E-Bike Infographic

Infographic: “Why Do People Use E-Bikes?”

Here’s an interesting infographic on why people use e-bikes we thought we’d share. The biggest hurdle for e-bike manufacturers to overcome at the moment is price. Most e-bikes are on the expensive side, which makes the market for buyers rather small, but over time this will certainly change as economies…

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Zero's Early Adopter Upgrade

Zero Motorcycles Offers “Early Adopter Upgrade”

In an interestingly unheralded move, Zero has offered a package to reward its early adopters, (or get older, troublesome models off the street, depending on how you want to look at it). This is a trade-in allowance for 2010, ’11 and ’12 bikes (as listed) towards available 2014 models.  We’ve…

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Gogoro scooter

Gogoro Ships First Electric Scooters

Remember Gogoro, that electric scooter that has modular interchangeable battery packs and links to your smart phone?  Of course you do – see our specs and info. Well, according to a story on Fortune, they’re shipping.  Not just shipping one or two, but “400 pre-ordered scooters to customers in Taipei”. …

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The 2015 Heisenberg XF1 e-bike

HNF eBike Makes Use Of BMW i Swing Arm

OK, get your geek-goggles (nerd noodles?) on, and take a look at this.  This is a floating swingarm design that allows the pedals, mid-drive and belt to all live in harmony and peaceful co-existence with each other, yet remain a moving swingarm suspension unit.  From the BMW press release: The…

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Translogic interviews Livia Cevolini

Translogic: Energica Ego Review

What with Energica bringing their bike to market in a few short months, and that just isn’t going to come quick enough, the Translogic (Autoblog) guys have put together this ride video and split screen interview of Livia Cevolini and Giampi Testoni for your viewing pleasure (also thus demonstrating the…

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Tesla Model M Rendering

Tesla Model M Electric Motorcycle Rendered

It’s just a rendering and there’s no indication from Tesla that the automaker has any interest at all in doing an electric motorcycle, so consider this to be just one man’s vision of what a Tesla Model M electric motorcycle could look like. Rendering by Jans Slapins via Behance According…

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