Yamaha Files Patent For (Electric) Leaning Trike

File this under two categories: “I’ll Believe It When I See It“, and “Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should“. Autoblog, among others, reported that Yamaha filed a patent last week for a three-wheeled electric-powered leaning motorcycle.  Out of all the stories on this topic, the Autoblog post provides…

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Law Enforcement Embraces Electric Motorcycles

Picture this.  A long time ago in a quiet New England town, a parade was had, celebrating the 250th birthday of the sleepy burg.  For this celebration, the crack precision Harley-Electraglide-in-Blue-riding Boston Police Department Motorcycle team was enlisted and showed off exactly what close to a half-ton of Milwaukee steel…

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KTM Freeride E XC Launch

Since back in 2011, we’ve been lusting over the KTM Freeride E.  Just now we heard the launch is live. Probably the best account of this bike is found by Chris Denison on DirtRider, where you get a good description of the pre-production prototype (one of 500 available at the…

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The A4000i from Terra Motors

Terra Motors Begins Selling Electric Scooters In Iran

For the next five years, Terra Motors Corporation, “Japan’s leading innovator of electric two and three-wheelers,” will have it “A4000i” model scooter available for sale in Tehran and Iran accompanied by Jahanro Industrial Co. CEO of Terra Motors, Toru Tokushige stated: “Jahanro Industrial Co. started from just a small motorcycle shop….

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Brammo Empulse vs Tesla Model S (Spoiler Alert)

Brammo’s latest video comes from the ReFuel 2014 Laguna Seca run, where Brammo did some fun shootouts between the Empulse R (the production, non-race model with the 6-speed tranny) piloted by Eric Bostrom and a Tesla Model S, (with the awesome name “Teslarati“).  We all know how this is going…

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Energica Ego at Bear Mountain
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Energica Ego at Bear Mountain: Ride Review

One writer made the comment “veni, vidi, vici”, regarding the recent “Where’s My Ego?” US tour by Energica – “We came, we saw, we conquered.”  It’s not far off the mark.  We’ve been following the progress of the Energica Ego coming to market, including some very interesting pre-production ride reviews…

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The Juicer eMotorbicycle

Electric Avenue: The Juicer eMotorbicycles

In our travels around the world of electric propulsion, we sometimes stumble upon gems of genius, and this is one of those instances.  May we present: The Juicer. Juicer eMotorbicycles has two models: The Citizen, a 36V Stretch-Cruiser, is a heavily (and beautifully) Deco Era styled copper-and-chrome dresser with all…

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Exclusive: The Brammo Fire Sale – The Story Behind the Story

Last week, we reported that Brammo was offering a rare End-of-Summer Sale, and almost instantly the online community went ablaze with speculation about the whys and wherefores of this offer.  Naturally, the reactions ranged from excitement and interest, from those who had been window-shopping and hoarding their pennies, waiting for…

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