New Ecotricity program charges £6 for a 30 min boost in the UK

UK Considers Adoption Of Common Pricing For Public Chargers

The UK government is apparently considering actions to make public charging more affordable, and a lot simpler. Essentially, there could be pricing cap, or at the very least common pricing guidelines, with one access card for all networks. Details are expected be announced early next year. “Overpriced electric car charging stations will…

3 weeks ago by Mark Kane 18

2017 Tesla Supercharger Expansion Plans for North America

Tesla Releases 2017 Supercharger Expansion Maps

Many people have pointed out as of late that the Supercharger maps found on Tesla’s website didn’t exactly depict the true state of the network. This is not to say that Tesla is showing stations that don’t exist or aren’t active, but instead, many stations have sprouted up around the globe…

4 weeks ago by Steven Loveday 51