Nottingham Electric City

UK To Add California-Like Lane For EVs Only…Mostly

Next summer Nottingham will start construction of the first ever electric vehicle-only lane – Eco-Expressway  in the UK (well, actually they will accept buses too). The special EV promotion is part of the government’s recent £40 million fund, which more typically has spent its resources so far on things like more…

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Recently grainy Atieva Atvus image uncovered by Recode may have prompted the company to put forward some more appealing PR for the upcoming EV

Atieva Atvus Electric Sedan Leaks Out

The first grainy image of the Atieva Atvus (a so-called Tesla Model S competitor) has leaked out via Recode. As the story goes, some documents connected to Atvus were filed with the state of California and uncovered (via a public record request) by Recode. Among those documents is this side profile…

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nuTonomy - Trial of self-driving car service

First Self-Driving Taxi Debuts In Singapore (w/video)

nuTonomy, founded in 2013, has launched the world’s first public trial of a self-driving taxi service in Singapore. Internal tests got underway in April inside a 2.5-square-mile district. Today, six Reanult ZOEs and a Mitsubishi i-MiEV are available for getting around…free-of-charge.  By the end of the year fleet is said to…

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Tesla Chip-Maker NVIDIA Demonstrates Self-Driving Car That Uses AI

NVIDIA, which is Tesla Motors’ supplier for the Visual Computing Modules (VCM), is also working on autonomous driving technology. NVIDIA’s approach is different from conventional methods and relies someewhat on artificial intelligence. The company’s DRIVE PX 2 AI car computing platform learns how to deal with various situations on the road…

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