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Tesla Energy Powerwall

Does Tesla’s Powerwall Make Financial Sense?

We’ll get to the math below soon, but allow me a couple of rambling paragraphs as prelude. Did it make sense in 1983 to pay $10,000 in today’s dollar (adjusted for inflation) for the first commercially available cell phone, the DynaTAC 8000, that had a talk time of 30 minutes,…

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Evonik Litarion GmbH

Electrovaya Acquires Evonik Litarion GmbH And Licensing IP From Evonik

Canadian battery manufacturer Electrovaya announced acquisition of Evonik Litarion GmbH together with licensing SEPARION intellectual property “a unique ceramic composite separator” from Evonik. Electrovaya revealed a desire to take over lithium-ion electrodes and ceramic composite separators manufacturing facility “at a fraction of the tangible asset value“ half-year ago. Now, Electrovaya…

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musk tweet battery

Elon Musk Responds To Alleged “Battery Breakthroughs”

Likely in response to this article “Ultra-fast charging aluminum battery offers safe alternative to conventional batteries” posted at PhysOrg, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk posted this on his Twitter account: The “breakthrough” battery discussed in the PhysOrg article is of the aluminum-ion variety.  Problem is the article does not list…

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Volkswagen Invest 410 Into U.S.' Electric Car Charging Infrastructure

By This July, Volkswagen Will Know If Breakthrough Battery Tech At QuantumScape Is Ready For Primetime

By this July, Volkswagen intends to make an important decision regarding its future battery technology. VW, a 5% stakeholder in QuantumScape, says that it’ll evaluate the battery maker’s progress before determining how to proceed.  Quoting Bloomberg: The technology’s potential to boost the range of battery-powered vehicles is compelling and tests…

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FEV North America

Details On FEV’s Liquid-Cooled, High-Performance PHEV Battery

FEV North America announced at the 2015 SAE World Congress (Detroit, Michigan) a novel liquid-cooled, high performance battery intended for PHEV applications. As we understand the press release (sadly without any graphics) FEV’s cooling concept is to use liquid-cooled modules, so no coolant passes between the cells. The demonstration battery pack…

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LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells

LG Chem Becomes World’s Biggest Battery Supplier

Buried in a press release announcing that LG Chem will be the battery supplier for the next-generation Smart Fortwo electric car is this statement: “According to ‘Most Valuable Automobile Brands 2014’ released by Brand Finance, a brand valuation and strategy consultancy, the top 20 brands are Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Renault,…

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solid state battery header

Solid State Battery: “The Major Discoveries are Done”

Claims of battery breakthroughs are a dime a dozen. Normally such claims contain caveats such as “almost”, “soon”, “5-10 years” or they have undisclosed “challenges” to “overcome”. Editor’s Note: This articles comes to InsideEVs by way of community member Joseph Bonham, who is also the automotive contributor at  Our…

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