Sometimes Karma Comes Back to Bite You in the...

What Are The EVs That Have Set The Industry Back?

While the plug-in industry as a whole has been on a unprecedented run since the first of the ‘next generation’ of EVs were introduced 4 years ago, not all plug-in vehicles have done their fair share advancing the segment.  Some have crashed and burned in spectacular fashion. According to the…

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Real Time EV Sales Reporting and Historical Charts Can Be Found Here

November 2013 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

Despite a relatively muted first half of the year, electric vehicle sales have been surging since August – a record month when over 11,000 plug-ins were sold.  Previous to November, the 2nd best result was posted as 9,695 vehicles were sold. In fact, 36,600+ EVs have been sold so far in…

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The Ultimate Purpose Built EV?   How do you like this one CR?

Electric Vehicle Startups Doomed? Think Again

On June 12, EV World posted an article of interest to us.  The article opened by pointing out some of the high-key failures in the electric vehicle industry. The largely positive article, titled “What’s the Fate of the Electric Car?” opens with this: “Coda has filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy…

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Benicia Promenade

Small Town Of Benicia, California Reacts To Losing CODA Assembly

CODA Automotive is based out of Los Angeles, California.   However, the 88 mile electric sedan that bears the company name, was assembled almost 400 miles away, in the small town of Benicia (pop 27,000). After a string of high profile layoffs and supplier lawsuits and write-offs at CODA, the company filed for Chapter 11…

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Ouch...A Lawsuit Has Hit Coda

Electric Car Maker CODA Files For Bankruptcy

In a move that should come as a surprise to no one following the start-up based out of Los Angeles, CODA Holdings Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, in hopes of re-emerging as a new kind of company in 45 days time…one that doesn’t sell electric cars. “After concluding…

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UQM Tech Is Writing Off CODA, And 3.8 Million In Propulsions Systems

UQM Tech Spills Beans On CODA, Writes Them Off

UQM Technologies, supplier of electric propulsion systems to CODA automotive,  reported fiscal third quarter results today, and it so doing let the cat out of the bag when it comes to CODA.  They are essentially dead. CODA who let go of 15% of its sales force in December, then had another…

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After Two Failed Attempts At Raising Private Capital, CODA Looks To Be On Life-Support

CODA Cuts Staff Again. Is The End Near?

On paper, the CODA all electric sedan stacks up against the competition fairly well.  It has 88 miles of EPA range for $37,250.  On a dollar per electric mile basis, it is actually the best value out there. Then you see it.  The CODA is not visually appealing.  Which is…

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