks 200 MPH Barrier

A 200 mph EV probably isn’t shocking anybody these days, however this mark was crossed for the very first time in the E1 category (electric car under 500 kg/1,100 pounds). The new land speed record of 204.9 mph (329,7 km/h) was set by Brigham Young University team at the Bonneville…

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The Venturi VBB-3

Venturi VBB-3 At Bonneville – Video From First Tests

Venturi VBB-3 has completed its first tests on the Bonneville’s salt flats.  The partially flooded track prevented the team from reaching new speed records, however they gathered a lot of experience. The maximum that Venturi VBB-3 could do was 270 mph in its category (EV over 3.5 metric tons), but…

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