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March 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

We can now officially end the “low gas prices hurt plug-in vehicles sales” argument as March banks a 5th consecutive monthly record in the US. Additionally, March had another unexpected bonus surprise, a new all-time record for the US. For March, and estimated ~13,725 plug-ins were sold, good for an impressive…

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Porsche Commits To Hybrid 911

Porsche Commits To Hybrid 911

Outcast: #Porsche will offer a hybrid version in each model line, in the near future even in the 911. #PAGAPC2016pic.twitter.com/yKUbor2Cq1 — Porsche Newsroom (@PorscheNewsroom) March 11, 2016 In recent months, Porsche has stepped up its commitment to future plug-in vehicles, including the 911. This quote comes to us from back…

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February 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

For the first 9 months of 2015 the plug-in vehicle sales report for the United States was littered with disappoint thanks to aging and out-going models not selling very well.  Thankfully, September saw the tides change, and record setting months have since followed. For February, a 4th consecutive monthly record was set…

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The Porsche Concept Study Mission E shows up as world premiere at the IAA 2015

Porsche Mission E To Lead To All-Electric 911?

Could the Porsche 911 someday become a pure electric car? Well, according to Top Gear, it seems Porsche brass is hinting that there may well be a two-door electric Porsche in the future that borrows bits from the Porsche Mission E Concept. Porsche’s Erhard Mössle, director for the 911 Turbo…

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