Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

First Tesla Supercharger In Czech Republic (video)

Tesla Motors launched its first Supercharging station in Czech Republic as part of larger E.ON station for all-kinds of electric cars. Humpolec station includes 6 Supercharging stalls and: two 44 kW stand-alone CHAdeMO fast chargers two 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo, 3-phase Type 2 43 kW) two…

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ClipperCreek, Inc. Receives Technology Award from Delphi Automotive

ClipperCreek Receives Technology Award from Delphi Automotive

One of the popular EVSE suppliers, ClipperCreek received a 2015 Technology – Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence from Delphi Automotive. The company was founded around 10 years ago and offers broad range of electric vehicle charging stations. “The award recognized ClipperCreek for its ability to focus creative resources and help…

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Illinois Looks To Keep EV Spots Reserved For...EVs

Op-Ed: Crowd Funded Charging Stations

OK, so the reality in 2016 for most geographical locations is that the charging station business is unprofitable. The primary reason is a simple equation of the cost of the installations versus the number of customers to use the station. The customer base simply isn’t there yet, but it will…

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