Global Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Surpass 500,000

500,000 and counting. According to data compiled by UC Davis: “In the last year, global registrations of electric vehicles from the first three years of the market reached 500,000 units. The U.S. plays a dominant role, with 200,000 vehicles registered, more than one-third of those in California.” So, in the…

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Weird EV

World’s Weirdest Electric Vehicles – Video

Here’s a look at some of the world’s weirdest electric vehicles of all time (via Tobias Smith on Youtube).  Question is: aside from the GM EV1, would you drive one of these? Vehicles in the video include: “Electric Egg,” 1942 Henney Kilowatt, 1960 Citicar, 1976 NASA Electric Car, 1977 Dodge…

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