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BMW i8 After The Wreck

Two Survive Horrific Crash In BMW i8

Somehow, both the driver and passenger survived this horrific wreck. The passenger was able to exit the vehicle under his own power with no injuries and required no treatment. The driver fared a bit worse, suffering from a concussion and two compression fractures, but given the severity of the wreck,…

1 week ago by Eric Loveday 19

Nissan LEAF Damaged Beyond Repair - Occupants Okay

Nissan LEAF Gets Totaled – Occupants Okay

Friend of InsideEVs, Deb Seymour of, relayed to us her story of her Nissan LEAF saving lives in a recent wreck that destroyed the electric car beyond repair.   According to Seymour, the accident was caused by an oncoming driver who failed to yield to right-of-way. The occupants of…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 32

LEAF Prior To Accident

Nissan LEAF Crash Caught On Video

It pains us to watch as a Nissan LEAF and two other vehicles get tied up in a wreck created by one careless driver. Video description: “LEAF was OK. Was still driveable after the accident. Bodyshop repair was ~$2000. New front bumper, new grill, new license plate holder, new bumper…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 28

Tesla Model S Struck By Tree

Tesla Model S – Life-Saving Electric Car

The world’s safest vehicle gets struck by a massive tree, yet the car is largely intact and the two occupants are okay. The story, via Tesla Motors Club forum, goes something like this… A mother, with child in the car, was driving on a cliff road above a lake when…

4 months ago by Eric Loveday 29

BMW i8

BMW i8 Gets Wrecked

According to BMWBLOG, a Facebook post shows that this “BMW i8 got damaged in a crash in Arizona. The details surrounding the crash are unknown at the moment and apparently the insurance company is still assessing the damages, which at this point are around $30,000.” BMWBLOG explains the extent of…

4 months ago by Inside EVs Staff 6

A Nissan LEAF Has A Bad Day In Texas

Nissan LEAF Fire In Flower Mound, Texas

A Nissan LEAF was caught on video this past Tuesday on fire near a yield sign in Flower Mound, Texas. We still don’t have any specific cause for the blaze right now, and are in no way suggesting this has anything to do with the electrified components of the car….

5 months ago by Jay Cole 42

Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashes In Belgium

Belgian automotive site EGear reports that “a famous Belgian has crashed his Tesla Roadster in Antwerp.” The website adds: “Cain Ransbottyn, a digital marketer and famous in Belgium for his controversial attitude towards speed limits and cops, has crashed his Roadster on the E19 highway in Antwerp.” The Roadster is…

6 months ago by Eric Loveday 17

Ok, I Watched It More The Once

Porsche 918 Spyder: Show-Off Crashes His Supercar – Video

Thanks to some timely footage being taken this weekend on Instagram, and then of course uploaded to YouTube, we get to see a $847,000 plug-in car take a little damage. Now normally, seeing a premium electric vehicle crashed isn’t our cup-of-tea, but there is just too much poetic justice happening here to ignore…

7 months ago by Jay Cole 33