Tesla Battery Pack Teardown

World’s Top 10 Battery Makers Ranked By MWh Produced In 2014

According to EV Sales Blog, there’s huge progress in lithium-ion battery production for electric cars – production growth of approximately 54% year-over-year to more than 7,000 MWh in 2014.  The numbers comes from car sales data and assumptions of kWh used by different plug-in models. Panasonic remains the clear leader…

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Spyker C8 - Not Electric

Spyker Working On Pure Electric Supercar

Supercar manufacturer Spyker recently avoided bankruptcy. Now, the automaker is looking to venture into a few areas in which it has little experience. According to Electric Autosport, Spyker “aims to merge with a US based manufacturer of high performance electric aircraft.” From electric aircraft, Spyker hopes to move next into…

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