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Ford Focus Electric

Ford, LG Chem Present Cradle-To-Gate GHG Analysis For Focus Electric

Ford’s Research and Innovation Center and LG Chem’s Corporate R&D released an interesting article recently “Cradle-to-Gate Emissions from a Commercial Electric Vehicle Li-Ion Battery: A Comparative Analysis” The main topic of the piece was a GHG emissions comparison between a conventional and all-electric Ford Focus, including battery pack production (cells…

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Amprius Demonstrates New Tool For High-Volume Manufacturing Of 3D Silicon Nanowire Anodes For High Energy Batteries (400 Wh/kg)

Amprius announced a revolutionary new tool for high-volume manufacturing of 3D silicon nanowire anodes for high-energy lithium-ion batteries. If it’s truly revolutionary, Amprius should be closer to actual commercialization of battery cells that can store up to 1,000 Wh/L and up to 400 Wh/kg.  EVs are obviously targeted as one of…

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Hanyang University And BMW Develops 350 kWh/kg Lithium-Ion Cells (source: Green Car Congress)

Hanyang University And BMW Develops 350 Wh/kg Lithium-Ion Cells

A research team from the Hanyang University BMW Group has developed high energy dense lithium-ion battery cells, with a capacity of 350 Wh/kg. The new “fully operational, practical” cells use carbon-nanotube-Si composite anode and NCM concentration gradient cathode. According to the article, the cell also has excellent capacity retention after 500…

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Nissan LEAF

Nissan Has New Analysis Method To Boost Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity

Nissan announced that its subsidiary – Nissan Arc together with partners (Tohoku University, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute, and the Japan Science and Technology Agency) have developed a breakthrough atomic analysis methodology that will aid in boosting the performance of lithium-ion batteries. According to the press release, using…

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Volkswagen Sport Coupé Concept GTE

Volkswagen Planning Its Own Major Battery Facility

According to Handelsblatt, Volkswagen is considering its own battery factory, the size of which could be comparable to Tesla’s Gigafactory plant (at least judging by the “multi-billion-euro” amount that could be invested). Truthfully we are not sure whether Volkswagen, still dealing with Dieselgate fall-out, is willing to part with billions of…

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Techrules TREV technology - Battery cells

Radically Better Batteries Unlikely Anytime Soon

G. Pascal Zachary, a professor of practice at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society, recently penned an article on the future of battery technology. The article, titled “The Search for a Better Battery – Government funding and venture capital won’t buy us better batteries anytime…

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