Lanbei’s 4.7 Meter, 11-Passenger Scooter

Wait…  wuuuut? Yes, this image, circulating the internet, is a photo of what we presume to be a publicity stunt by Chinese scooter manufacturer, Lanbei.  They’ve been around for a while, and we’re trying to get a bit more information about this beast.  Such as, the turning radius?  They did…

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Alta (BRD) Reveals Details On Redshift Bikes

In an unusually detailed and non-press-releasey press release, Alta gave some very interesting details about its company, its bikes, and the tech we’re going to see in them. We’re going to start by cherry-picking the release (out of the Florida show this week) with what caught our eye, but you…

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BRD changes name to Alta

BRD Changes Name, Becomes Alta Motors

On Friday, BRD announced it’s changing its name to Alta Motors.  Here’s where BRD kind of explain its name-changing decision: BRD was never a great external name. It had important internal meaning to us but for a lot of reasons, we always communicated it to the outside world as either…

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Chris Jones, Mike Hanlon and rider Danny Pottage at Queensland Raceway

Voltron EVO: When Too Much Is Not Enough (w/video)

Where to start?  There’s so much to this story – the EV motorcycle community in Australia, electric motorcycle racing, the (quite insane) build, the (even more insane) story behind the build, the (you’re getting the idea – pure insanity) performance of this bike? OK, how about some introductions.  This bike…

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EM 5.7

Meet the Electric Motion EM 5.7 (w/video)

Trial motorcycles are probably the most suitable application for electric drive and this is what Electric Motion thought when introducing the EM 5.7 on the market last year. The motorcycle itself was shown in prototype form in 2011. It’s proudly made in France and available in several countries in Europe…

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Moto Electra Takes Its Place in History (w/video)

While some seem to attract the media spotlight, others quietly go about their business thrashing records and breaking down barriers.  Team Moto Electra falls into the latter category, and often, through their years of effort, it seemed that history would pass them by.  As they took their place as the…

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2012 Zero S

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Burns Rubber – Video

Can an electric motorcycle do burnout? Well, yes. And it’s fairly easy even on stock machines like a 2012 Zero S seen in the video below. If you tires are worn this is free and not that disturbing of the neighbors due to the silence electric drive. However, there is…

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