BMW i3 Accessories For US Market

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BMW i3 Key Cover

BMW i3 Key Cover

BMW North America Aftersales announces the availability of the BMW i Accessory product offering. BMW says these accessories are unique, well thought-out, sustainable products which always keep vehicle harmony in mind.

Product Highlights / Benefits:

  • BMW i accessories are designed to offer excellent function, design and are extremely sustainable.
  • Constructed of at least 50% recycled or renewable materials
  • PVC-free and emission-free
  • Lightweight—up to 20% lighter than standard parts
  • Packaged using sustainable materials
  • Textile accessories are manufactured using Bluesign textile partners’ certification process

*Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on BMW Blog.  Check it out by clicking here.

BMW i3 Key Cover

BMW i3 Key Cover

Superior warranty coverage:

4 Year / 50K miles when purchased with a new vehicle
2 years or the balance of the new vehicle warranty, whichever is greater

Featured Products:

Key Cover

This key cover is a great first Accessory for every customer. It’s an excellent way of highlighting their new key while offering a protective barrier. This product also Glows in the Dark.

BMW i3 Trunk Mat

BMW i3 Trunk Mat

Trunk Mat / Folding Container

This product is one of our 2-in-1 accessories. It can be utilized as a trunk mat, until you need a trunk box. To convert into a trunk box, simply pull the cord and form waterproof storage box. The product is made from the same original seat textile found in your i3.

See below for the full list of accessories and prices:

BMW i3 Accessories

BMW i3 Accessories

BMW i3 Accessories

BMW i3 Accessories


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3 responses to "BMW i3 Accessories For US Market"

  1. Kevin says:

    cool stuff but that ac charging cable is not a us market item.

  2. Unplugged says:

    Really? BMW has a “key cover”? Maybe they can design a “key box” for the “key cover”. That way the key cover won’t get scratched.

    1. Jay Cole says:

      I’m really hoping the yachting jacket comes to the US…can never have enough of those! I mean look at this guy, I’m pretty sure it is enabling flight!

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