Next Gen BMW 7 Series

Upcoming BMW 7-Series Borrows BMW i3, i8 Tech

Eventually, the all-new BMW 7 Series will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain, but for now the only announced powertrains are ICE-only. However, the next-generation 7 Series gets something else adopted straight from BMW’s electric car parts bin: carbon fiber. The extensive use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the structure of…

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BMW i3 Heat Map via Scott Lawrence Lawson‎

BMW i3 Heat Map U.S.

Courtesy of Scott Lawrence Lawson‎, a BMW i3 owner and creator of the i3 Owners Map, we present this heat map image with the following description from Lawson: “I have been playing with heatmaps for the i3 Owners Map data and have this image of the 650+ owners listed in…

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Is The BMW i3 The New Isetta?

Over sixty years ago, BMW bought a then rights to produce a tiny little Italian car called the Isetta. It was a massive hit in Europe, selling over 160,000 units. It brought BMW back from the brink of bankruptcy. The Isetta was a cheeky, fun little car that, despite its 70…

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BMW i3 Interior

BMW i3 Wins Ward’s 10 Best Interior Award

Only one plug-in vehicle was selected by Ward’s Auto for its “10 Best Interior Award” and that vehicle is the BMW i3. Here’s why Ward’s deems the i3 worthy of this award: The i3 electric vehicle comes across as the type of interior seen in concepts at auto shows, often…

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BMW i8 From Turner Motorsports

BMW i8 Project From Turner Motorsports

Turner Motorsport kicks off its BMW i8 project with a series of visual and body upgrades that aim to create a unique car on the road. First, the car gets a yellow vinyl wrap paired with striking blue accents and a set of blue wheels. The Forgeline AR1 Forged Wheels…

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BMW i8

Sales Of High-End Electric Cars Are Booming

A recent Cheat Sheet article suggests that “some automakers struggle to sell electric vehicles priced near $20,000 after incentives,” but concludes that “the high end of the segment is booming.” The article cites Tesla’s recently announced Q1 sales of 10,030 units and BMW’s announcement of doubling i8 production to support…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Review After 3 Months Behind The Wheel

BMW i8, 3 Months on the Road, An Owner’s Perspective. What this is not: A journalist review, half a day in a car and then an impartial but “I need to make this interesting” review about the car and it’s relation to a competitive set of cars. What this is:…

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2015 Top Ten Tech Cars

IEEE Spectrum Lists 2015’s Top 10 Tech Cars

IEEE Spectrum’s 2015 Top Ten Tech Cars list includes several plug-in electric cars. Here’s a graphic showing the cars that made the Top Ten list: We should note that while only two of the cars (BMW i8 and Formula E racer) on the list are available exclusively as plug ins,…

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