Good Ride For UK Government Officials?

The Rise of the Alternatively-Fueled Vehicle In The UK

When we look at the alternatively-fueled vehicle (AFV) registrations in the UK, we find an accelerating growth curve. However, conventional hybrids seems to be stuck and most of the growth over the past 5 years (roughly 10,000 units) comes from plug-in cars. First were all-electric, but now plug-in hybrids hold…

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Consumer benefit and new vehicle share for U.S. states with largest total battery
electric and plug-in hybrid electric incentives (2013 electric vehicle registration data provided by
IHS Automotive).

Study: State Incentives Drive Electric Vehicle Sales

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) recently released an interesting report title “Evaluation of state-level U.S. electric vehicle incentives”. Incentives are usually a political mine field, as there are always two sides – those who would like incentives and those who don’t. ICCT focuses on how incentives influence sales…

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2014 LA Auto Show

2014 LA Auto Show – Plug-In Vehicle Round-Up

Aside from the 2016 Chevy Volt partial reveal, the 2014 LA Auto Show should be referred to as a dud for plug-in vehicles. Dud or not, we still have some images from the show that we’ve not yet presented. So, without further adieu, here’s your plug-in vehicle round-up (with one…

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MegaBots at ComicCon, NYC 2014

But It’s An EV (MegaBots, w/video)

Imagine you’re driving on some long trip with a back seat full of 10 year old boys who are getting a little wound up about some awesome idea that’s just totally over the top, and probably only possible in the mind of a ten year old boy.  You know how…

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Morgan Threewheelers

Morgan Electric Three Wheeler Under Consideration

The Morgan Threewheeler is back and is a hot seller, but the one available right now is not electric. For Morgan Motor Company, the newly resurgent vehicle with 100 years of tradition (production ended in 1953), the Threewheeler, becomes the firm’s single most popular product and is responsible for 50% of…

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Sumitomo Corp Business model Infographic

Koshiki Islands in Japan To Get Large-Scale Power Storage Facilities

Satsumasendai City in Japan and Sumitomo Corporation announced a large-scale project for reused batteries from electric vehicles. Two power storage facilities will be installed at the Koshiki Islands next year to strengthen local grid and promote renewable energy. “For small-scale electric power grids on remote islands, an introduction of intermittent…

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