The Mission R

Vayon Acquires Mission Motor Company

Mission Motor Company, which several years ago appeared as a potential ‘Tesla Motors of motorcycles’, quickly found out that the commercialization of the Mission One was beyond reach. Plan B was to become supplier for the automotive industry, and more recently the company was also engaged with Mission Motorycycles – a…

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Ampere Vehicles electric scooter

Ampere Makes Cheap Electric Vehicles For Rural Buyers

Electric vehicles have different faces, and interesting stories around the world. In India, for example, Hemalatha Annamalai has been pursuing her vision of affordable EVs for rural buyers since around 2009 under Ampere Vehicles Private Limited. Hemalatha Annamalai is on a mission: “Wealth accumulation is not my aim. I want…

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One of many test drives in the SRK, smiles all around.

Arcimoto SRK EV Test Drive Review

A Driver’s Review, The “Absolutely Electric” Arcimoto SRK In 2009, I was fortunate enough to become a field trial driver of pre-production electric prototypes; first the BMW Mini-E followed the BMW ActiveE. I drove both for five years in an effort to understand where we were going as we transitioned…

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Yamaha PES2

Yamaha Electric Bikes At The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show – Videos

Today we will move back a little bit to the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, where Yamaha unveiled its concept electric motorcycles – PES2 for the street, PED2 for off-road and bicycle YPJ-MTB Concept. The Japanese company isn’t yet publically offering any plug-in motorcycles, but the tipping point is approaching…we hope….

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Zero FX Rides The Rubicon

Zero FX Rides Rubicon Trail – Video

The Rubicon Trail is no match for the electric Zero FX. According to Zero, these are most likely the first electric vehicles to ever complete the rugged Rubicon! Video description: “Five riders from the Zero Motorcycles R&D crew tackled the famous Rubicon Trail in October. All five completed the rugged…

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SAIETTA Announces NGS Electric Motorcycle

Saietta, who several years ago – then as Agility Global – introduced the extraordinarily sweet looking Saietta R electric motorcycles, merged with Agni Motors and has now announced a new project. The NGS stands for Next Generation Saietta – an all new electric motorcycle, scheduled for 2017. The concept this time…

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Energica EGO Carbon

Energica Ego 45 – First Drive Video Review

Here is an interesting first test drive review of Energica Ego 45, which for Energica Ego is equivalent to a limited Signature edition in ‘Tesla terminology’. The bike looks stunning, and really could be considered the Tesla of motorcycles. The running sound is very appealing (as you can hear sounds normally…

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