CHAdeMO chargers in Europe - May 2016

Europe’s CHAdeMO Chargers Density Evolution Map

CHAdeMO’s recent general assembly revealed a lot of interesting information about the CHAdeMO fast charging protocols development and roll-out around the world. In fact, as Japan is already heavily covered by CHAdeMO outlets (some ~6,500 worth), the main focus in the news presentation was about the infrastructure in Europe. Over the…

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"Pony Express" electrification of long haul trucks using tractor swapping

Furrer + Frey (Opbrid) Proposes Tractor Swapping – Pony Express

Furrer + Frey, which has acquired the Opbrid, recently proposed a pretty nifty idea on how to electrify long-haul trucking. Instead of overhead catenaries, inductive charging while driving, fast charging along the route, or battery swapping, Opbrid is considering swapping whole tractors (it would seem they are definitely Formula E fans…

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