Crashed EVs

Wrecked Tesla

Tesla Model S Slams Into Mazda 6

In Nanjing, China, during a Tesla Model S test drive (official or unofficial, we’re not sure), the electric car collided violently with a Mazda 6. Specific details are very sparse, but we do know that all of the occupants in the Model S are okay.  There’s no word at this…

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Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF

Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF – Video

“Bicycle runs a red light at S 9th Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia PA, then gets hit by a Nissan LEAF.” States the video description. These bicycle/car incidents are all too common, which makes a vehicle’s pedestrian safety score all the more important. The LEAF scores 65% in pedestrian…

4 weeks ago by Eric Loveday 33

BMW i8 Gets Wrecked

BMW i8 Crashes In Turkey – Video

Details are scarce: “Reportedly, the driver had rammed into cars during a bumper to bumper traffic in the city. However, as claimed, only fender is wrecked and no more damages reported. As seen the owner too escaped unhurt and had called the towing service to get that hybrid supercar towed…

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Kia Soul EV Crash Image

Kia Soul EV Gets 4-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

The Kia Soul EV was recently tested by Euro NCAP. Soul EV received an overall crash/safety rating of 4 stars (out of a total of 5 stars). The 4-star rating puts it equal with the BMW i3, but below several other 5-star-rated electric cars. Link to electric/hybrids tested by Euro…

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Crashed McLaren P1

McLaren P1 Crashes

We might be jumping to a bit of a conclusion here, but if you’re 27 years old, you probably shouldn’t be driving a McLaren P1.  But, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a McLaren P1 at 27 years of age, then respect the beast of a machine…

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