2010 Tesla Roadster Attracting Tons of Bids on eBay

With the Model S the center of attention these days, what’s to become of the Roadster? Well, as we know, Tesla tries to sell certified used Roadster for a tidy sum, but is the demand still there for the two-seat Roadster now that the Model S is basically available everywhere? Turns out, demand for…

9 months ago by Inside EVs Staff 9

Volts Seem Rather Expensive on eBay

Used Chevy Volts Not So Cheap on eBay

A few weeks back we presented some rather reasonably priced Nissan LEAFs on eBay. Most of those electric Nissans were bidded up until they sold in the upper teens.  Still a decent deal, considering that almost all were low-mileage examples and only one of two years old. Deals on the…

10 months ago by Eric Loveday 6