Battery Tech

The second-generation Chevrolet Volt uses an all-new battery system that maintains its signature t-shape configuration but uses nearly 100 fewer cells. The battery system will provide improved range while weighing 30 lbs. less than the previous battery system.

The Charge of the Battery Brigade – Autoline (Video)

John McElroy recently gathered three experts for for “Autoline This Week 1833″ discussion on battery technology – Ann Marie Sastry from Sakti3, LG Chem’s Prabhakar Patil and Brett Smith from the Center for Automotive Research. Among the topics were battery outlook, costs and, of course, the Tesla Gigafactory. According to…

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2015 Kia Soul EV traction battery

Kia Presents Details On Soul EV Battery – Video

In one of the latest SAE Magazines video, there is a short presentation on the battery pack in the Kia Soul EV, which, in appearance reminds us of the Nissan LEAF battery pack. Kia is using cells supplied by SK Innovation, with NCM cathodes and according to Steve Kosowski (National…

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Graphene 3D Lab Reveals 3D-Printed Battery

Graphene 3D Lab Reveals 3D-Printed Battery (w/video)

A company called Graphene 3D Lab (the spinout of Graphene Laboratories, Inc.) recently demonstrated a 3D printed battery with use of graphene-enhanced materials. Graphene 3D Lab said that “3D printed graphene battery can potentially outperform a conventional battery because of its shape, size and specifications that can be freely adjusted…

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German Automaker VW Will Host Lithium-Sulfur Battery Workshop

Volkswagen Is Sole OEM Attending Lithium-Sulfur Battery Workshop

“Fraunhofer IWS in Dresden, Germany will hold its 3rd annual workshop on Lithium-sulfur batteries from 12-13 November 2014,” reports Green Car Congress. Any workshop/conference/research on lithium-sulfur interests us due to this statement by Fraunhofer: “…Lithium-sulfur batteries are the most promising choice for future energy storage systems, with novel materials such…

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(Clockwise from top) NTU Assoc Prof Chen Xiaodong with research fellow Tang Yuxin and PhD student Deng Jiyang

This Lithium-Ion Battery Can Be Recharged To 70% In 2 Minutes

Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) recently announced a major breakthrough in batteries – ultra-fast charging capability. The novelty is anode material: “In the new NTU-developed battery, the traditional graphite used for the anode (negative pole) in lithium-ion batteries is replaced with a new gel material made from titanium dioxide.”…

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LG Chem Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells Are Here To Stay Until At Least 2020

LG Chem CEO Q&A Interview

Recently, Automotive News conducted an interview with Prabhakar Patil, CEO of LG Chem Power, the company’s North American division. Patil was asked several questions, most of which had a Tesla tie in. Below, we’ve selected 2 of the several Q&As from that interview to highlight here: Q: LG Chem’s Holland,…

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Class Action Settlement On 2011 and 2012 Nissan LEAF Battery Performance Hits A Snag

United States Advanced Battery Consortium Reopens 4 High-Performance Battery Projects

United States Advanced Battery Consortium, known also as USABC—a collaborative organization operated by Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors— announced a new initiative in which it’s seeking new project proposals for the development of advanced high-performance batteries for vehicle applications. USABC reopened four requests for proposal information…

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A123 Family Of Battery Products

Johnson Matthey Acquires A123′s Cathode Manufacturing Facility

Another part of A123 Systems was sold off as Johnson Matthey recently completed acquisition of A123’s cathode materials manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China. A123 Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wanxiang Group, sold this facility to rationalize its supply chain. A123 retained ownership of its intellectual property in battery materials. Johnson…

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