BYD Tang

BYD Eyes UK’s Booming Plug-In Hybrid Market

BYD offers its all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars mainly in China, but the Chinese company always “Builds Its Dream” to sell worldwide. This is not an easy task. Historically, besides some early announcements for the e6 (and F3DM PHEV) to launch in the U.S. that didn’t happened, and some small regional fleet sales,…

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BYD Electric Double Decker

BYD Debuts 3 New Electric Buses At 2015 Busworld

BYD unveiled three new electric bus models for the European market at 2015 Busworld. The first is a pure electric double decker – one of five, which right after the event will be used in London! With 345 kWh it will go 300 km (186 miles) on a single charge. “Designed…

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All 8 Of BYD's 8 Vehicles On Display At Shanghai Auto Show Are Plug-In Electric Cars

BYD Hopes To Raise $2.4 Billion To Finance Expanded Production Of Batteries, New Energy Vehicles

BYD announced its intention to raise 15 billion yuan (US$2.4 billion) in equity placements. The main purpose for the funding is to finance expansion of the company’s lithium-ion battery production and development of new New Energy Vehicles (that’s all-electric and plug-in hybrids for those outside China). Cash will be needed also to replenish working…

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BYD Tang

BYD Tang Vs All The Rest – Drag Race Videos

Hot plug-in hybrid BYD Tang, which recently entered the Chinese market, is a quick plug-in machine. BYD claims a 5-4-2 platform, where 5 is the number of seconds to 100 km/h, 4 is AWD, and 2 is less than 2 liters per 100 km average fuel economy. Here are a…

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BYD Remote-control Driving

BYD Qin & Tang Remote Control Videos

BYD is equipping its plug-in hybrids – the Qin, and now the Tang, with a remote control feature. You can control the car from the outside and the car in electric mode will drive like a RC car, only much slower. “BYD Remote-control Driving Technology Science and technology always drive…

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The first batch of e6 taxis to integrate the Montevideo fleet

Uruguay Adds 50 BYD e6 Taxis To Fleet

BYD is entering Uruguay with delivery of 50 all-electric e6 taxi in Montevideo. This is another project in South America, as the Chinese company earlier delivered 45 e6 taxis in Bogota, Colombia. Before introduction, the vehicles were in testing since February this year. There are some 5,000 taxis in Uruguay…

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