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Battery Technology – The Future Of Electric Cars

Want to know the future of electric cars? First you have to understand where battery technology is going, and more importantly—when. You think, if Tesla is selling fast, long-range EVs today, and Chevy has announced its “200-mile” Bolt, why can’t BMW build its own new 200-mile i-model before 2020? Why,…

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This schematic depicts a process for converting waste packing peanuts into high-performance carbon electrodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that outperform conventional graphite electrodes, representing an environmentally friendly approach to reuse the waste. (Purdue University image/Vinodkumar Etacheri)

New Process Converts Packing Peanuts Into Battery Component

Purdue University researchers found a new second use of waste packing peanuts besides the ultimate fun box for cats. Postdoctoral research associate Vinodkumar Etacheri said: “We were getting a lot of packing peanuts while setting up our new lab. Professor Vilas Pol suggested a pathway to do something useful with…

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Samsung SDI to acquire Magna International’s battery pack business

Samsung SDI To Acquire Magna’s Battery Division

Samsung SDI, lithium-ion battery manufacturer and supplier to BMW electric cars, announced the acquisition (pending regulatory approvals) of the entire battery pack business from Magna Steyr, an Austria-based operating unit of Magna International (including all 264 employees, production and development sites and existing contracts of the business). Financial terms of the…

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A123 Prismatic pack exploded view

A123 Files Suit For Apple Poaching Battery Talent

Via an article on Law360, there’s a report that A123 Systems, the originally Waltham, Massachusetts-based battery company, now in Livonia, Michigan and owned by the Wanxiang Group (China), has filed a claim that Apple poached some of its battery development people:  “alleging Apple hired away five employees who developed new…

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Google Doodle celebrating Alessandro Volta’s 270th Birthday

Alessandro Volta’s 270th Birthday on Google

February 18, 2015 was Alessandro Volta’s 270th birthday, and Google celebrated with this awesome animated “doodle” for the day.  Google keeps an archive of doodles, here, and you can read the details of how this was designed, here, in the artist Mark Holmes’s own words. It’s only Holmes’ second doodle…

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Steve Levine: The Powerhouse

The Powerhouse: A Discussion of the Battery War (w/video)

On February 5, Viking released “The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World”. The book “…follows a small group of scientists engaged in a battery war among four nations — the U.S., China, Japan and South Korea.” *Available for purchase on here Using the book…

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Network Rail Train Has 6 Battery Rafts With About 1.1 mWh Of Estimated Capacity On Board

Battery Power Passenger Train Trial Now Underway In UK – Video

Currently, a trial run in the United Kingdom is seeing a battery power train charter passengers on a weekday service run  between Harwich International and Manningtree stations in Essex. The train, a modified Class 379 Electrostar, or  IPEMU (Independently Powered Electric Multiple Unit) is the first battery powered train to run in…

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