Brusa's ICS 2 at 7.2 kW will boast twice the charging power – yet will have the same compact footprint

Brusa Ups Wireless Charging Technology to 7.2 kW

BRUSA Elektronik announced that it started developing the next generation of its Inductive Charging System (ICS) to meet growing market demands. ICS 2 will boast twice the charging power to 7.2 kW compared to ICS, but will have the same compact footprint. According to the Swiss company, increase in power…

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From Left to Right: Mennekes, CHAdeMO and Combo

ABB Multi-Standard Rapid Chargers Coming To Northumberland, UK

The UK is slowly switching from dominant DC CHAdeMO chargers to more universal multi-standard units. In Northumberland in North East England, the Northumberland County Council decided to install 20 multi-standard chargers from ABB.  These triple-outlet rapid chargers will be able to supply every electric car with fast charge capability (excluding…

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