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Tesla Roadster Crashed

Tesla Roadster Crashes In Belgium

Belgian automotive site EGear reports that “a famous Belgian has crashed his Tesla Roadster in Antwerp.” The website adds: “Cain Ransbottyn, a digital marketer and famous in Belgium for his controversial attitude towards speed limits and cops, has crashed his Roadster on the E19 highway in Antwerp.” The Roadster is…

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Ok, I Watched It More The Once

Porsche 918 Spyder: Show-Off Crashes His Supercar – Video

Thanks to some timely footage being taken this weekend on Instagram, and then of course uploaded to YouTube, we get to see a $847,000 plug-in car take a little damage. Now normally, seeing a premium electric vehicle crashed isn’t our cup-of-tea, but there is just too much poetic justice happening here to ignore…

1 month ago by Jay Cole 33

BMW i8 Flipped

Journalist Flips BMW i8

This is one of the first serious BMW i8 crashes. According to a Facebook post, this BMW i8 flipped over in Mexico City during a test drive by a local journalist. No information was released on the cause of the crash or injuries. Judging by the photos, there is likely…

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BMW i8 In Flood Waters

007 Feature Demonstrated By BMW i8 Driver In Thailand

BMW i8 was never categorized a as 100% EV but rather a PHEV. This photo believed to be taken by a casual smartphone photographer might proof us wrong where the H = Hybrid = Water/Land use. Could this hidden 007 feature alone be a Tesla killer?? After heavy rain fall earlier…

3 months ago by Alex Wai 8

BMW i8 Crash

Wrecked BMW i8

Recently, a BMW i8 in Crystal White Pearl was involved in a serious crash on the German Autobahn. The accident took place on A72 highway between Chemnitz and Stollberg, as another driver unexpectedly came from the right lane to overtake a third vehicle. The driver of the BMW i8 could…

4 months ago by Inside EVs Staff 25

Frontal Crash

BMW i3 REx CESVIMAP Crash Test – Videos

Description for BMW i3 REx crash-test video above: “The test reproduces the rear effect of an impact on the rear of a vehicle at moderate speed. For this, a mobile barrier hits the vehicle under study, at a speed between 15 and 16 km / h in 40% of his…

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Wrecked Tesla

Tesla Model S Slams Into Mazda 6

In Nanjing, China, during a Tesla Model S test drive (official or unofficial, we’re not sure), the electric car collided violently with a Mazda 6. Specific details are very sparse, but we do know that all of the occupants in the Model S are okay.  There’s no word at this…

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Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF

Bicyclist Collides With Nissan LEAF – Video

“Bicycle runs a red light at S 9th Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia PA, then gets hit by a Nissan LEAF.” States the video description. These bicycle/car incidents are all too common, which makes a vehicle’s pedestrian safety score all the more important. The LEAF scores 65% in pedestrian…

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