Olympian City Supercharger station Hong Kong (Photo A. Wai)

8th Tesla Supercharger In Hong Kong Now Open

A member of the ChargedHK group reported the new Supercharger located in West Kowloon district at Olympian City has just opened. The Kowloon peninsula has now matched the same number of stations as well as spaces as the Hong Kong island, which many Tesla owners living in this part of…

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10,000,000 Charges Delivered By ChargePoint

10,000,000 Charges Delivered By ChargePoint

ChargePoint recently silently passed a huge milestone of 10,000,000 charging sessions! No other network has delivered this many charges, as ChargePoint is the largest with over 22,000 charging spots. A tiny fraction of them – around 0.65% are DC fast chargers called express spots. Charging points networked by ChargePoint mostly…

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About 500 All-Electric Cars Have Been Sold In Australia Through The End Of 2014, More Than Half Were Nissan LEAFs

Australia Gets An Electric Highway Of Its Own – Finally

If any country really needed an electric highway to help its citizen more easily embrace electric vehicles, it was Australia.  Geographically in the country, it is a struggle for small range EVs to exit their home bases, and the political environment has made ownership difficult financially to say the least. However, last week…

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e-Golf & i3 At CCS Fast Charger

ChargePoint Unveils New Express Station

ChargePoint announced introduction of a low-cost Express 100 DC semi-fast charger. 100 because “up to 100 miles of Range Per Hour (RPH)“. These aren’t completely new chargers, as they were introduced almost a year ago by Bosch for BMW for just $6,458, provided you partner with BMW (read: dealer). Those…

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