BMW i3 Will Shock You

BMW i3 Will Shock You – Video

Not literally. “The BMW i3 will “SHOCK” you with how good it is for a city commuter.” Writes the BMW i3 reviewer seen in this video. The reviewer continues: “Maybe I was too quick to judge but this car is pretty impressive for what it is.  Its roomy and the…

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Next BMW i Model Rumored To Launch In 2016

BMW holds trademarks for i1 through i9, so we’re sure more BMW i models are on the way (or at least planned), but how soon will the next BMW i arrive? In 2016, according to Automobil Produktion (via Google Translate): “The time seems ripe to take the next step.  AUTOMOTIVE…

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BMW i8

Winding Road BMW i8 Test Drive Review – Video

For those unfamiliar with Winding Road, it’s “a free weekly magazine for the car obsessed.” Additionally, the New York Times calls the Winding Road’s digital magazine a “web necessity.” The magazine has been published continuously online since January 2005, beginning life as the brainchild of NextScreen CEO Thomas B. Martin….

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BMW i3

BMW i3 Repair Process In Detail

The BMW i3 is truly a revolutionary new car. Revolutionary, however, is not exactly what the repair shop wants to hear when it comes to fixing a totally new car. Never before has any manufacturer made such extensive use of carbon fiber in a mass produced car. One of the…

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