Jaguar C-X17 concept car

300-Mile Electric Jaguar Crossover Coming In 2018?

In 2016, Jaguar will begin sales of F-PACE, the production version of the C-X17 concept crossover. According to Autocar, Jaguar has plans to introduce an all-electric car with 300 miles (480 km) of range, likely based on F-PACE. For the electric version we will wait much longer, at least until…

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Jaguar, Land Rover “Bike Sense” Is Genius

Whether your bike, scooter, moped or motorcycle is powered by gas, electric, you, or chicken manure the hazards of the road are real, and somewhat terrifying.  Commuting 20 miles a day for 15 years on the streets of Boston we’ve seen it all, and we can say that the image…

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Jaguar's Extended Range Project, The Jaguar XJ-e (25 miles EV, 73 MPGe)

Jaguar Trademarks “EV-Type”

Jaguar-Land Rover filed a trademark in the U.S. for “EV-Type,” which follows Jaguar’s old naming convention  (S-Type and X-Type), as well as it’s current use of F-Type. “EV-Type” clearly indicates electric, be it pure electric, EREV or plug-in hybrid. According to Auto Guide:   “The company filed applications to both…

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Jaguar's Extended Range Project, The Jaguar XJ-e (25 miles EV, 73 MPGe)

Jaguar-Land Rover On BEVs, PHEVs

The answers to questions we’d never ask have arrived courtesy of Automotive News. Questions such as: Q: Jaguar-Land-Rover will launch more hybrids as well as its first plug-in hybrids. When will we see them? To which Wolfgang Ziebart, 64, head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, answers: A: We…

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Model S Races Jaguar F Type S

Video: Tesla Model S Versus Jaguar F Type S

We’ve now seen the Tesla Model S pitted against all sorts of formidable competitors.  9 times out of 10, the Model S wins. But what happens when the Model S meets the Jaguar F-Type S on a rain-soaked airfield in northern Europe? In this US versus British matchup, the numbers…

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c-x75 front quarter

Must See Video: Development Of Jaguar C-X75 Plug-In Supercar

Jaguar tells Autocar the development story behind the C-X75 plug-in supercar in this quality behind-the-scenes video presentation. Rob Atkin, Vehicle and Programme Manager for the C-X75 explains what Jaguar asked of a hand-picked team of engineers in May of 2011: “Our challenge was monumental – we needed to achieve the…

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Jaguar And Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, Ralf Speth Becomes The New Face Of The Enemy

Jaguar Boss: EVs Not A Mass-Market Solution, Cut Subsidies

Ralf Speth, Chief Executive Offiver at Jaguar/Land Rover, has taken a page out of fellow CEO (at Chrysler-Fiat) Sergio Marchionne’s and ex-Audi President, Johan de Nysschen’s playbook (here and here), but putting the verbal smack-down on electric vehicles. The maker of high end luxury vehicles said that electric vehicles could never be a…

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Jaguar Cancels Spectacular C-X75 Plug-In Hybrid Supercar

It’s official.  The eye-catching, head-turning, jaw-dropping Jaguar C-X75 plug-in hybrid supercar is dead in the water. The official word from Jaguar is that the $1 million cutting-edge plug-in hybrid no longer makes sense given today’s global economy conditions. Here’s the automaker’s statement: “Jaguar Land Rover has suspended its plans for…

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