May Sales, Lead By The Nissan LEAF and Fusion Energi Look Make It Three Good Monthly Results In A Row

July 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Plug-in electric vehicle sales have set a sales record in every month so far in 2016*, but something special has been happening over the past two months – year-over-year comps have been destroyed. For July, some ~13,432 plug-ins were sold, the 4th best result for any month of EV sales in the US (all…

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Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

Pure Electric Honda/Acura NSX Under Consideration

The Honda/Acura NSX is currently in production in the U.S. The standard version of the car comes as a non-plug-in hybrid, with a twin turbo 3.5-liter V6 and three electric motor setup. Total HP is listed at 573. However, at Pikes Peak, Honda entered a special pure electric NSX and now…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

June 2016 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

While every month so far in 2016 has been an improvement, June was something special as the “Tesla rush” to meet Q2 estimates was far greater than the “Tesla rush” of Q2 2015 and Ford set multi-year highs for plug-in sales. In total, a new all-time record for plug-in sales…

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Honda FCEV Concept

Honda To Establish Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Division

Honda has applied to obtain a permit for lithium-ion battery recycling starting in Spring of 2017 in Japan. Honda says it’ll enter the battery recycling business out of necessity, due to growing demand of vehicles that employ lithium-ion batteries. As the Nikkei reports: “The Japanese automaker plans to obtain by…

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Acura NSX Time Attack 1 and 2 Vehicles

Pure Electric Acura NSX To Compete At Pikes Peak

Acura announced its participation in the upcoming 2016 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race (June 26th) The Japanese brand will use three cars in total – two Acura NSX supercars, and a new NSX-inspired, all-electric 4-motor SH-AWD Concept. Sadly, the press release doesn’t contain any photos of the electric concept,…

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