Compared: Tesla Model S Versus Lucid Air – Video

Ben Sullins of Teslanomics is at it again, “Decoding the data behind Tesla.” This time, he takes a deep look into published data for the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air, for purposes of comparison. Lucid Motors is the latest electric vehicle startup out of Silicon Valley. The company has…

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Up Close And Personal With Lucid Air – Video

Aside from some highly publicized media ride events and the spotting while filming for a video spot, the Lucid Air from Lucid Motors hasn’t been seen out in public much until now. Bloomberg Technology’s Cory Johnson got a rare and rather in-depth look at the Lucid Air recently (out in…

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Lucid Air Hits The Road In All-New Video Demonstation

Lucid Motors has released a video with its all-electric car – the “Air”, driving around the San Francisco Bay Area, a location where the latest EV was caught out driving earlier this week. From the video, the Air (full details) looks certainly looks encouraging. The Air is scheduled for production late…

4 months ago by Mark Kane 12

Lucid Air Spotted On Road In San Francisco – Videos

Since its grand reveal, we haven’t seen or heard much of the Lucid Air other than a quick on road 8 second video (below), but now there’s also new on-road spy videos featuring the high-powered electric sedan making laps around a San Francisco block (second, and near identical video below). From…

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Lucid Lays Out Plans To Make Air EV Reality

Lucid Motors has revealed its production-intent Lucid Air prototype, but the automaker is a long ways from getting actual cars in the hands of buyers. The easy work is done, but what lies ahead are tasks that few automakers of late have succeeded at accomplishing. From now through “early 2019”…

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Lucid Air Hits The Road In New Teaser Video

.#LucidAir on the road — Lucid Motors (@Lucid_Motors) January 30, 2017 Since its grand reveal, we haven’t seen or heard much of the Lucid Air, but now there’s a new (albeit very brief) on-road video featuring the high-powered electric sedan. The Lucid Air reportedly puts out some 1,000+ horsepower,…

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