Solar Impulse 2

Solar Impulse 2 Ready For Historic Round-The-World Flight

The Solar Impulse 2, the largest ever solar-electric aircraft, was recently transported to Abu Dhabi, from where it will begin its historic round-the-world flight. The start is scheduled for late February or early March and return is late July or early August 2015. The pilots are Bertrand Piccard and Andre…

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Op-Ed: The Volt is an EREV, and Here’s Why

Through all of the Volt-related stories on here, there is sometimes a vocal minority that declare the Volt is not an EREV. They claim they were lied to, cheated, and robbed of the promise of a pure series hybrid experience. They reference articles from third party websites that “prove” the Volt…

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Space X

Google, SpaceX, a Billion Dollars and EVs

SpaceX confirmed Tuesday that it had secured a billion dollar investment from Google and Fidelity Bank. The statement offered no details on plans for the funds, but Elon Musk has said he wants to build a network of satellites to deliver high speed internet to the 60% of the globe currently without….

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Meet The Doking Loox Electric Car (w/videos)

Croatian company DOK-ING (builders of demining and firefighting robots) introduced its XD concept of a small luxury city car almost five years ago at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show and in 2011 even brought it to the Los Angeles Auto Show. The second version of this prototype is called Loox…

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Bentley Bentayga

Bentley PHEV SUV Gets A Name – “Bentayga”

Bentley announced a name “Bentayga” for its upcoming luxury SUV, which will be unveiled later this year. Sales of Bentley Bentayga will begin in 2016 and there will be a plug-in version, although we don’t know details on its powertrain. “The Roque Bentayga – an iconic, eye-catching standalone peak in…

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The RACE (Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future eCars) project aims to greatly simplify the increasingly complex electronics architecture in cars. Display panels describe how complex the electronics architecture of today's mid-range automobile is, and how it is changed in terms of failsafe data communication when the vehicle is equipped with RACE (RACE power wiring and information stubs are not included).

Siemens Unveils RACE-Equipped Electric Car

Siemens together with StreetScooter unveiled the first electric series production vehicle equipped with central elec­tronics and software architecture RACE, which was earlier developed under the research project RACE (“Robust and Reliant Automotive Computing Environment for Future cars.”). RACE is new architecture that replaces the entire control system with standard hardware…

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