Shell To Enter Charging Station Business?

Shell Ponders Charging Station Rollout In UK

Oil company Shell says that it’s “examining the potential” for installing charging stations “across some parts of its UK retail network” beginning in early 2017. And by “potential” we assume that to mean, potential to recover some lost petrol money from the ongoing plug-in vehicle onslaught. The UK retail network…

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Tesla's NEMA 14-30 Charging Adapter

Tesla Re-Releases NEMA 14-30 Charging Adapter

Tesla Motors has re-released a popular charging adapter for the Model S and Model X (for some reason unknown to us, this product was initially available with the launch of the Model S, but then disappeared for a couple of years). The adapter, often referred to as a dryer plug…

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Electric vehicle owners invited to join Electric Nation community

“Electric Nation” Project Launched In UK

On top of previous “My Electric Avenue project“, a new initiative concerning the national charging infrastructure has launched in the UK – entitled Electric Nation. Electric Nation invites new all-electric and plug-in hybrid owners, (well, at least 500 to 700 of them) to sign up, and is offering a free smart charging…

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Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

Is This How Tesla Supercharger Credits Will Work?

Recently, we reported that had discovered some code on the MyTesla page that possibly revealed how future Model 3 customers may be charged for Tesla Supercharger credits. Basically, the code showed an area for using a credit card, and an accumulated Supercharger credit area that will be listed in…

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AAA’s mobile electric vehicle charging

AAA Charging Trucks Seldom See Action

AAA introduced a mobile electric vehicle charging service in 2011, offering Level 2 AC charging and/or CHAdeMO DC fast charging services from a specialized truck. As a result, stranded EVs could now count on help in several pilot markets set up by AAA, but after five years it seems that there…

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