Translogic Zombie 222 Electric Mustang

Translogic Zombie 222 Electric Mustang – Video

Translogic visited BloodShed Motors in Austin, TX to check on rumors of an electric zombie in town. As it turns out, there was one – Zombie 222, formerly a 1968 Ford Mustang, converted to an electric drive by BloodShed Motors. At 0-60 in 1.94 seconds it’s the quickest zombie and,…

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Biggest Loser From CARB Changes Tesla - Biggest Winner Is Pretty Much Any Fuel Cell Vehicle

Map Shows Electric Car Hot Spots In California

There is an interesting map with numbers of registered electric cars per capita in California based on a study done by the Center for Sustainable Energy. As it turns out, EV density peaks in Santa Clara at an average of 7.38 per 1,000 people (total 13,745 EVs). Marin is in…

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Dr jeep

Nanogenerator Tires To Extend Electric Car Range?

OK, with a tag like “triboelectric nanogenerator”, who doesn’t want to love this new idea?  But then: Physics. Popular Science, of all sources that should maybe know better, touts this very-small-generator-inside-your-wheels as “… pulling latent electricity from the ground itself.”  Really, guys? More: Researchers tested the TENGs by securing six…

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UQM Technologies' PowerPhase HD 220 drive package.

UQM Technology CEO “Removed” By Board

Denver Business Journal reported that UQM Technologies has ousted 5-year CEO Eric Ridenour and we’ve learned the position has been filled by COO Joseph Mitchell.  The official statement: UQM Technologies, Inc. (NYSE MKT: UQM) today announced that its board of directors has promoted Joseph Mitchell to the position of Chief…

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China Produced 25,000 New Energy Vehicles In June

After just the first six months of 2015, production of New Energy Vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids) in China already reached the level of the whole year 2014. We are talking about 78,500 NEVs produced and China is still revving up! Solely in June, 25,000 NEVs were produced!, citing…

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New Electric Cars To Protect 12th Century Angkor Wat – Video

Like most ancient structures today, Angkor Wat – a 12th century temple in Cambodia, draws more and more tourists each year as the wealth effect enables more people to take in the “City of Temples”. And just like the Colosseum in the center of Rome, the ancient complex really doesn’t appreciate the visitors, especially if those visitors are doing…

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UK approaching 50,000

UK Plug In Car Grant Nears 50,000 Vehicle Limit

We are now just several months from 50,000 plug-in cars cumulatively being sold in the UK. This milestone will happen by the end of this year. Sales in the first six months exceed 14,000 for a grand total of some 35,000. But the second half of the year is typically stronger….

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