Pedal Power: Cyclists Pedal Towards Discount On Nissan LEAF

In Rome, Nissan offers discounts on the LEAF purchase price (plus two years of free energy to recharge), in partnership with DinamoBike. The new campaign is combined with the promotion of sustainable mobility (“DinamoBike – enjoy your power”), as potential LEAF buyers need to visit DinamoBike Café and ride a…

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The Expanding Tesla Supercharger Network Hinders Competitors

TESLA SUPERCHARGERS ARE A MASSIVE LAND GRAB Tesla’s Supercharger expansion efforts have been on a tear lately. According to Teslarati, “Tesla [is] nearing 1000 Supercharger locations worldwide ahead of Model 3 rollout.” Electrek reports that this translates to “6,000 Superchargers [stalls] around the world… [with another] 4,000 more Superchargers within the next 6 months”…

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How To Debunk Every Anti-EV Argument

You’ll never be caught speechless by naysayers again. We’re big into electric vehicles; it’s why this site exists. Our partner company, Motorsport Network, is big into them, too. It owns a stake in the quickly growing, all-electric Formula E racing series and covers the sport extensively on our sister-site, And…

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Could a Tesla-Jaguar Partnership Be in the Works?

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for electric vehicles. Not only will the Tesla Model 3 most likely be in full production, but no less than three luxury brands will be bringing all-electric crossovers to their respective showrooms. During 2018, Audi will launch their long-anticipated e-tron quattro,…

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Tesla Launches New Supercharger Cost Estimator Tool

Due to so many recent changes in the Supercharger program, now Tesla is making the pay-per-use system more clear. On Tesla’s website, there is a new calculator that allows you to estimate Supercharger cost versus gasoline cost for the Model S and Model X based on distance driven. It automatically…

2 weeks ago by Steven Loveday 30