Storage System Using 16 Old Nissan LEAF Batteries

Lithium-Ion Now The Dominant Chemistry In Grid Energy Storage

The market of grid energy storage systems is expanding rapidly and is now transforming from molten salt batteries (typically sodium-sulfur NaS) to lithium-ion batteries. According to Lux Research, as of January 2015, there was 1,100 MW and 2,523 MWh of grid storage installed over 605 projects worldwide. Most of them…

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Metrocabs in London

First London Customers Review All-New Metrocab – Video

A pilot fleet of Metrocab plug-in hybrid taxis developed by Frazer-Nash Research Ltd and Ecotive Ltd has been tested in London since November 2014. Developers just released video showing first customer reactions, which seem very positive. Metrocab chairman, Sir Charles Masefield, said: “This is the first purpose-built Range-Extended Electric taxi…

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Hawaiian Electric EV savings calculator.

Check Out Hawaii’s Electric Car Savings Estimator

Hawaii go-ers who are considering purchasing or already own an EV may want to check out this crafty little tool. Similar to Arizona & Utah’s EV tool(s), this one from Hawaiian Electric allows you to calculate how much you can save just by owning an EV. Let’s not forget, savings is only one…

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Jaywalking, That is illegal!

Guide Dogs Releases Video On Dangers Of Quiet Cars

In the video above, Guide Dogs discusses the supposed dangers of quiet cars (electric cars). We need to first mention that we are deeply sorry for those who suffer from blindness and apologize for offending anyone with our opinion on this matter. However, if you frequent the InsideEVs website, you will…

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Only 520 Pounds

Translogic: Spira Foam Electric Car – Video

In this episode of Translogic, the rather odd Spira Foam electric car is taken for a spin: “This three-wheeled electric vehicle is designed with pedestrian safety in mind, but an unintended benefit of Spira’s foam construction is that the car can actually float on water. You can also park the…

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Kandi Cyclone (K20) Goes On Sale To The Chinese Public In June

Kandi To Begin Retail Sales of Electric Cars In China In June

Up until now, Kandi Technologies has only rented/car shared their small city EV in China – most famously via their “EV Vending Machine” concept. But that changed this week, as the company announced they would now sell two separate EVs to individual Chinese retail buyers, while also increasing the amount of cities the…

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