Crashed EVs

BMW i8 Crushed BY Cement Truck

BMW i8 Crushed By Cement Truck

Last week, a cement truck collided with multiple vehicles, including a BMW i8, near the 73 off ramp and Newport Coast Drive in Orange County, California. BMWBLOG describes the incident as follows: “California Highway Patrol officials said the collision happened at 8:42 a.m. between a gardening truck and a cement…

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Wrecked Model S

Tesla Model S Safety First Video

This Tesla “Customer Stories” video is perhaps the best one released thus far. Focused on the safety of the Tesla Model S (the world’s safest car), this video tells the story of Jim Hartman and his life-changing event. Video description: “For Jim Hartman, a career as a professional driving instructor…

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bmw i3 vs cadillac cts via warren m header

BMW i3 vs Cadillac CTS – Impact Results

Yesterday I was rear ended by a driver who sped through a stop sign and apparently didn’t notice me in front of him. His Cadillac hit me so hard I ended up 175 feet from the point of impact. The impact was so hard that the center console arm rest…

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Tesla Model S Backs Into Parked BMW – Video

Parallel parking takes practice. It’s obvious to us that this Tesla Model S driver has absolutely zero parallel parking abilities. Ain’t ever gonna squeeze the Model S in there at that angle. The Daily Mail suggests this might be an autopark error, but we completely disagree.  There’s no way autopark…

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BMW i8 After The Wreck

Two Survive Horrific Crash In BMW i8

Somehow, both the driver and passenger survived this horrific wreck. The passenger was able to exit the vehicle under his own power with no injuries and required no treatment. The driver fared a bit worse, suffering from a concussion and two compression fractures, but given the severity of the wreck,…

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Nissan LEAF Damaged Beyond Repair - Occupants Okay

Nissan LEAF Gets Totaled – Occupants Okay

Friend of InsideEVs, Deb Seymour of, relayed to us her story of her Nissan LEAF saving lives in a recent wreck that destroyed the electric car beyond repair.   According to Seymour, the accident was caused by an oncoming driver who failed to yield to right-of-way. The occupants of…

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