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2015 Audi A3 a Top Safety Pick +

2015 Audi A3 Gets IIHS Top Safety Pick + (w/video)

“The 2015 Audi A3, a midsize luxury car, earns the IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ award, thanks to good performance in five crashworthiness tests and an advanced rating for front crash prevention.” Says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. For Model Year 2015, the Audi A3 is completely redesigned.  The A3…

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BMW M5 is Totalled

BMW M5 Collides With Tesla Model S (w/video)

Over at the Tesla Motors website, there’s a “Customer Stories” section that highlights some of the positive Model S experiences. This particular story is both positive and negative. As Model S owner Vernon Huang tells us below, the safest vehicle in the US sustained damage (the negative part of the…

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Audi R8 Fire

Op-Ed: Top 10 Causes of Automobile Fires – EV vs ICE

Recently I was attracted by an article headline written by Cherise LaPine for titled “Top 10 Causes of Automobile Fires”. I was intrigued on how the data was submitted so I thought I might score them between ICE vs EV. In other words, which is the least likely to cause…

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BMW i8 Wrecked

BMW i8 Gets Wrecked by Test Driver in Germany

It was bound to happen eventually, right? On a rain-drenched German highway, the BMW i8 proved too much to handle for even a skilled test driver. It’s believed that the rain, along with a high rate of speed, led to the crash.  The i8 skidded off the road and into…

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Apparently This Prius Driver Doesn't Know How to Check His or Her Mirrors

Video: Toyota Prius Collides With Electric Bus

This isn’t an everyday occurrence.  That’s for sure. When we happened upon a video showing an electric bus/trolley plowing through an unsuspecting Toyota Prius (non plug-in version), we couldn’t resist posting it here. Watch as the Prius driver veers right into the path of the electric bus. How in the…

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KBA HQ in Flenburg, Germany - Where The Magic Happens!

Germany Clears Tesla In Recent Model S Fires – Seriously

Exactly how or why the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, or Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), got involved in the three recent Tesla Model S fires that happened in the United States (here and here) & Mexico (here) is beyond us…much less the fact that the KBA has put out a press release clearing Tesla of…

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Volkswagen e-up! Gets Crashed for Safety

ADAC Crash Test: Volkswagen e-Up! (Video)

ADAC, the largest automobile club in Germany and Europe, recently totaled the Volkswagen e-Up! But being ADAC, perhaps the world’s leading crash-test organization, it did so with the intention of checking out how it behaves at 64 km/h (40 mph) in a 40% offset frontal crash. According to ADAC, the…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 2