MHI Successfully Completes Ground Demonstration Testing of Wireless Power Transmission Technology for SSPS (10 kW, 500 m)

Mitsubishi Wirelessly Sends Electricity Across 500-Meter Gap

Wireless charging isn’t the basic method of EV charging, although there are a lot of developments in this area and the first products for cars are already available (mostly through Plugless Power). Typically, wireless charging is done over short distances, but special technology enables the sending of energy over long…

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Tesla Celebrates Supercharger Opening

Tesla Completes U.S. Central Passage Supercharger Route

With the opening of the 183rd North American supercharger station located on 1981 Zumbehl Rd St. Charles, Missouri, there is now a new U.S. central passage available to Tesla owners. Though a 214 mile leg still remains between St. Charles and Independence, Missouri, this is more than achievable for all…

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24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

Video From 24-Hour Electric Car Fast Charging Challenge

24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge at the 36LYN Refuel Station in Minneapolis is already behind us and now we can see photos and videos from the event. There are a lot of cars out there that can be charged using CHAdeMO, Combo or with CHAdeMO-adapter for Tesla. Enthusiasts didn’t…

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Charging points in Canada

Canada’s Two Largest Charging Station Networks Team Up

The Electric Circuit and the VERnetwork announced an interoperability project for its charging networks in Canada. Electric Circuit is the largest public charging network in Québec with nearly 400 stations (including 8 DC fast chargers), while VERnetwork is the largest in Canada with over 700 stations. Both companies are using…

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24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge

24 Hour Electric Car Fast Charging Challenge

A company called ZEF Energy announced a cool event on 12-13 April – the 24 Hour Electric Vehicle Charging Challenge. It’s about electric cars and DC fast charging them in 24 hours through CHAdeMO. A goal has beenset for 100 cars (each charged once), which would be about 15-minutes for…

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Leaf charging UK

UK To Invest $49 Million Into Charging Infrastructure By 2020

UK’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles and Department for Transport announced plans to spend £43 million ($65.5 million) for infrastructure and research and development of plug-in electric vehicle funding. The part tied to infrastructure is larger – £32 million ($49 million) and includes: £15 million to continue the Electric Vehicle…

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JuiceBox ATM

EMotorWerks Unveils JuiceBox ATM

World first?  Yes, we believe so. Here’s the headline: EMotorWerks Unveils JuiceBox ATM And the details: Electric Motor Werks has partnered with OhmConnect to bring you the simplest and most engaging EV charging experience possible. Today, we’re excited to announce a new product, which underscores our commitment to this market…

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