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Faraday Future's Jia Yeuting and Nick Sampson in front of FF 91

Faraday Future’s FF 91 Unveiling Broke The Cringe-O-Meter

FARADAY FUTURE’S GONG SHOW* PERFORMANCE BREAKS THE CRINGE-O-METER Now that we know more about Faraday Future, thanks to Tuesday night’s extravaganza, we can do some comparisons between FF and Tesla. Tesla’s CEO is legitimately involved in product development and production. In fact, he famously sleeps on the factory floor sometimes….

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Battery Breakthrough Race Is On!

“CHAAAARRRGE!” The Germans are maintaining their slight lead over the (other) Europeans — ah, but hear them footsteps? Toyota is just around the corner and gaining fast. Meanwhile, Tesla has long left the building. With just about every automaker announcing an EV offensive, the race is on to find a…

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A Word On Tesla’s Survivability Under Trump

A WORD FROM NEWMAN SECURITIES Here’s a good, concise article about Tesla’s survivability under President Heat Miser. TeslaMondo will make it even more concise here. Solar is pretty safe. State governments control net metering. And the 30 percent federal reimbursement for solar insulation was a Republican gig (Bush) with enduring bipartisan support. Plus, costs…

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Op-Ed: Why Tesla And Trump May Need Each Other

TESLA AND TRUMP MAY NEED EACH OTHER Here’s how people aged 18 to 25 supposedly voted, according to Survey Monkey: And here’s which stocks they own, according to MarketWatch: So Trump’s fans are kinda old; Tesla’s are kinda young. And Trump and Tesla differ just a bit on climate change and…

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Tesla Model S With All Glass Roof

Tesla To Make Car Roofs Useful?

CAR ROOFS WILL SOON STOP BEING USELESS To date, no automaker has figured out how to utilize a car’s roof for anything besides holding cargo, intermittently letting in light, and temporarily holding your coffee until you make your first turn. Any solar effort “up there” has amounted to gimmickry. The limited surface area and…

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Tesla Model 3

Why Is Tesla Taking Its Time In Revealing Model 3?

ORIGINAL TARGET FOR TESLA MODEL 3 NOW SEEMS LAX The Model 3 wasn’t supposed to achieve big-volume production until 2020. Then Tesla shocked everyone this spring when it shortened that to 2018. But just imagine if the original timeframe were left intact. We’d be nursing ourselves through three more years of nothing but S…

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Teslas Crashing Into Buildings

When Will Teslas Stop Crashing Into Buildings?

WHEN WILL CARS STOP HITTING BUILDINGS? How long before we stop seeing embarrassing scenes like these? Does the latest Tesla hardware/software update prevent this from happening? What level of machine intelligence is required for walls to be recognized as impassable? Seems it should be the first line of programming code in any “smart”…

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2016 Toyota Prius - Conventional Hybrid Version

Buyers With Money Buy Teslas

“THE PEOPLE WITH MONEY BUY A TESLA.” So ends a WSJ article about declining Prius sales. TeslaMondo knew all along that Model S was becoming the new Prius, despite the price difference. The Prius has always punched above its weight class, winning customers who would ordinarily spend much more. Well, now they are…

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2017 Karma Revero

Op-Ed: Karma Revero – An Old-School Zombie

RETURN OF THE KILLER MUSTACHE The Fisker Karma is back, but like a plot twist from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, it’s not really the Fisker Karma. After Fisker went bankrupt, two totally separate scavenger companies grabbed some Fisker DNA and created the two totally separate zombie facsimiles that are now hitting the market. A…

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ford electrics at dealership

Why Dealerships Fail At Selling Electric Cars

WHY DEALERS STINK AT SELLING EVS The Sierra Club did a “secret shopper” survey to gauge the EV scene at dealerships and, of course, found that car dealers make lousy EV evangelists. They don’t have any EVs, or can’t find the keys, or have their sole EV stashed somewhere behind the…

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