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Tesla Model S Crash - Image Credit: Merkur -  Sabine Hermsdorf

All 5 Occupants Survive Horrific Tesla Model S Crash

German website Merkur (also a Munich-based newspaper with circulation of nearly 300,000) published a post on a crashed Tesla Model S. Details are somewhat sparse, but the driver was an 18-year-old female and four other occupants (all between the ages of 18 and 19) were onboard. The Model S belongs…

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BMW i8 Crushed BY Cement Truck

BMW i8 Crushed By Cement Truck

Last week, a cement truck collided with multiple vehicles, including a BMW i8, near the 73 off ramp and Newport Coast Drive in Orange County, California. BMWBLOG describes the incident as follows: “California Highway Patrol officials said the collision happened at 8:42 a.m. between a gardening truck and a cement…

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Wrecked Model S

Tesla Model S Safety First Video

This Tesla “Customer Stories” video is perhaps the best one released thus far. Focused on the safety of the Tesla Model S (the world’s safest car), this video tells the story of Jim Hartman and his life-changing event. Video description: “For Jim Hartman, a career as a professional driving instructor…

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bmw i3 vs cadillac cts via warren m header

BMW i3 vs Cadillac CTS – Impact Results

Yesterday I was rear ended by a driver who sped through a stop sign and apparently didn’t notice me in front of him. His Cadillac hit me so hard I ended up 175 feet from the point of impact. The impact was so hard that the center console arm rest…

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