Mini Debuts Electric Citysurfer Scooter At 2014 LA Auto Show

With the somewhat blaring headline: “SPONTANEOUS RIDING FUN – VERSATILE AND EMISSIONS-FREE: THE MINI CITYSURFER CONCEPT” …the Mini folks have joined the folding two-wheeled scooter fray.  Forgive us if we’re somewhat unimpressed. Specs from the press release: With a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h (15 mph) and an…

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The Brutus V9 (with friends)

Brutus: The Electric Cruiser (w/video)

Not everyone in the electric motorcycle building business thinks that an electric drivetrain means a bike has to look like it came out of a science fiction movie like Tron or The Avengers.  Chris Bell, founder and head of Brutus Motorcycle, has a more traditional (and comfortable) vision.  Enter, the…

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Scoot Plus Electric Scooter

Hobby King Offers ScootPlus Electric Scooter

Hobby King, a well-known name in RC parts and supplies, has launched an interesting new product: the ScootPlus electric scooter.  Though it may seem to fly in the face of the well-established Razor brand, which you can find just about anywhere for a few hundred dollars, the ScootPlus touts some…

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Harlan Flagg of Hollywood Electrics Delivers the Zero DSP to Burbank Police Department

Zero Police Models Hit the Streets of Burbank

This just in – the electric police are spreading!  Kind of makes us a little sad that “Electraglide in Blue” has already been taken.  (Read more about Law Enforcement and electric bikes here, in our post from a few months ago.) The release from Zero: SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (November 18,…

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Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire

Translogic Drives Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire – Video

Jonathon Buckley from the Translogic series recently visited Harley-Davidson to check out the Project LiveWire. Project LiveWire is on a global tour in North America and later it’ll tour other markets. Up to date feedback is very positive. Project LiveWire’s Jen Hoyer remarked: “It’s a different type of riding experience….

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Leno trying to not leave the camera truck in the dust

Lightning Motorcycles on Jay Leno Garage (w/video)

Lightning has been getting a lot of ink lately, what with its big delivery to their first customer, and its red carpet appearance.  The other day, the bike got featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. Besides showing some amazing clips from the On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter film, we get…

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The Lightning LS-218

Lightning Delivers First LS-218 Motorcycle

This week, and at long last, Lightning Motorcycles delivered its first motorcycle to a “paying customer”.  Which begs the question, what does it take to be a “not-paying customer” and why weren’t we one? Lightning has long made the fairly controversial claim of being the fastest production motorcycle, gas or…

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Brammo US incentives extended

Brammo Extends Sale to End of Year

Via their facebook page, we learned Brammo is extending its sale through December to the end of the year, “…Based on the overwhelming success of the End of Summer promotion“ for it’s US customers.  Details are here: Brammo US Incentives.  Here’s a breakdown on the pricing: …it’s not escaping our…

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Energica EGO

EICMA: Energica EGO, EGO45 and EVA Details (w/video)

Via, we found an interesting video with Giampiero Testoni, Energica’s CTO, going into some unprecedented detail on the EGO and EGO45 models hitting the streets next year.  Don’t worry, we took notes: Design changes to allow better, more efficient, easier service of the bike Improvements in electronics, dash display…

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Mission One PLE at Bonnneville, ca. 2009

Thoughts On Mission R, RS (Op-Ed)

Here’s the thing.  We’ve gone to great lengths to follow the breadcrumbs over the several years Mission has been around, and things got interesting in the Mission story a few months back.  Read all about it here, with the first announcement, and here, with the followup retraction a few weeks…

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