Charging a Chevy Volt at the Workplace

“Workplace Charging Sells Vehicles,” Says Director of Electric Power Research Institute

“Workplace charging sells vehicles,” stated Mark Duvall, director of Electric Transportation and Energy Storage at the Electric Power Research Institute, in a recent phone interview with Navigant Research. From that statement, as well as from evaluating the atmosphere surrounding workplace chargers, Navigant concludes the following: “One of the keys to…

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Google's EV ARC Charger

Google Gets Envision Solar EV ARC Charging Station

Envision Solar International has deployed one of its fully autonomous, mobile, solar powered EV ARC Electric Vehicle Charging stations to Google in Silicon Valley. “EV ARC is a cost-effective, easy-to-install, stand-alone solar charging station that solves many of the problems faced by employers looking to provide electric vehicle charging stations…

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Pristine Beach in New Zealand

New Zealand Gets Its First Fast Charge Station

New Zealand’s first quick charger is now operational. Located in Whangarei, the fast-charge station is free to use and is expected to remain free well into the future. As expected, New Zealand’s first quick charger is a CHAdeMO unit. Unexpectedly, the charger gets its juice entirely from hydro, courtesy of…

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First DC Fast Charger Reaches The Big Island

Editor’s Note: Hawai’i Island resident Cody Osborne visited the new Chargebliss energy management “fast charger” at the Big Island EV Expo this last weekend. He interviewed the CEO of Chargebliss,  and briefly questioned  State Senator Mike Gabbard (among others) at the event.   DC Fast chargers are relatively common in quite…

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AeroVironment TurboCord

AeroVironment Presents TurboCord In Series Of Videos

Earlier this year, AeroVironment introduced the TurboCord, a small EVSE with capability of charging from both 120 or 240 volts outlets (up to 16 A). TurboCord is rather a basic model for low power on-board charging.  However, this is yet one more product in a line recent products indicating that…

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CCS Charge Map For Europe – July 12, 2014

Updated CCS/Combo Charge Map For Europe

Europe exceed a mark of 200 CCS (or Combo) fast chargers! With another 40-50 planned, CCS is growing at a similar pace to CHAdeMO, which has almost 1,200 in Europe now (similar growth may be mainly because more and more chargers are multi-standard units). Anyways, in France there are still…

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Squamish Supercharger Info

Canada’s First Tesla Supercharger Now Open

“We are pleased to announce the first Canadian Supercharger Station in Squamish, BC is now open. This is an important milestone and we could not have done it without the help of our owners and supporters.” States Tesla Motors.  That’s right.  Canada now has its first Tesla Supercharger. Tesla adds…

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