NYC Progressive Motorcycle Show: No-Show for Electric

We got a call from our friend Ben Rich of Green Car Reports over the weekend from the Progressive Motorcycle show in New York, reporting that the only electric bike there was the Harley LiveWire.  Be sure to read his story here: NY Motorcycle Show: Sole Electric Is Harley-Davidson Livewire….

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2015 Zero DS

DealerNews Talks to Zero CEO Richard Walker (w/video)

Zero CEO Richard Walker sits down with DealerNews’ Beth Dolgner for a little chat, wherein he discusses the motorcycle industry, “… it gets down to execution. You’ve got to make sure that your motorcycles are in the right places at the right times when the season opens up, and you’ve…

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We wish we could say no Christmas trees were harmed in the filming of this.  Really we do.

Born To Be Mild: David Letterman On A Razor MX650 (video)

David Letterman rips it up (kind of literally) on the Razor MX650 on Late Night: Specs?  Yeah, we got ‘em: Specifications Max: 220lbs Age: 16+ Product Weight: 98 lbs Assembled Product Dimensions: 56″ x 24.5″ x 36″ 36V (three 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system Battery charger included Product…

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The ET Scooter

More Silly Scooters: ET Scooter

Via the Dealer News site, we have another candidate for Silly Scooter of the Year: the ET Scooter, which you can see at the Dealer Expo in Chicago.  Continuing our bemused befuddlment with this market segment, and our incorrigible curmudgeonly ways, we didn’t get too much past the 11ah batteries giving…

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The S.P.A. Bicicletto

The SPA Bicicletto: Elegant Italian eBike Design

There are times when we see a design and we’re simply speechless. This is one of those times. Through a tip from one of our readers, and a lengthy and wonderfully detailed story from our friends at, we found the story of the company SPA, (or Nuova Societá Piemontese…

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Voltron EVO passing

Voltron EVO Takes eFXC – Video

We just caught up with the racing down-under, (or, as some know it, the “Racing in OZ scene”) and saw this video of rider Danny Pottage taking the field for the eFXC win.  This comment by Mike O’Hanlon (the Voltron EVO’s main sponsor): My mate Danny Pottage is the best…

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The original KillaCycle team. From left to right: Steve Ciciora, BMS Design, Electronics Derek Barger, Electronics, CNC fabrication

KillaCycle Makes Its Last Run (w/video)

At the Evolocity event in Christ Church, NZ, the legendary electric drag bike KillaCycle made it’s last run on November 30, 2014. The report from the team’s Facebook page was that the bike “let out its magic smoke” – a tongue-in-cheek reference familiar to anyone tampering with electronics meaning some…

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Oset at

Oset, KTM Freeride on Motors TV

Via the Oset Facebook page we notice both Oset and KTM got a little electric-motorcycle-love airtime on Motors TV the other day. Skip to 3:15 to hear Simon from Oset and see some of the new MX bike tooling around the booth, and go to 5:00 to see the KTM…

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