BYD e6

Uber & BYD To Test Electric Taxis

According to Reuters, Uber signed a deal with BYD to test the electric e6 as taxis in the US. “The electric car is part of Uber’s program to help drivers buy or lease new or used cars.” As it turns out, 25 BYD cars are being tested in Chicago through…

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BYD Tang

BYD Stock Up Due To Rising Electric Car Expectations

There were a lot of comments put on the BYD stock situation after a big price dropa  few weeks ago. In the meantime, BYD is selling its BYD Electronic Components to get $370 million for further developments of plug-in cars (New Energy Vehicles (NEV). Price of shares recovered partially and…

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BYD's Articulated Electric Bus in Los Angeles

BYD’s Articulated Electric Bus in Los Angeles – Video

BYD recently presented its 60-foot articulated electric bus in Los Angeles, where soon the first five units of the shorter 40-foot buses will enter service. It’s expected that in near future, Los Angeles will buy up to 25 BYD buses, while Stanford University already purchased 13. The new 60-foot bus…

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BYD Tang

BYD Tang Sales Expected To Outpace Qin

The plug-in electric BYD Qin was an immediate sales success when it launched last year in China. Sales started out low, but rather quickly sales established at a level well over 1,000 units per month and even hit and held steady at 1,700 units per month late last year. According…

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BYD Tang

BYD Tang PHEV SUV Now Available To Order

BYD announced that its Dual Mode Electric SUV, the Tang, is available for pre-orders in China. The anticipated price before any EV incentives stands at 300,000 RMB (or over $48,350). BYD expects that the Tang will sell even better than Qin, which surely would strengthen BYD’s position in plug-in segment….

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