Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Daimler Exec Discusses Plug-In Vehicles – Video

The 2014 Paris Motor Show was a good opportunity to talk a little bit with Daimler about alternative drive systems and here we have an interview with Jochen Eck, the man in charge of development of electric engines & testing at Daimler. Among several topics discussed are: high fuel economy of…

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Plug-In Hybrid Compact Ford Coming In 2018

Ford: We Need “C- And D-Segment Vehicles That Are Very Affordable” For EVs To “Take Off”

Finally, a top executive at a leading automaker has discovered the well-known-to-us formula for electric car success. Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electrical and electronics systems/research and innovation, tells Ward’s Auto at the SAE 2014 Convergence electronics conference: “With gas prices going down, that’s a problem. People are looking at…

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Mercedes Was The Largest Acquirer Of Emission Credits Over The Past 12 Months Thanks To Nissan

Daimler Exits Tesla Investment, Banks $780 Million

Lots of investors have made money in Tesla Motors.  Few more than Daimler, as the company announced it had exited its position today. In total, Daimler nets a cool “cash inflow” of $780 million (about $1.26 billion net before deductions) for the remaining balance of its stake taken pre-IPO in 2009. At…

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The McLaren P1 -

Top 10 Best Looking EVs On Sale Today

Taking a break from the hard and fast news cycle of the week, we are stepping back for something a little less precise – “The Top 10 Best Looking EVs On Sale Today”. And rather than just put out a list myself representing InsideEVs, we opened it up to all…

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Mercedes-Benz S 500 PLUG-IN HYBRID

Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid First Drive Review

Autocar recently tested the new Mercedes-Benz S500 Plug-In Hybrid, which went on sale this August in Germany with a price tag well above €100,000. With favorable winds (going down a hill), it could go up to 33 km (20 miles) on a 8.7 kWh battery pack. To move, the S500 PHEV uses…

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