How Do Tesla Model S Owners Really Feel About Supercharger Usage Emails?

Tesla Launches Charging Partnership Program In China

Tesla announced the Tesla Charging Partner Program in China to expand charging infrastructure in preparation for the company’s goal of having 5 million EVs (including Teslas) on the roads by 2020. Ren Yuxiang, Tesla’s Vice President of Asia-Pacific, recently spoke of the program at the new China Quality Certification Center (CQC). It…

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Tesla Motors Tweet

Tesla Launches Destination Charging Program In Europe

Tesla’s Destination Charging program allows owners to charge at hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. This makes it convenient for drivers to charge their vehicles while they are occupied for a time, or staying overnight. The connectors are like the wall connectors used in homes. Drivers simply plug in and go…

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CharIN Association

The CharIN Association Aims for Single System To Cover All Charging Scenarios Up To 200 kW DC

Recently established CharIN Association presented an interesting brochure describing itself and the goal of providing a global standard for electric vehicle charging – CCS (Combined Charging System). CharIN is founded by group of German manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Mennekes, Phoenix Contact, Porsche, TUV and Volkswagen) and supported by Ford and General…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE

Germany To Quadruple Number Of Charging Points To Over 20,000

The Ruling coalition in Germany says it intends to install an additional 15,000 charging points, according to German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt. With some 5,800 charging locations as of today, the new projects would nearly quadruple the total number to over 20,000. We believe that majority of those 15,000 stations…

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EVgo DC fast charger

California Issues $9 Million In Grants For DC Fast Chargers

The California Energy Commission announced nearly $9 million in grants for the installation of new DC fast chargers. Installations have logically been selected along major state freeways and highways from San Diego to the Oregon border. Four companies were granted dollars in the program: Chargepoint Inc. EV Connect Inc. NRG EV Services…

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2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

Potential Nissan Options In The Case Of CHAdeMO Withdrawal

Nissan is the most important participant of the Japanese CHAdeMO Association.  One could even suggest due to the lack of participation by the other members of late, they are the only participant. For certain, Nissan is the strongest promoter of the CHAdeMO DC fast charging (including V2G capability) and has by far the most CHAdeMO-enabled cars on…

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