Evatran PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Wireless Charging To Displace Conductive Charging By 2028?

According to a report by Strategy Analytics, wireless charging could display conductive charging by 2028. Here’s an overview of that report: First Wireless Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles May Appear in 2017, says Strategy Analytics Deployments Limited to Luxury Models at First, Then Extending to the Mass Market That Could…

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Tesla Model S in Australia

Tesla To Add 18 Destination Chargers In Australia

Tesla Motors has entered into a partnership with Secure Parking in Australia to rollout destination charging points. 18 spots (two units at each of nine locations) will be available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Tesla owners will be able to charge their cars for free while parking, although parking itself…

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World’s 500th Tesla Supercharger Now Online

The 500th Tesla Supercharger went online this week, according to Tesla Motors Club forum and confirmed by Tesla itself:  502 Supercharger stations with 2,832 Superchargers Some are saying that 500th unit is in Fountain Valley, CA. Anyways, that’s huge milestone achieved by still relatively new and small company in the…

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Aldi Quick Charger

Aldi To Offer Free Charging In Germany

Discount retailer Aldi will offer free fast charging at approximately 50 locations in Germany. Here’s the press blast: Shop at affordable prices – recharge for free ALDI SÜD introduces free quick-charging stations for electric vehicles in Düsseldorf 47 sites with RWE charging stations planned RWE is the technology partner and…

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Nissan LEAF and V2G

The Mobility House Presents Vehicle2Coffee

The Mobility House, together with Nissan and Endesa, evaluate bi-directional DC charging system (V2G) in Germany. Nissan and Endesa earlier this year announced collaboration on Vehicle-To-Grid. One such charger was installed at the The Mobility House headquarters in Munich. There is a reason for that as TMH experiments with Vehicle2Coffee….

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Portland International Airport Boasts Largest Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at an Airport in the United States: 42 PowerPost® EV Chargers Now Installed

Portland International Airport Adds 42 Charging Spots

Portland International Airport now has 42 L1 PowerPost charging stations, which are available for employees and visitors for free. According to the press release, this is the largest number of charging stations at an airport in US. Telefonix PowerPosts are low power L1 charging stations (most suited for airports) with…

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ChargePoint Residential Charger

Pricing Breakdown Announced For ChargePoint Home EVSE

ChargePoint earlier this year introduced home charging stations.  Now we have the pricing breakdowns across the EVSE lineup. Base model starts from $499, while the most capable unit costs $749. The company also released a home buying guide, which could be useful for new customers. There are three main features…

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7.7 kW Leviton Evr-Green 320 Level 2 charging station

Leviton Launches 7.7 kW Evr-Green EVSE

Leviton announced its new generation of its Evr-Green charging station, the 7.7 kW Evr-Green 320. As there are now more models with higher power on-board chargers, another option (or rather an updated option) is, of course, welcome. The new Evr-Green 320 is, according to Leviton, designed with an improved installation process…

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