The street of the future – neighbours in Marlow test the impact of a cluster of 9 electric vehicles on the local electricity grid

My Electric Avenue Featured in Fully Charged – Video

Recently, in the UK the My Electric Avenue project was launched with several clusters of neighbors with electric cars.  This idea is to check how charging will affect demand of electricity in small area (typically one street). Monitoring and smart grid functions enable the turning off of charging for short…

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MetroCab Featured In Fully Charged (Video)

The latest episode of Fully Charged is dedicated to Frazer-Nash’s Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi for London. This very interesting and unusual car was recently tested by taxi drivers and, according to Frazer-Nash, should be sold without a premium over the diesel taxis (probably including tax incentives), which probably…

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EADS E-Fan Maiden Flight (Video)

Last month at the Bordeaux-Merignac Airport in France, one more electric aircraft had it’s maiden flight. This time it was EADS E-Fan, which debuted 10 months ago. This two-seat training aircraft, which can be used to tow gliders and for aerobatics, was designed by EADS and Aero Composites Saintonge (ACS). We…

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China Considers Adding More Electric Vehicle Incentives

In an effort to boost plug-in vehicle sales in China, the nation’s government is now considering additional incentives. China’s Vice Premier Ma Kai hopes to spur EV sales by exempting electric vehicle buyers from having to pay purchase taxes. This would add to China’s already generous EV purchase incentive, which…

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Here It Is, The "Dream Of Every Car Owner In Britain"

Electric Car Promotion Circa 1967 – video

It’s always fun to turn back time and hear what the “EV future” will hold.  What type of plug-in Utopia was in store for the world in 1967?  Perhaps the Ford Comuta! Despite there only being 2 of them in existence at the time, and absolutely zero emission regulations on the table…

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