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Bosch has first samples of solid-state cells

Bosch Highlights Range-Doubling Solid-State Cells

A few weeks after its acquisition of Seeo, Bosch was presenting samples of its solid-state cells at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Bosch believes that solid-state lithium-ion cells will enable doubling of energy density (no numbers were released), and expect that by 2020, costs will drop by half. “A comparable electric car…

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Electrovaya Receives €18.5 Million Order

Electrovaya announced that its new, wholly-owned German subsidiary Litarion received a €18.5 million (nearly $21 million) order for lithium-ion battery products from an undisclosed German company in the non-automotive space. For Electrovaya, those are relatively high values and €2.8 million (over $3.1 million) of the order will be delivered this year….

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Lux Innovation Grid of interviewed solid-state battery developers

Lux Research: Buying Spree Of Battery Startups Expected

Investments in battery start-ups are (like in the case of most start-ups) risky. The recent acquisition of Seeo by Bosch convinced Lux Research to post a blog article. Seeo is developing solid-state batteries with high energy density and Bosch believes that Seeo’s IP and research staff will succeed in producing…

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Bosch To Acquire Battery Startup Seeo

Bosch is in the acquisition process of Seeo (Berkeley Lab solid-state Li-ion battery spinoff). Financial terms remain secret. The company gained popularity after an investment from Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation in 2014 and is announcing a goal of 400 Wh/kg energy density on the cell level. “The deal is one…

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Panasonic 18650 High Capacity Lithium Batteries

LG Chem To Overtake Panasonic?

According to Lux Research, Panasonic is so far the sole market leader for lithium-ion batteries for EVs with market share of 39%. Panasonic (which a few years ago acquired Sanyo) has several deals with manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles, but the ultimate customer is Tesla Motors. 50,000 Model S…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Volkswagen Selects LG Electronics As Battery Partner Under FAST Initiative

Volkswagen Group announced the first 44 suppliers nominated under the new FAST “Future Automotive Supply Tracks” initiative, which includes strategic partners for future projects. “These suppliers were chosen for their outstanding performance in their respective field of competence based on a systematic selection process. Volkswagen Group Procurement is responding to the…

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