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Tesla More Than Doubles Lithium-Ion Battery Life

BETTER BATTERIES: TESLA IMPROVES LITHIUM-ION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY Tesla is not standing still when it comes to improving lithium-ion technology and reducing battery costs. It was recently reported that Tesla’s battery partner, Panasonic, announced that, “We think the existing technology can still extend the energy density of Li-ion batteries by 20%…

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New Tesla Patent Lists Method For Charging Lithium-Air Battery

Tesla has filed an updated patent related to metal-air batteries. According to the filing, the focus is on “A method for charging a metal-air battery pack at the maximum possible rate while maintaining an ambient oxygen concentration below a preset concentration is provided, thereby minimizing the risks associated with generating…

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Panasonic Opens Electric Car Battery Factory In China

Panasonic has opened a new automotive lithium-ion battery factory in Dalian, China, specifically geared for eco-friendly vehicle applications, which includes plug-ins (New Energy Vehicles – all-electric and plug-in hybrid), as well as some production of cells for traditional hybrids. It’s Panasonic’s first automotive li-ion factory in China (they do have…

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