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Solid State Battery: “The Major Discoveries are Done”

Claims of battery breakthroughs are a dime a dozen. Normally such claims contain caveats such as “almost”, “soon”, “5-10 years” or they have undisclosed “challenges” to “overcome”. Editor’s Note: This articles comes to InsideEVs by way of community member Joseph Bonham, who is also the automotive contributor at  Our…

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Storage System Using 16 Old Nissan LEAF Batteries

Lithium-Ion Now The Dominant Chemistry In Grid Energy Storage

The market of grid energy storage systems is expanding rapidly and is now transforming from molten salt batteries (typically sodium-sulfur NaS) to lithium-ion batteries. According to Lux Research, as of January 2015, there was 1,100 MW and 2,523 MWh of grid storage installed over 605 projects worldwide. Most of them…

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specific energies (based on discharge 1) of sodium ion materials achieved in sodium ion cells

Faradion Developing Sodium-Ion (Na-Ion) Batteries

Faradion is one of the new British start-ups that’s developing novelty batteries. In the case of Faradion, the focus is on sodium-ion (Na-ion). The company recently received almost £2 million from investors: “Start-up British battery developer Faradion is now able to push forward with its development programme following the decision of…

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Sir James Dyson

Dyson Invests $15 Million In Sakti3

Vacuum cleaner inventor and billionaire Sir James Dyson invested $15 million in battery start-up Sakti3, a company that’s developing solid-state batteries with much higher energy density than batteries currently available today. Sakti3 is not only an investment opportunity, but maybe a source of new batteries for cordless devices produced by…

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BYD Tang

BYD Races To Triple Battery Production

According to an Automotive News article, BYD is on track to establish 34 GWh of annual battery production capacity before 2020. This, of course, reminds us of the 35 GWh Gigafactory planned by Tesla, which is one of the points made in the article. BYD closed the year 2014 with…

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Battery Cells

Battery Technology – The Future Of Electric Cars

Want to know the future of electric cars? First you have to understand where battery technology is going, and more importantly—when. You think, if Tesla is selling fast, long-range EVs today, and Chevy has announced its “200-mile” Bolt, why can’t BMW build its own new 200-mile i-model before 2020? Why,…

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This schematic depicts a process for converting waste packing peanuts into high-performance carbon electrodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that outperform conventional graphite electrodes, representing an environmentally friendly approach to reuse the waste. (Purdue University image/Vinodkumar Etacheri)

New Process Converts Packing Peanuts Into Battery Component

Purdue University researchers found a new second use of waste packing peanuts besides the ultimate fun box for cats. Postdoctoral research associate Vinodkumar Etacheri said: “We were getting a lot of packing peanuts while setting up our new lab. Professor Vilas Pol suggested a pathway to do something useful with…

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