Tesla Model X

Musk Says 12-Passenger Tesla Model X A Possibility

Why make a Tesla Minibus when a 12-passenger Tesla Model X will work just fine? Perhaps the most unexpected announcement from Tesla’s Q1 earnings/conference call was that a 12-seat Tesla Model X could come at some point in the future. Yes, a 12-seater. It was approximately one year ago (as…

3 months ago by Eric Loveday 11

Year-Long Electric Bus Test Reveals A CO2 Reduction Of 60%

Toshiba has wrapped up a 12-month test of electric buses equipped with its SCiB batteries, and 44 kW wireless charging system. And as it turns out, medium-size EV buses have potential of reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 60%. The shorter, small-bus was rated at an 40% improvement. The tests were carried…

4 months ago by Mark Kane 24

BYD Begins Expansion Of Electric Bus Factory In California

After a slow start in 2013, BYD’s activity in the U.S. has progressively expanded step-by-step in the electric bus and commercial truck segments. The Chinese subsidiary has already reached the level of hundreds of commercial units built in the US – about 300 buses and 150 trucks, according to a  recent Trucks…

5 months ago by Mark Kane 10