BYD Qin EV300 & e5

BYD Launching Two New Pure Electric Models In China

BYD has announced the launch of two new pure electric cars – the e5 and Qin EV300 back home in China. Technically, the e5 was already presented on another occasion some time ago, but the Qin EV300 is completely new. As one could guess, the Qin EV300 is an all-electric version of the…

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All 8 Of BYD's 8 Vehicles On Display At Shanghai Auto Show Are Plug-In Electric Cars

BYD Expects Its Electric Car Sales To Triple This Year

Bloomberg reports that BYD could triple its plug-in electric car sales in China this year. A market that Bloomberg can’t help but note is apparently “coveted by Tesla“, and that for 2016 has withdrawn a target of 10,000 sales moving back to 5,000.  A number that BYD can eat up in less than…

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First pure electric double deck buses on streets of London

London Gets Its First All-Electric Double-Decker Bus Via BYD

BYD makes history (what else is new?) by delivering the first pure electric double-deck bus on the streets of London – we believe for revenue service. The vehicle was designed and developed for “Transport for London” (TfL) and presented in late 2015. Soon five such double-deckers will be carrying passengers along Route…

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All 8 Of BYD's 8 Vehicles On Display At Shanghai Auto Show Are Plug-In Electric Cars

Plug-Ins Already Provide Half Of BYD Vehicle Sales Profit

Over the past several years BYD has switched from a fast growing conventional carmaker, to more and more of a fast growing plug-in vehicle maker. According to, alternative energy vehicles profits now represents half of all BYD’s cumulative profits from vehicle sales. In 2014, it was around 27%. To be fair,…

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