bmw i3 rex vs chevrolet volt drag strip

BMW i3 Rex Vs Chevrolet Volt – Drag Race Video

A few days ago, InsideEVs contributor David Murray (also know as the “The 8-Bit Guy” on Youtube), filed a test drive review on a steal of a BMW i3 REx (range extended vehicle) he picked up last week. And in so doing promised to take the BMW, and his 2nd generation…

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Electric GT Championship – Tesla Model S

Leilani Münter Joins All Tesla Electric GT Racing Series

The Electric GT Championship has begun announcing drivers for its racing series, and the first from NA will be Leilani Münter – who is widley known for her environmental initiatives, love of all things Tesla, and racing background (currently driving in the ARCA racing series). Check out Leilani’s promotional video on joining the series here. In total…

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Electric GT Championship – Tesla Model S

Electric GT Reveals Race-Ready Tesla Model S

LIVE on #Periscope: Discovering EGT-car in Ibiza — Electric GT (@EGTChampionship) September 27, 2016   Electric GT Holdings Inc. is celebrating the unveiling of the Electric GT Championship‘s racer in Ibiza (see video above). It’s basically a Tesla Model S P85 (discontinued rear-wheel drive version) after racing preparations. Here is what…

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Venturi VBB-3

Venturi VBB-3 Sets New EV Land Speed Record: 341 MPH – Video

After three long years of having bad luck weather on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Venturi Automobiles and partner The Ohio State University Center For Automotive Research, achieved the coveted record it has sought for so long. The Venturi VBB-3 set a new world speed record (pending FIA decision) for electric vehicles at…

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Electric GT Championship - Tesla Model S

Electric GT Unveils Race-Ready Tesla Model S

September 27th marks the start of a new racing series – the Electric GT Championship. The Electric GT World series, announced earlier this year, will use rear-wheel drive Tesla Model S sedans and now we finally can see how it looks. The P85 models were modified for racing (brakes, suspension wheels, slimming, aerodynamics,…

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