Victory Empulse TT

Victory Launches 2016 Empulse TT (w/video)

Victory launched the (mostly Brammo) Empulse TT last night, and didn’t shatter much earth in the announcement, though it’s being touted as a “… street legal electric race motorcycle.”.  In what’s essentially a very slightly altered Brammo Empulse, at more money, they beat Harley Davidson to the punch but in…

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The EV grin (under a helmet)

2015 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle – Video Review

In what sort of could be described as a loosely produced video, you can get an impression of what reviewer Parks McCants (AKA Hondaman 61) experienced on what’s apparently his first electric motorcycle ride.  On the site, we’re welcomed to the “Automotive World of Parks McCants:  Presenting a unique perspective…

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Cherry blossoms.  Because: Japan

ZecOO Electric Motorcycle – Images + Specs + Video

Continuing our line of thought about Zero drivetrains being used in custom bikes, here’s the ZecOO, a Japanese-built essentially custom motorcycle built around the Zero drivetrain, designed by Koza Netu.  With hub-center steering, it’s certainly a design dream, maybe an engineering nightmare…  at the very least, a solution for a…

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RIT EV Team's Varsity Challenge

RIT EV Team Wins eMotoRacing’s Varsity Challenge

On July 12th, the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Electric Vehicle Team won the Woodcraft Technologies eMotoRacing $1000 “Varsity Challenge” award for completing a 6-lap race on a bike of their own design and construction.  Based on a Kawasaki Ninja ZX636, the bike runs in the “eSuperSport” class of up to…

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Sinecycles' Zero Custom

SineCycles Builds Custom on Zero Drivetrain (w/video)

Like the performance of the Zero, but have some issues with the style of the bikes?  Swiss builder Bruno Forcella feels the same way – though, Forcella’s motivation may have been more about simply loving the choppers.  So much so, that he started up SineCycles, and put together a pretty unique…

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Mando Footloose

Mando Footloose IM e-Bike (w/video)

Here’s something interesting, in the folding/non-folding e-bike department.  This is the Mando Footloose, released in a (cheaper) non-folding model called the Footloose IM.  Why interesting? Basically because it’s powered with a fairly unique, chainless pedal drive: Series Hybrid System… This first-of-its-kind system powers the wheels with a built-in motor that does…

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Kevin Butler on the Alta ride

Alta Motors RedShift Videos

“I’ve never ridden a bike that point and shoots as good as this…”, and thus, Kevin Bulter, awesome pro everything-we-wanted-to-be-when-we-grew-up rider sucks us once again into the Alta Motors (ex-“BRD Redshift”) vortex of “…so where’s my BIKE?”. Autoblog feels the prospects are good for the ultimate release of this product,…

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Remy motor prOn

BorgWarner Acquires Remy International (w/video)

Remy International, the Pendleton, Indiana-based motor and component company has been acquired by auto drivetrain component giant BorgWarner as of the press release dated July 13, here. Here’s why this is huge news for EVs and hybrids.  This is what Remy does (our emphasis and edit): Our company is a…

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Ford e-bike (to go)

Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bicycle (w/video)

Continuing our coverage of car manufacturers dipping their toes into the personal mobility market, we bring you the Ford MoDe:Flex Electric Bicycle (via Engadget). Here’s how it breaks down: Here’s a snippet showing it in action: Is it just us, or does it seem kind of funny to see “Ford”…

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