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Boston-Power Targets Own Gigafactory

Boston-Power secured $290 million in “financial support” from Chinese government agencies in late 2014 to expand its battery factories to GWh levels. “The company claims that this latest funding event allows Boston-Power to grow its Liyang facility fivefold by 2016 and expand its Tianjin facility capacity to 4 gigawatt-hours by…

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Samsung Invests In Lithium Polymer Battery Developer Seeo – Target Is 400 Wh/kg

Seeo, a company developing new generation lithium polymer batteries, announced that it closed its largest-to-date funding round of $17 million. Among the investors appearing is Samsung Ventures Investment Corporation, which is the venture arm of Samsung.  Since Samsung already is in the lithium-ion battery business, Seeo’s developments must show some potential. Hal…

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Solid Power Battery Cell

Solid-State Battery Developer Solid Power Named “Emerging Cleantech Company Of The Year”

Solid-state batteries could represent the future of electric transport, at least that’s what solid-state battery developer Solid Power and the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association thinks: “Solid Power Inc. has been named “Emerging Cleantech Company of the Year” by the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA). Solid Power, founded in 2012 based…

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To Challenge Tesla, Volkswagen Will Buy Solid-State Battery Startup

Volkswagen seems very interested in solid-state batteries that would significantly increase the range of electric cars and is suspected as an investor in start-up QuantumScape, which was founded in 2010 in California and focused on some breakthrough technology originally derived from Stanford University. Unofficial reports claim that Volkswagen has bought…

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Lithium Battery Separators

Polypore Signs Separator Deal With Panasonic For Next-Gen Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Battery

Panasonic and Polypore’s Celgard subsidiary have signed a letter of intent to work together in the development of coated and uncoated Celgard brand separators for next generation lithium-ion batteries (cylindrical). It’s expected that shortly after the development process is completed, the parties will enter into a long-term supply agreement. As we don’t…

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Electrovaya’s Targets In Its Own Battery Gigafactory

Electrovaya announced plans of a transformational acquisition of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with capacity of about 0.5 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of lithium ion electrodes and other products. For now, we don’t know who is selling this facility or where it exists, but Electrovaya wants to acquire it “at a fraction…

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Leaf cell, module and pack.

Nissan LEAF Battery NerdGasm

Most of the time when you track down an OEM supplier’s site, you get something like, oh, “We make batteries” type of thing, with very little info, but a link to submit your request for specifications.  A little hint – unless you have a project that looks something like SpaceX…

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