The “Tesla Effect” Via The Super Bowl

SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS: SHOWDOWN BETWEEN BIG OIL AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES The automotive and energy sectors are undergoing a massive transformation. Just this week, we reported on breakthrough research that found “90% of [auto] executives surveyed expect battery electric vehicles (EVs) to dominate by 2025.” And another research study suggests that this electric vehicle future (in addition…

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Ford Begins Trials Of Plug-In Hybrid Vans In London – Video

The Ford Transit Connect plug-in is back!  Well, kinda.   Ford has announced trials of some Transit Custom Plug-in Hybrid vans in London, which is scheduled to launch in the Autumn of this year.  In total, 20 vans will be tested over a 12-month period by select London businesses. Ford secured some £4.7 million ($5.8 million)…

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