Jaguar's Extended Range Project, The Jaguar XJ-e (25 miles EV, 73 MPGe)

Jaguar Trademarks “EV-Type”

Jaguar-Land Rover filed a trademark in the U.S. for “EV-Type,” which follows Jaguar’s old naming convention  (S-Type and X-Type), as well as it’s current use of F-Type. “EV-Type” clearly indicates electric, be it pure electric, EREV or plug-in hybrid. According to Auto Guide:   “The company filed applications to both…

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Jaguar's Extended Range Project, The Jaguar XJ-e (25 miles EV, 73 MPGe)

Jaguar-Land Rover On BEVs, PHEVs

The answers to questions we’d never ask have arrived courtesy of Automotive News. Questions such as: Q: Jaguar-Land-Rover will launch more hybrids as well as its first plug-in hybrids. When will we see them? To which Wolfgang Ziebart, 64, head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, answers: A: We…

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Model S Races Jaguar F Type S

Video: Tesla Model S Versus Jaguar F Type S

We’ve now seen the Tesla Model S pitted against all sorts of formidable competitors.  9 times out of 10, the Model S wins. But what happens when the Model S meets the Jaguar F-Type S on a rain-soaked airfield in northern Europe? In this US versus British matchup, the numbers…

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c-x75 front quarter

Must See Video: Development Of Jaguar C-X75 Plug-In Supercar

Jaguar tells Autocar the development story behind the C-X75 plug-in supercar in this quality behind-the-scenes video presentation. Rob Atkin, Vehicle and Programme Manager for the C-X75 explains what Jaguar asked of a hand-picked team of engineers in May of 2011: “Our challenge was monumental – we needed to achieve the…

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Jaguar And Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, Ralf Speth Becomes The New Face Of The Enemy

Jaguar Boss: EVs Not A Mass-Market Solution, Cut Subsidies

Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Offiver at Jaguar/Land Rover, has taken a page out of fellow CEO (at Chrysler-Fiat) Sergio Marchionne’s and ex-Audi President, Johan de Nysschen’s playbook (here and here), but putting the verbal smack-down on electric vehicles. The maker of high end luxury vehicles said that electric vehicles could never be a…

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Jaguar Cancels Spectacular C-X75 Plug-In Hybrid Supercar

It’s official.  The eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping Jaguar C-X75 plug-in hybrid supercar is dead in the water. The official word from Jaguar is that the $1 million cutting-edge plug-in hybrid no longer makes sense given today’s global economy conditions. Here’s the automaker’s statement: “Jaguar Land Rover has suspended its plans for…

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Jaguar's Extended Range Project, The Jaguar XJ-e (25 miles EV, 73 MPGe)

Jaguar XJ Plug-In Revealed

Many events seems are happening in Goodwood at the Festival of Speed this weekend.  You could watch a Nissan LEAF set a world record, check out a tribute to the racing cars of 1972,  see Pikes Peak and Rally Cars, but what is of interest to us, is the debut of the Jaguar…

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