Electric Mini Reportedly Still In The Works

MotoringFile reports that MINI is working on a pure electric car.  Again. Several years ago, with help of AC Propulsion, MINI launched a test fleet of hundreds MINI Es that were leased around the world, reportedly to collect data and usage metrics for the upcoming (at the time) BMW i3…

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mini logo

Mini Countryman Plug-In Hybrid To Launch By 2018

Andreas-Cristoph Hoffman, Mini’s global head of brand communications, confirmed the addition of a plug in soon: “We will see a plug-in hybrid for Mini pretty soon, and not with any of the models we have launched so far.” Although he didn’t verify 100%, it is clear that the next-generation Countryman SUV…

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MINI Superleggera Vision

Mini Slows Electric Car Plans

While the the MINI electric vehicle program inches closer to production, it will still be years before the company actually launches any production Superleggera Vision EV or MINI E. Everything began early way back in 2008 with hundreds of MINI E 2-seat prototypes, powered by AC Propoulsion drivetrains and battery packs, under BMW’s…

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Mini  Countryman PHEV

Spy Shots Of Mini Countryman Plug-In Hybrid

“Sometimes blurry photos can reveal some exciting details: A reader of Bimmertoday has caught a MINI Countryman F60 prototype which, judging by the sticker on the door, runs on a plug-in hybrid platform.” States BMWBLOG. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a PHEV Mini Countryman though.  In fact, nearly…

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MINI Superleggera Vision concept

Plug-In Hybrid Mini Superleggera Inches Closer To Production

The Electric Mini Superleggera’s chances for production increased according to Autocar. The website says production could begin by 2019. The two-seater will probably get a plug-in hybrid drive (FWD with AWD option) setup and would be in direct competition with the Mazda MX-5. Mini boss Peter Schwarzenbauer said: “The interest…

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Mini Superleggera Looking All Sexy And Whatnot In Detroit

Production Of Mini Superleggera Still A Possibility

Unveiled over one year ago, the Mini Superleggera still awaits the verdict on its future. Produce or not produce, and if produce then whether all-electric or plug-in hybrid, or maybe betray and go back to a gasoline version? Peter Schwarzenbauer, responsible for Mini and a BMW board member, said that…

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Mini-E Rendering

BMW Electric Evolution And New Mini-E

The new Mini-E will have the potential to be even more “electric” than the i3. The new Mini-E will be introduced circa 2019, a two-door hatch. The technology in the expected new Mini-E will draw heavily from BMW’s i3 innovations, just as Mini and BMW ICE cars now share engines…

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MINI, Urban Perspectives

MINI Citysurfer Electric Kick Scooter Concept On Display

Mini has joined the ranks of auto manufacturers who are seeing electric scooters as an integral part of the 21st century transportation equation.  (Remember the Ford MoDe:Stuff?) As part of the Salone del Mobile (that’s in Milan, guys… and no, our editors didn’t deign to send us there…) they hosted…

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