Atlanta Airport Installs 102 TurboDock EV Charging Stations

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) has made its bid to be considered one of the greenest airports in the world (if that could be a thing) with the installation of 102 charging stations. The Charging stations will be located in several parking structures along the ATL airport perimeter. ATL…

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Qualcomm Renault Wireless Charging Road

Qualcomm’s Dynamic Wireless Charging Could Be A Sleeper Hit

As technological breakthroughs go, this one is remarkable only for its very lack of drama. Silent, near invisible, impossible to touch, taste, or smell, Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVC) nonetheless represents another dramatic technological leap for EV technology, one which may lead to ‘electrified highways’ becoming the norm within decades….

3 weeks ago by Anthony Rowlinson 50

Tesla Expanding Highly Used Supercharger Sites

Tesla announced earlier this year a goal of doubling its Supercharging network before year’s end, as well as a quadrupling of the number of available Destination Chargers. Tesla Model S/X deliveries are experiencing record highs over recent quarters, and we are just around the corner of Model 3 introduction; so the expansion…

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Here’s How Paid Tesla Supercharging Works – Video

Earlier this year, Tesla switched from free Supercharging access for all Model S and Model X to paid access for new cars ordered after January 15 and not delivered before April 15. While the older Teslas retain unlimited free fast Supercharging for long-distance travel, the new ones are paid above an annual…

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BMW Announces Wireless Charging Option On The 530e

BMW has announced wireless charging will be added as an option for the 2018 model year 530e iPerformance plug-in hybrid (test drive report here). The 3.2 kW wireless system will be integrated with the 530e’s on-board infotainment system to show the charger’s alignment on the screen. The conventional system of charging for the 530e…

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ChargePoint Roadmap For EV Charging: 80% Home/Work, 20% Public

ChargePoint, now having data from nearly 25 million charging sessions, envisions that charging needs will divide into two categories – around 80% of charging will take place in home and work, while Another 20% will be at public sites (parking lots, street-side or fast charging stations). We think given the company’s roots…

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