Opel Karl

Opel Developing Electric Karl

With the Opel Ampera being discontinued due to weak sales, Opel is left without a plug-in vehicle at least until 2018 when an electric Opel Karl is now expected to launch. According to Automotive News: “Opel plans an electric version of its new Karl minicar, a German magazine reported.” “The…

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Opel Ampera Next-Gen Rendering

Rendered: Next-Generation Opel Ampera

It was more than 6 months ago when General Motors Europe confirmed the death of the Opel Ampera via a series of Tweets by General Motors Europe President Karl-Thomas Neumann. A successor does not mean that a second-generation Opel Ampera will be sold, but rather that a replacement product will…

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Opel Ampera

Why Did GM’s Ampera Fail In Europe? UK Based AutoCar Weighs In

Over the past several years, as the Vauxhall/Opel Ampera sales returns have come in, we have debated the viability of GM’s rebranded/reskinned Chevrolet Volt for Europe. Yearly estimated Opel Ampera sales in Europe: 2011 – 268 2012 – 5,300* 2013 – 3,184 2014 – 411 (July + partial data into August) Then this past July, it…

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Soon No More Amperas Will Roll Down This Line

General Motors Confirms Death Of Opel Ampera

Okay…maybe it’s not the most detailed of confirmations, but when it comes from General Motors Europe President Karl-Thomas Neumann, then it’s at least official. Per Karl-Thomas Neumann: “After the eventual run-out of the current generation Ampera, we’ll introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment.” A successor does not mean…

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Ampera With Its "Vauxhall" Badging

Will the Ampera Live On To See The Next Generation In Europe?

With the recent announcement that General Motors is fully committed to the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt and two “other” electrified models, the future of the best selling plug-in car in America was secured into the next decade. But what of GM’s European EREVs?  We know the Chevrolet brand is leaving Europe by…

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