Nissan:  Public fast charging (especially on highways) should take priority over all other EV infrastructure/promotion plans

EVgo Reaches Milestone Of 750 DC Fast Chargers In U.S.

EVgo continues to expand its charging network’s reach after its recent acquisition by Vision Ridge Partners earlier this year. The latest announcement from the company shows that its DC charger counter has exceeded 750 units (40-50 kW each), which are installed in more than 55 metro markets. In other words, EVgo…

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Nissan, Enel and Nuvve operate world’s first fully commercial vehicle-to-grid (V2G) hub in Denmark

Nissan And Enel Launches World’s First Commercial V2G Hub In Denmark

Nissan together with Enel and Nuvve is laying the groundwork for future large application commercial V2G (vehicle-to-grid) systems in Denmark. The country’s utility – Frederiksberg Forsyning has installed 10 Enel V2G charging units (10 kW each) and also purchased 10 Nissan e-NV200 for use at its headquarters. Of course bi-directional energy transfer in…

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Tesla store

Ireland To Get Its First Tesla Store In 2017

Ireland lives to see its first Tesla Motors store next year in Dublin, along with a service center and four Supercharging stations. It’s expected that the store will ultimately be combined with the service center. Additionally, Tesla intends to install its first four Supercharging stations in the country – so…

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BMW To Expand The DC Fast Charging Network In New Zealand about year ago began installations of multi-standard DC fast chargers in New Zealand. Now, with about 20 on-line, reinforcement stations will arrive from BMW, which intends to help build an electric highway by 2018 with total of 100 chargers – a significant amount for a country the size of New…

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Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ

Wireless Charging On Verge Of Becoming Norm?

A recent Automotive News article spreads the notion that wireless charging for EVs is necessary for broad adoption of not only the tech, but for autonomous vehicles. Indeed, wireless charging is really good solution that just makes sense for autonomous cars, as they can obviously more easily feed themselves energy,…

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