Rinspeed Etos

Rinspeed Etos Concept To Debut At CES

Swiss company Rinspeed announced a new concept car „Σtos“ that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show CES Consumer Electronic Show (surprise). „Σtos“ is a driverless car and as Rinspeed was in recent years presenting electric cars (Tesla Model S as Rinspeed XchangE or BMW i3 as Rinspeed „Budii“).  We are…

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Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Reveals “Teatro For Days” Electric Concept Car

Nissan announced a new electric concept car for the upcoming 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Meet the Teatro for Dayz, an all-electric model focused around new technologies for future generations. Nissan notes that times change: “Owning a car was once a kid’s greatest aspiration. Having a driver’s license confirmed adulthood, and…

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Artega Scalo

Artega Unveils 250-Mile Electric Sports Car In Frankfurt

German company Artega unveiled at the Franfurt Motor Show its 250-mile (400 km) electric roadster – the Scalo. The vehicle was developed in cooperation with paragon AG and its subsidiary Voltabox, who recently opened battery facility in Texas. Artega hopes to attract consumers with its very high level of performance, and…

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Tiguan GTE concept

Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Revealed (w/video)

Volkswagen Tiguan, after 2.64 million sales of the first generation since 2007, got four all-new versions introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show, including the plug-in hybrid Tiguan GTE concept. The new generation of Tiguan is VW’s first SUV based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB). We don’t know yet if there…

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gomentum station honda rlx

Apple Titan Program Scouts Local Autonomous EV Testing Facility

While Apple’s electric car program – code name Titan, has been in the news a lot for having “secret labs”, hundreds of employees, hiring away engineers from Tesla, as well as former industry personnel from other auto companies, there hasn’t been a lot of hard evidence that a full-fledged drive to put an EV…

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ATS Wildtwelve Concept

ATS Wildtwelve Plug-In Hybrid Concept Revealed

Well, this is an interesting-looking plug-in, to say the least! The ATS Wildtwelve plug-in hybrid concept recently debuted at the Parco Valentino Salone, located in Turin, Italy. As the name suggests, it will have a twin-turbo V12 (likely mid-engined), but will also come with two electric motors for the front wheels. Some specs:…

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