Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 To Come With 48-Amp Onboard Charger

Model 3 onboard charger is capable of 48amps. Confirmed by a source #tesla #model3 — Model 3 Owners Club (@Model3Owners) June 26, 2017 File this under the now you know category. This little nougat of Model 3 information flew under our radar until now, but regardless we still think…

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Tesla Superchargers

Is Tesla Limiting Supercharging Speed The Right Choice?

WHY WOULD TESLA LIMIT SUPERCHARGING SPEED? Tesla recently caused a fuss with its decision to limit the Supercharging rate for vehicles that have racked up numerous DC fast-charging events. A similar stir erupted a few months ago when the company used an over-the-air update to limit the use of Launch Mode (in response to…

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Vancouver To Charge For Charging – Big Time

The City of Vancouver, Canada has decided to introduce fees for charging plug-in cars – at its previously free charging stations, as high demand has made those facilities overcrowded.  One might think that a better option would be to add more stations, as rebates set up in the province has…

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40-Stall Tesla Superchargers Planned For Norway, California

More and more evidence indicates that Tesla is now aiming to install a new kind of Supercharging stations – Supercharger Supersites – to provide for upcoming higher-volume EV sales. Those new stations will be much larger than previous ones – with 40 stalls, doubling the size of the largest available today. One…

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UK Wants To Require EV Chargers At Gas Stations

The time when electric vehicle fast charging stations are available at every gas station is coming.  And through new legislation, the UK could be the first country with such a network. The idea in the UK is to enable the government to set hard requirements for gas stations and motorway…

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Volkswagen Begins Installing Chargers Under Electrify America Plan

In late June, Volkswagen’s subsidiary Electrify America (which manages a $2 billion post-dieselgate charging infrastructure plan) opened its first charging station.  So the money is being put into action quickly. In total, eight units were installed in the Washington, D.C. area last month: Pentagon City Fashion Centre in Arlington, Virginia;…

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