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Hyperdrive battery (Nissan lithium-ion modules)

Hyperdrive Innovation To Offer Nissan (LEAF) Batteries For Various Applications

Six years after the LEAF’s introduction, and also launching own its own lithium-ion battery production (together with NEC), Nissan has now become a battery supplier itself. British Hyperdrive Innovation has announced the launch of battery products using Nissan’s lithium-ion cells via the automakers’s Sunderland plant in the UK. Hyperdrive’s plan is to offer batteries…

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Recycling, rather than reuse, is likely to be the more attractive option for up to 65 GWh of second-life batteries poised to enter the market in 2035 with the retirement of the first generation of plug-in vehicles, according to Lux Research

Lux Research: Recycling, not Reuse, Is the Better Choice for Batteries from Retired EVs

Lux Research, after investigating second-life EV batteries, states that recycling cells from today’s first generation batteries is a better choice than actually reusing them in energy storage systems. The surprising thesis undermines an appealing idea, because the economics of reusing don’t make sense says Lux Research’s report – Reuse or Recycle: The Billion-Dollar…

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Battery Breakthrough Race Is On!

“CHAAAARRRGE!” The Germans are maintaining their slight lead over the (other) Europeans — ah, but hear them footsteps? Toyota is just around the corner and gaining fast. Meanwhile, Tesla has long left the building. With just about every automaker announcing an EV offensive, the race is on to find a…

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New look, more miles for the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi

Research Reveals Regional And Drive-Cycle Impact On PHEV Battery Degradation

A research team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has pubished an interesting article concerning battery degradation in PHEVs – “Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle LiFePO4 battery life implications of thermal management, driving conditions, and regional climate.” According to the highlights, there are durability disproportions between various scenarios that are fairly large. For…

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