Nissan LEAFs at the Norikura Skyline Special Stage at JAPAN EV RALLY 2016

Nissan Sends 6 LEAFs To Hill Climb At Japan EV Rally 2016

Nissan recently visited the Japanese Alps with a zero emission fleet of LEAFs. In total, six LEAFs participated in the Norikura Skyline Special Stage at Japan EV Rally 2016.  (Of note: only EVs are allowed by permit on the Norikura Skyline in Takayama) One of the pretty swell advantages of all-electric cars…

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Race Version Of Volvo S60 Polestar

Volvo To Enter Formula E With Polestar Division?

Volvo, with its Polestar performance division, may enter the Formula E racing series in the near future. As Autocar reports: “The car maker is part of the advisory board for Formula E and a spokesperson confirmed to Autocar that while there are no immediate plans to enter, it remains a…

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Formula E Delivery Made Possible BY DHL

How Does Formula E Get Around The World? – Video

DHL recently show how much work it is to transport Formula E’s gear and cars around the world. Besides all the team and event products, there is also a lot of containers with media equipment. This look behind the scenes is interesting to realize the complexity of the process, and what goes…

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Roborace DevBot Is Autonomous Electric Race Car – Video

Autonomous racing series Roborace, launched just a few months ago, presented its development prototype, the “DevBot”. The black prototype still has a seat for a driver, if one would like to compare human vs. computer driving, but the ultimate Robocar will be bereft of humanity, a computer on wheels. It…

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