Walking?  Or scooting?  Lopifit.

Lopifit Walking Bike (Scooter Thing with Video)

From the Department of Extremely Silly Scooters, we present: Lopifit.  Think treadmill on a scooter.  Wait.  What?  Walking bicycle?  Tread-scooter? This came to us by way of this video, which explains how this was all conceived – the idea of a scooter powered by a treadmill and an electric motor, so…

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Report From Down Under: The eFXC

Pikes Peak wasn’t the only racing going on this past week.  The eFXC, at the Sydney Motorsports Park was ripping it up with some world-class racing.  Check out the bikes: And here are the results: The Voltron Evo pretty much dominated, with Danny Pottage riding, and you can read more…

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