I Am i8

BMW i8 Video “I Am The Possible”

You are what you ate. Or, in the case of the BMW i8, I am i8. Okay, maybe that tagline doesn’t work well for the BMW i8, but the followings surely does: “I am the possible.” BMW’s latest i8 commercial is rather boastful, with the ultimate message being that BMW…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Instrumented Tests

The folks over at Autobild take the new BMW i8 for a ride and gives us some key performance figures. Before we jump into the results, here are some key technical specs of BMW’s first hybrid sportscar. BMW i8 uses a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW…

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BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx Goes Mountain Climbing

A few weeks ago Don Parsons of Denver, Colorado took his i3 REx on a 128 mile road trip from his house to Loveland Pass (Continental Divide, Colorado). On his way up to the 11,990 ft elevation of Loveland Pass he stopped at Beau Jo’s Pizza for lunch and to…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Review From UK

Autocar has now extensively driven the BMW i8.  The verdict?  Well, like nearly every BMW i8 review we’ve come across so far, Autocar is mostly in love with the i8: “The BMW i8, a car that has more depth and range to its dynamic abilities than almost any other car…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 From Production To Delivery – Video

Now that deliveries of the BMW i8 are taking place in several countries around the globe (including in the U.S.), BMW is proud to present a quick video on the i8 from start of producit0on to delivery of the finished plug-in hybrid. “The BMW i8 from production to delivery.” It’s…

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Nissan LEAF Versus BMW i3

BMW i3 Versus Nissan LEAF

The debate of choosing between the BMW i3 and the Nissan LEAF is alive and well. First, there are many similarities and differences between the two vehicles as pointed out by GazetteLive in the UK. Both the i3 and the LEAF have about the same charging times of 7-8 hours (Euro wall…

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