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Model S Inside Restaurant

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Sushi Restaurant (w/video)

A female driver of a Tesla Model S reportedly lost control of her vehicle at approximately 9:30 PM on Saturday night.  The Tesla crashed through the Shogun Sushi restaurant in Bakersfield, California before coming to a stop within the building. As 23 ABC reports: “Shogun owner, JB Kim says the…

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ZEOD Nose Cone Disintegrates

Nissan ZEOD RC Crash Test – Video

In this slo-mo video, you’ll see the electrified Nissan ZEOD RC racer collide with an immovable object. Unlike conventional automobiles with crumple zones, the ZEOD RC uses the disintegration of its nose cone to provide occupant protection. “Le Mans 24 hour is just round the corner and the ZEOD RC…

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