The BMW eRR "Experimental Vehicle"

BMW Unveils S1000RR Electric Super Bike: “eRR”

The BMW Motorrad Group announced the “experimental vehicle eRR” electric supersport motorcycle the other day via press release (full text below), and sparked a frenzy of speculation in the EV community. Sparked.  Did you see what we did there?  And what’s with “eRR”?  Doesn’t “err” in German translate to, well, “err”?…

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Daymak Beast

Daymak Beast D – Video

This video wins on the grounds of General Badassery.  And “Beast”.  Don’t delay, watch it now. Besides the G-B aspect, knowing how we love the specs, the website has all the detailed specs right out there for everyone to see: Not satisfied?  You can download the owners manual here.  Who else does…

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DigiNow's Super Charger, installed in a Zero DS (photo via

Zero Motorcycles Gets a Supercharger

Via this post on Terry Hershner’s Facebook page, we got a hint of what may be some of the trinkets and toys we’ll see in a short time at the Zero 2016 launch – how does a 80% charge in under an hour sound?  Think Zero is packaging that with…

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2016 Stumpf "Honda" 160e

Electric Honda 160: The Stumpf 160e

We’re pretty much of the opinion that designers get to have all the fun. This time our buddy, James Stumpf, sent over the latest from his drawing board (can we still call it that?) paying tribute to the legendary Honda 160 in a not-so-subtle way.  If it’s not readily apparent…

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MotoElectra in the Atrium at the Barber Motorsports Museum

MotoElectra Featured at Barber Motorsports Museum

The fact that MotoElectra is a part of the permanent collection of the fairly legendary Barber Motorsports Museum is cool enough, but for their Vintage Days Festival, this weekend, where over 60,000 are expected to attend, to be moved to the main atrium?  Crazy EV awesomeness!  MotoElectra is no stranger…

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