Yes, Clearly We Are In China With These Charging Protocols

Tesla To Adopt China’s Charging Standards?

China has its own charging standards – presented above in the case of Denza EV (DC on the left and AC on the right). Tesla Motors is using in China the same charging inlet like it does in Europe, which can directly handle European Type 2 AC charging and DC…

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18-meter-long BRT with super capacitor seen at CSR Ningbo base

Meet The World’s Quickest Charging Electric Bus

Chinese company CSR unveiled an 18-meter long, ultra-quick charging electric bus. Less than half a minute (some news outlets are stating just 10 seconds) at a bus stop is needed to recharge the super capacitors for another 3 miles of driving. “The bus recharges while stationary or while passengers get…

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Reps. Muri and Magendanz at bill-signing for EV incentive measure

Gov. Jay Inslee signs House Bill 1853, May 11, 2015. Relating to the Encouraging of utility leadership in electric vehicle charging infrastructure build-out.

Washington Governor Signs Bill That Offers Financial Incentives To Utilities To Install Charging Stations

State of Washington representative, Chad Magendanz, R-Issaquah, a friend of InsideEVs, has informed us of the following: Rep. Magendanz’s electric vehicle infrastructure bill signed by governor Legislation offering financial incentives for utilities to build electric vehicle (EV) charging-station infrastructure was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee today. The measure…

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And another!

Envision Solar Charges Up San Francisco

Envision Solar, known for its standalone solar charging stations, boosts San Francisco’s charging network by three units. Might not seem like a whole lot. However this is part of a data collection program. As Envision Solar reports: “Three of Envision Solar’s Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Chargers (EV ARCs™) will be placed throughout…

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ABB Delivered 100th DC Fast Charger In Norway

ABB Delivers 100th DC Fast Charger In Norway

ABB announced that on May 4 it delivered its 100th DC fast charger in Norway – pretty impressive consider the size of the country. The latest installation comes 4 years after the first one. It’s a Terra 53 CJ version, which is 50 kW with double-head (CHAdeMO and Combo plugs)….

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