Proterra E2 Catalyst Bus With 660 kWh (no misprint) Battery - Enabling 350+ Miles Of Real World Range

Proterra Gets New COO (from Tesla), Announces Tripling Of Production

Proterra announced a strengthening of its management team by adding Josh Ensign as chief operating officer COO. Josh Ensign is Tesla Motors former Vice President of Manufacturing.  Josh was responsible for all manufacturing activities at Tesla’s Fremont, California production site (including Model S, dual-motor Model S and Model X production lines). Josh Ensign …

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EV bus with Toshiba SCiB batteries

Toshiba To Test Wireless Charging Electric Bus

Toshiba began field tests of its new wireless charging system, designed in collaboration with Professor Yushi Kamiya at Waseda University, in a prototype electric bus (video on bus below), that is also equipped with Toshiba’s SCiB lithium-ion batteries. The Japanese company is using the bus for high-speed journies on expressways…

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Proterra’s Pledge to Grant Royalty-Free Access to Patents Related to Its Single-Blade Charging Technology

Proterra Opens Electric Bus Fast Charging Technology

Proterra announced it would be opening its single-blade overhead fast-charging technology on royalty-free basis, which seems like a nice gesture to its peers in the industry. The technology was covered in three patents, which have now become available to any company…or individuals if you fancy yourself in need of a rechargeable…

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Volkswagen Kombi

Tesla’s “High Passenger-Density Urban Transport” Bus Inspired By California Custom VW Kombi

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s “high passenger-density urban transport” bus (?) has been inspired, design wise, by the California Custom Volkswagen Kombi. Word of the “high passenger-density urban transport” bus (?) was first released last night as part of Tesla’s Master Plan Part Deux. Journalist Dana Hull, a reporter focused mainly on…

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