Crashed EVs

Tesla Transporter Struck By Semi Truck

Sadly, the 48-year-old semi-truck driver didn’t survive this horrific crash. According to Sudwest Presse, these two trucks collided on the German Autobahn (A8, to be more precise). The collision resulted during a traffic backup on the highway. All other vehicles were able to stop in time, but the big rig…

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Tesla Autopilot

Consumer Watchdog Calls For “Recall” Of Tesla Autopilot Feature

Consumer Watchdog, a “nationally-recognized, California-based, non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization” is calling for a U.S. “recall” of Tesla’s Autopilot due to a “growing list of crashes” that the Watchdog groups believes to be linked to Autopilot, which is deemed unsafe by the consumer advocacy organization. Consumer Watchdog states: “Earlier…

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When Will Teslas Stop Crashing Into Buildings?

WHEN WILL CARS STOP HITTING BUILDINGS? How long before we stop seeing embarrassing scenes like these? Does the latest Tesla hardware/software update prevent this from happening? What level of machine intelligence is required for walls to be recognized as impassable? Seems it should be the first line of programming code in any “smart”…

8 months ago by Tesla Mondo 52