Preston Petty

More Preston Petty on a Zero (photos)

…and this time you can actually see it’s a Zero. As you’ll remember, we did a post the other day showing a video of the legendary Preston Petty racing his new (and ever so slightly modified, ’cause Preston don’t ride anything stock) Zero for a win.  Via the awesome photographer,…

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Bosch eBike Performance Line - The Bosch eBike System "Performance Line" core components include the Drive Unit, the Intuvia on-board computer with remote control, and the PowerPack battery (from left to right). (Photo: Business Wire)

Bosch Opens North American eBike HQ In California

In a press release on Business Wire, Bosch announced the opening a North American eBike headquarters in Irvine CA. Here’s the release: IRVINE, Calif.–Following its entry into the U.S. eBike market in early 2014, Bosch has established a new headquarters office for Bosch eBike Systems ( in Southern California, expanding…

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Energica EGO in action, in a place that looks like Canada

Energica Signs Second Dealer in North America, First in Canada

Energica just announced its first Canadian dealership/distributor, W.C.Distributing at 200 Rutherford Ave., Heisler, Alberta. “Energica was born with a double approach…”, says Livia Cevolini, CEO, Energica, “… an Italian one, full of ‘Made in Italy’ that made us known worldwide, and an American one, with an open-minded vision that allows…

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Petty planning his pass

Preston Petty Rides a Zero (and Wins)

The story starts like this: If you’ve been flat trackin’ in southern California over the last two or three years, at Perris or Ventura for example, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve noticed an old man racing a Zero electric motorcycle. And you would notice because: a.) he’s 73 years…

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Empulse bikes waiting...

Brammo (Polaris) Status Update: Unclear

In spite of hammering away at the various points of access at both Brammo and Polaris, we don’t have much to report as official word.  Our last exchange was with Polaris, which was met with “…email questions, please” (which we did, with no answer even with a follow-up phone call),…

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Via Crunchbase, Brammo's history of funding

Brammo’s Funding History

We’ve been trying to piece together the history of Brammo’s electric motorcycle venture, in light of the recent acquisition of the electric motorcycle segment by Polaris.  Here’s what we’ve come up with. Startup and Venture Funding: Goal – $30m Funding – $12.5m (+10m) In September of 2010, Gigaom reported Brammo…

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Polaris, Silver

The Polaris/Brammo Empulse: Moving to Iowa Mid-2015

Can you say, Spirit Lake, Iowa? Couched deep in the press release we reported yesterday is the statement: “As part of this transaction, Polaris will utilize the assets acquired to begin manufacturing electric motorcycles in the second half of 2015 at its Spirit Lake, IA facility.” That facility is where…

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Brammo Empulse bikes ready to ship from the Talent OR. plant

Polaris Buys Out Electric Motorcycle Line From Brammo

Did we call it?  Why yes, we certainly did: Polaris Acquires Electric Motorcycle Business from Brammo That’s the headline and here’s the entire release, though it’s tantalizingly thin on details: Polaris Acquires Electric Motorcycle Business from Brammo Acquisition Includes Certain Assets, Technology, and Trademarks January 15, 2015 06:00 PM Eastern…

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