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Panasonic 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries

LG Chem To Overtake Panasonic?

According to Lux Research, Panasonic is so far the sole market leader for lithium-ion batteries for EVs with market share of 39%. Panasonic (which a few years ago acquired Sanyo) has several deals with manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles, but the ultimate customer is Tesla Motors. 50,000 Model S…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Volkswagen Selects LG Electronics As Battery Partner Under FAST Initiative

Volkswagen Group announced the first 44 suppliers nominated under the new FAST “Future Automotive Supply Tracks” initiative, which includes strategic partners for future projects. “These suppliers were chosen for their outstanding performance in their respective field of competence based on a systematic selection process. Volkswagen Group Procurement is responding to the…

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Self-Extinguishing Lithium Ion Batteries

Self Extinguishing Lithium-Ion Batteries?

Maybe firefighters will have more free time if self-extinguishing batteries will prevent fires in electric cars? A team from the Advanced Batteries Research Center of the Korea Electronics Technology Institute is developing a concept of use of heat absorbing microcapsules within lithium-ion battery cells . Thermal runaway and high temperatures…

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BioSolar Targets 459 Wh/kg, $54/kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

BioSolar Targets 459 Wh/kg, $54/kWh Lithium-Ion Battery

BioSolar is new company on the radar that announced development of breakthrough technology to double the storage capacity, lower the cost and extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. They set a clear target of a shocking 459 Wh/kg at $54/kWh and announced extension by 12 months (to June 2016) sponsored…

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fully charged

Fully Charged – Battery Special

It’s an all-battery episode of Fully Charged! It’s a battery special. This episode looks at the stories we’ve been told about batteries and the reality that is emerging. Will we ‘throw them away’ after 3 years as predicted by someone, 3 years ago. Robert Llewellyn examines several of the myths…

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Today, LIB Cell Manufacturing Is Heavily Concentrated in Asia

Tesla Gigafactory To Eclipse Other Lithium-Ion Battery Factories

Tesla Gigafactory’s 35 GWh of lithium-ion cell manufacturing capacity is a value so high that it’s hard to fathom. Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) recently presented a commissioned and under construction/announced lithium-ion capacity map. The size of the bubbles correspond to the factory capacity. While today the overwhelming majority…

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