Battery Tech

Intelligent cell of the Fraunhofer IPA: A microcontroller records physical parameters such as temperature and state of charge. If a cell is empty, it switches itself off automatically.

Intelligent Battery Cells Communicate With Each Other

Fraunhofer is working on lithium-ion batteries with brains, as intelligent cells bring advantages to large electric car packs. The idea is to add a microcontroller to every single cell (inside the cell) to monitor the temperature, state of charge and others things. The goal is to develop a smaller version…

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Completed Tesla Gigafactory Rendering

Tesla Gigafactory On Schedule, But…

Reno Gazette-Journal, which once had a clash with Tesla guards at the Gigafactory complex, released an interesting article on progress at the site. The good news it that the Gigafactory is on schedule. Production of Tesla Poweralls has already began, and Tesla meets the legal requirements of the tax incentive package….

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ORNL Exclusively Licenses Lithium Sulfur Battery Technology To Solid Power

The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory announced an exclusive agreement licensing of lithium-sulfur materials for next-generation batteries to Solid Power Inc. of Louisville, Colorado. Promising lithium-sulfur technology in theory could lead to a commercial product from Solid Power, with much higher energy density than current lithium-ion batteries. For now,…

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And here's Sony's logo.

Sony Announces Targets For Its High-Capacity Lithium Sulfur Battery

According to Japanese reports, Sony set a target to commercialize higher energy dense lithium-sulfur batteries by 2020 to replace current lithium-ion batteries. Two types are on the table: lithium-sulfur (Li-S) and magnesium-sulfur (Mg-S). Roughly 40% energy density per volume improvement from 700Wh/L to 1,000Wh/L was mentioned. At first, the new…

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Formula E battery

Williams Advanced Engineering Wins Award For Formula E Battery

Williams Advanced Engineering can now boasts about receiving the “Most Innovative New Motorsport Product” award for its efforts in Formula E. We don’t doubt the quality of the Williams’ batteries, though it would be hard to award anyone else with such an achievement, as there is no competition in Formula E battery…

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Huawei Unveils Batteries Capable Of Ultra Fast Charging

Huawei Unveils Batteries Capable Of Ultra Fast Charging

Huawei’s Watt Lab unveiled at the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan some new quick charging lithium-ion batteries. The Chinese company said that quick charge can be done in minutes – about 10 times faster than current batteries, although in the demonstration videos you can spot that a much larger charger is…

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Audi lithium-ion battery

Details On Audi’s Battery Technology

Audi recently presented its lithium-ion battery approach for plug-in electric cars. The German manufacturer works on batteries at the competence center for high-voltage battery technology in Gaimersheim, Germany. According to Audi, their expertise spans beyond cell development, and includes pack management, arranging cells into modules, etc. Audi, together with Volkswagen…

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