1999 Chrysler EPIC - Help My Pants Are Trying To Attack My Neck

Chrysler EPIC Electric Van Circa 1999 – Video

Yesterday brought news from Chrysler-Fiat’s CEO that the company’s new extended range Town & Country would be arriving in the US “a year earlier” than expected – reportedly now arriving in late in 2015. Although we are confident this van will indeed see production, we still have our doubts Fiatsler will…

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saab 9-3 EV header

SAAB Presents 9-3 EV Prototype

Perhaps in response to some high profile solvency issues of late, SAAB made an effort to display its “real Saab EV product” on Wednesday in Trollhättan. Still, no matter the reason they did decide to show it off, we are happy to see the first shots of the SAAB 9-3…

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SIM-Drive Unveils SIM-HAL Prototype (w/videos)

SIM-Drive recently unveiled at the University of Tokyo its fourth electric vehicle prototype developed with assistance from a bunch of companies.  The sporty two-seater called SIM-HAL looks interesting, at least until we look upon the long, long back. The name comes from High efficiency All-wheel Link (HAL). As is typically…

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Viziv 2 Concept - Though It's Actually the 3rd Viziv Concept Shown by Subaru

Subaru Teases Viziv 2 Plug-In Hybrid Concept

Subaru has teased its latest Viziv concept that’s set for a worldwide debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. Called Viziv 2, this is actually Subaru’s third Viziv concept to be shown (Viziv and Viziv Evolution were the first two). Subaru says that the latest Viziv points at…

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Tata ConnectNext

Tata ConnectNext EREV Minivan Concept Gets Unveiled

India’s Tata Motors has unveiled what it believes to be the future of minivan. Called ConnectNext, this concept EREV minivan boasts room for five passengers, suicide door, flexible seating and so on. Unfortunately, Tata Motors puts out quite possibly the world’s worst press releases, so aside from mentions like “ConnectNext…

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PV recharging station and MC-β

Honda Now Testing MC-β Micro EV Powered by Solar

Honda has officially begun a joint EV project with Miyakojima City, Japan and Toshiba Corporation to explore the potential of using a photovoltaic power source for electric vehicles like its MC-β. The tests are part of the Miyakojima City Small-sized Electromotive Mobility Project in which partners aim to propose usage…

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