Hyundai Presents Autonomous IONIQ Electric Prototype at 2017 CES

Hyundai demonstrated its autonomous driving technology abilities in the form of a self-driving IONIQ prototype at CES this week, as a follow-up to the EV’s debut in California late last year. The Korean manufacturer is currently conducting trials in various urban environments, and plans gradual market introduction of the features found in…

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December 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Plug-in vehicles sales closed out 2016 with a flourish – and epically so, setting the new monthly record for EV sales in the US we had been looking for since the Summer…and it wasn’t even close. With all the numbers tallied up, an estimated 24,785 plug-in vehicles were sold in December…which…

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First Ride In Hyundai’s Autonomous IONIQ Electric

Hyundai first presented its autonomous driving program housed inside a new IONIQ Electric at the at the Los Angeles Auto Show this past November (see video above). The all-electric car was equipped with a hidden LiDAR system in its front bumper – in order to better look like any other car on the road … and…

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