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Toshiba Delivers Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems
to Remote Islands to Ensure Stable Power Supply

Toshiba Expanding Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems

Toshiba Corporation has announced that it has delivered two battery energy storage systems to Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. in Japan. Both units are for a demonstration project to make renewable energy more practical. “The systems have been installed in substations on Tanegashima Island and Amamioshima Island, in Kagoshima prefecture, and will…

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Video: SciShow – Get Charged Up For The Tesla Gigafactory

On this episode of the popular SciShow “Hank shares the latest ambitious project from SpaceX and Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk: The Gigafactory.” Of course, the discussion centers on Tesla’s Gigafactroy, but there some other highlights included too, such as Tesla’s lithium-air battery patent and some general Tesla/Elon Musk remarks as…

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Daimler Ready to Exit Li-Tec Battery Joint Venture?

Daimler AG is supposedly in the process of cutting losses from its Li-Tec battery joint venture with Evonik Industries. It’s believed that Daimler will eventually part ways with Evonik in regards to this Li-Tec JV. Evonik supervisory board member, Michael Vassiliadis, told Bloomberg: “Evonik is unsettled because Daimler’s not sure…

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