Mahindra e2o

Fully Charged Test Drives The Mahindra e2o – Video

The Mahindra e2o, launched earlier this year in UK, was recently tested by the Fully Charged. Fully Charge finds it to be quirky and nippy EV, the ultimate all-around city runner with great maneuverability and seating for four. With a range of some ~75 miles (120 km) and price starting at…

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Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries

China Denies Battery Certifications For LG Chem, Samsung SDI

Samsung SDI and LG Chem’s problems in China continues to swell after a recent rejection of certification requests for their lithium-ion batteries. Previously, the Chinese government withdrew subsidies to electric buses makers with batteries using anything other than LFP-type. LG Chem and Samsung SDI  both produce higher energy density cells…

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Zinoro 60h

Zinoro Reveals 60h Plug-In Hybrid SUV

The BMW-Brilliance Chinese joint venture has revealed its latest plug-in vehicle. Called the Zinoro 60h, this China-only SUV is based off the long wheelbase BMW X1, but it features a full plug-in hybrid powertrain. As BMWBLOG explains: “The new Zinoro 60H is the production version of the Zinoro Next concept,…

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Comparison of powertrain energy density at the wheel of BEVs as a ratio to gasoline-powered conventional vehicle. Closer to “1”—the value for the gasoline vehicle—indicates higher powertrain energy density. (source: Green Car Congress)

EV Powertrains To Be Nearly As Energy Dense As ICE By 2045

Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) has published an article “Comparing the Powertrain Energy Densities of Electric and Gasoline Vehicles” in a SAE Technical Paper which compares all-electric and gas power train energy density. As one might expect, liquid fuel is found to store a tremendous amount of energy in each unit of weight,…

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McLaren P1 - Looking Good Outside Our Hotel During The Geneva Motor Show In March 2014

Pure Electric McLaren P1 In Development

McLaren has reportedly committed to developing its first pure electric car. A McLaren insider told Auto Express the following: “We will not make a P1.5 – we will wait for another step in technology. We have started work on a pure EV to sit in the Ultimate Series.” According to…

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cvrp funding header

California Rebate Program Out Of Money. Again. Kinda.

For what seems like the umpteenth time, the California Clean Vehicle Rebate program is out of money. Kinda. Less three months ago the program was overhauled to “cap for higher-income consumers, and increased rebate levels for low- and moderate-income consumers” (details).  The CVRP rebate for all-electric cars maxes out at $4,000, while plug-in…

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Qoros Green-Lights 350 km/218 Mile EV For End of 2016

Chinese-Israeli carmaker Qoros, after launching a new plug-in division, intends to introduce its first all-electric model before the end of this year. Earlier this year Qoros unveiled two concept models –  the 5 SUV Q•LECTRIQ and 3 Q•LECTRIQ (both terrible names in our opinion). The latter will surprisingly see the start of…

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