Number Of Workplace Chargers On The Rise

Results From Workplace Charging Survey

Charging Infrastructure: Do You Have a Workplace Charging Station? A new workplace charging survey points to employee satisfaction and new charging stations being added by employers despite expired financial incentives. Looks like more employers around the U.S. are providing access to electric charging stations at workplaces and, specifically, via the…

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ChargePoint Station Interacting With A BMW i3

ChargePoint Teams With Sun Edison For Residential Solar Panel Installs

ChargePoint, well known for its electric vehicle charging network, is now turning to residential customers interested in both home charging and solar panel installation. ChargePoint CEO – Pasquale Romano recently was interviewed about CharegPoint’s partnership with Sun Edison. “The partnership is between us and Sun Edison. The reason we partnered…

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Tesla Supercharger #100 in Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Tesla Superchargers Blitz Across Germany

Not since Joey Ramone and the band toured Germany has the country seen this much American energy. In the past seven-ish days, Germany saw the opening of three new Tesla superchargers in Hirschberg, Wernberg, and Lauenau for a total of 22 superchargers. Additionally, three superchargers went under construction in Achern,…

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Tesla Supercharger Update

Tesla Superchargers Have Delivered 14.3 Million kWh

Worldwide, Tesla Superchargers have now delivered in excess of 14.3 million kWh of free electricity, according to Tesla Motors. That electricity has eliminated the need for 2 million gallons of gas and offset 50 million pounds of CO2. We should note that Supercharger access is not exactly free, but Tesla…

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In total, some 13,000-odd ECOtality Charging Units Were Sold To CarCharging

CarCharging Implements kWh Pricing in Pennsylvania

The Public Utility Commission of the State of Pennsylvania approved owners and operators of EV charging stations to implement kilowatt hour (“kWh”) pricing within the state. Thanks to this permit, CarCharging can implement its kWh pricing in Pennsylvania, and that’s what it did by announcing Blink Level 2 access from…

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Light and Charge

BMW Develops Street Lights With EV Charging Outlets

At the Eurocities conference in Munich, Germany, BMW Group introduced the Light and Charge. It’s a combination of street light and charging point (AC Type 2). LED technology provides efficient light, while the charging point is integrated into the BMW i’s ChargeNow network. The first units of Light and Charge…

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Tesla Supercharger In Scotland

Scotland Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Motors has opened its first Supercharger in Scotland. Located at the Edinburgh Airport, this Supercharger site has only 2 stalls. Georg Ell, Tesla Motors’ UK Director, stated: “We’re really pleased to open our first Scottish Supercharger. The location makes travel in and around Edinburgh easy and also enables a…

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