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Crashed EVs

Bus Forces The Tesla Car Hauler Off the Road To Avoid Accident

Car Hauler Full of Tesla Vehicles Nearly Hit By Bus – Video

As you can see in the video, the car hauler, stocked with Tesla vehicles, has to leave the road and drive on the shoulder, almost grazing the concrete dividers. After the driver of the County Connection commuter bus quickly crossed three lanes of traffic, it moved directly into the right lane,…

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Autopilot Prevents Crash

Autopilot Prevents Tesla Model S Collision – Video

Autopilot is often blamed (usually, wrongly) for crashes involving a Tesla, but seldom do we see Autopilot being praised for preventing a collision. On the occasion of Tesla recently announcing a big upgrade to its system (with OTA version 8.0 – details here), saying it is now even up to…

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Tesla Model S Hits Truck While Automatically Parallel Parking – Video + Image

Trusting a car to parallel park itself can apparently be a risky decision. Such is the case here with this Tesla Model S that attempts to park itself in a spot with ample space. It appears as though the S didn’t recognize the white truck (white does seem to cause…

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Tesla Model S Being Towed Away

Video Of Aftermath Of Fatal Tesla Model S Crash In Netherlands

FotoMiche published video from the aftermath / clean up of the fatal Tesla Model S crash in the Netherlands. Of note is that Tesla released a preliminary statement on its findings from it investigation of the wreck: “We are working with the authorities to establish the facts of the incident…

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Tesla Crash 2.3

Tesla Begins Investigation Of Fatal Model S Crash In The Netherlands – Car Was Going 96 MPH

Tragically, a 53-year-old Netherland’s man lost his life as his Tesla Model S collided with a tree. The high speed impact caused the car to start on fire and the driver was deceased prior to the arrival of emergency teams. There are no details regarding the cause of the crash….

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The aftermath of the Tesla Autopilot crash

Tesla Asks NHTSA For Extension Regarding Fatal Autopilot Crash Data

Back in May, a Tesla Model S, with Autopilot activated, crashed into a semi-truck with devastating results. The driver, Joshua Brown, 40-year-old resident of Canton, Ohio, was killed as a result of the crash. Crash reports provide that the semi-truck driver slowed to make a left turn and that the Tesla Model…

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Image Credit: Jonathon Braman

Tesla Model X Struck By GMC Yukon – All 6 Tesla Occupants Unharmed

Minnesota surgeon, Jonathan Braman, was driving his Tesla Model X with five other family members and their dog. Seemingly out of nowhere, a GMC Yukon driver ran a red light and hit them. Fortunately, everyone was just fine. The enormous Yukon SUV was traveling at 45 mph and the driver…

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Fatal Crash Involving Tesla Model S - Image Via OC Register

Fatality Reported In Accident Involving Rear-Ended Tesla Model S

OC Register is reporting that a “7-year-old girl was killed and her 13-year-old sister was in critical condition after a sport utility vehicle slammed into a Tesla in the carpool lane on I-405 Monday morning.” Police arrested the driver of the SUV. According to OC Register, the local police were…

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Crashed Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Driver Uninjured In Serious Wreck With BMW – Images

In a tunnel in Switzerland, a Tesla Model S violently collided with a BMW (7 Series?). The aftermath of the crash is seen rather well in these images from 20 Minuten. The report suggests that those involved in the crash were okay, though the driver of the BMW was taken…

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Automatic Emergency Braking Prevents Tesla Model S From Colliding With Car In Front

Autopilot Emergency Braking Prevents Tesla Model S Collision – Video

  This video shows what could’ve been a three car pile-up involving a Tesla Model S. Instead, due to Tesla’s Auto Emergency Braking (AEB), part of the sensor suite that allows for Autopilot mode, the Tesla Model S avoids colliding with the vehicle in front. Video description: “Tesla has been…

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Scene Of May 7th Tesla Model S Fatality (via ABC  News/Bobby Vankavelaar)

Tesla Presents Two Theories On Why Fatal Autopilot Crash Occured

Following the fatal Tesla Model S crash, various U.S. government agencies called upon Tesla to submit information and to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee. Some early information is now leaking out from Tesla’s testimony. According to the automaker, there are two likely scenarios that could’ve led to the fatal crash….

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Modle S After Crash

Semi Truck Flips After Collision With Tesla Model S (w/video)

Only few details are available at this time, but we do know that on Saturday morning in Newark, Delaware, a semi truck collided with a Tesla Model S. The crash was apparently so violent that the tractor trailer flipped onto its side after the collision. The diesel tanks were ruptured…

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