The bus can be wirelessly charged at one of its stops via a charging station located under the road surface (1). A receiver, mounted in the bus floor, absorbs electric energy (2) and charges the batte

Scania To Test Wireless Charging Bus In Sweden

Scania announced that it will become the first company in Sweden to test a wirelessly-charged electric-hybrid city bus. On the streets of Södertälje, Sweden, the vehicle will appear in June 2016 as part of a research project into sustainable vehicle technology. One of the bus stops on the route will be…

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Now That's What We Call Fast Charging

Tesla Model S Charging At 440 Miles Per Hour

The Tesla Model S is the only electric vehicle capable of Supercharging, but images such as this one are sure to make owners of non Supercharge-capable vehicles jealous. 440 miles per hour.  That’s impressive. Though Tesla sets the bar in terms of charge rate, we believe other automakers/charging station manufacturers…

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Chargemaster records 1,000,000th UK electric vehicle charge

Chargemaster Logs One Millionth Charging Session

Chargemaster just passed 1,000,000 charges on its network of over 10,000 public and commercial charging points in the UK. In total, around 9.5 million kWh of electricity was supplied since September 2012. “The figure is enough for electric vehicles to drive a total of more than 49 million miles –…

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Largest Fast Charging Station in Norway (Source: BKK )

600 kW, 14-Spot Charging Station Launched In Norway

Norway again astonishes with its latest and largest fast charging station in Bergen that even Tesla Motors would be proud of.. The station is equipped with 14 charging spots for all three major standards – CHAdeMO, European Combo and AC Type 2. Of those 14 spots, 6 are 50 kW…

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Europe Exceed 700 CCS Chargers Installed

Europe Exceeds 700 CCS Chargers Installed!

The year 2015 begins with 702 CCS combo fast chargers in Europe according to CCS map. Those are of course the European version CCS (a different plug than US Combo). Rate of growth remains constant at more or less 100 units a month, which is a lot higher than the…

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