As Tesla Announces 2nd Quarter Earnings The Company Looks To New Markets For Future Sales (Photo: Recent Model S Launch In Hong Kong)

Automakers Ask Trump To Ease Emissions Rules, EV Mandates – Get Ready For A War

It didn’t take the “Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers” long to cobble together a lobbying request for President-elect Donald Trump to roll-back emission mandates and “alternative powertrains” (think plug-in electric vehicles) requirements.  Just ~48 hours after Hillary Clinton ceded the election to Trump, the group has put together a eight page letter (PDF here)…

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Mazda 3 - Efficiency Through Smallness

It’s Official: Toyota & Mazda Form Technological Partnership

It’s now no longer a rumor. Toytota and Mazda collaboratively confirmed that they are establishing a new technological partnership.  The goal is to “build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.” In a statement, Toyota remarked: “By leveraging the resources of both companies to complement and enhance each other’s products and technologies,…

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Mazda Has Already Produced A Limited Run Of Demio EVs in Japan - The Same Battery System As Found In Their Upcoming PHEV

Next-Gen Mazda2 To Get Rotary Range Extender?

At some point in the not-so-distant future, every automaker that wants to sell vehicles in the United States will have to offer plug-in vehicles (or fuel cell vehicles) to accumulate the ZEV (zero emission vehicle) credits necessary to avoid hefty fines from the Air Resources Board. That list includes Mazda.  So…

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