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The BMW eRR "Experimental Vehicle"

BMW Unveils S1000RR Electric Super Bike: “eRR”

The BMW Motorrad Group announced the “experimental vehicle eRR” electric supersport motorcycle the other day via press release (full text below), and sparked a frenzy of speculation in the EV community. Sparked.  Did you see what we did there?  And what’s with “eRR”?  Doesn’t “err” in German translate to, well, “err”?…

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The McGill Electric Snowmobile Team in Greenland

McGill Electric Snowmobile Team (video)

This should say “McGill Electric Snowmobile Team (hilarious giggling) video.  We’re following up on a comment about our electric Jet-Ski post (er…  electric “personal watercraft”?) with this snippet from the Wilds of Canada – an entry to the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge from the McGill EV team, and another stab at…

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Polaris GEM 2016 lineup

(Polaris) GEM Launches 2016 Line, Brammo Lithium Packs (video)

In what’s being described as a “total re-design from the ground up”, Polaris announced the 2016 Polaris GEM line, (interestingly described on the site as an “electric car” without apology) for the first time offering the Brammo lithium battery packs as options.  It’s part of the “SmartPower” system they’re calling…

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Daymak Beast

Daymak Beast D – Video

This video wins on the grounds of General Badassery.  And “Beast”.  Don’t delay, watch it now. Besides the G-B aspect, knowing how we love the specs, the website has all the detailed specs right out there for everyone to see: Not satisfied?  You can download the owners manual here.  Who else does…

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UWA Jet Ski being tested

UWA Floats Electric Jet Ski

This is brilliant.  We know, because we’ve wanted to build one for a few years now, so it must be, right? We all love (to ride) jet skis, but we all hate (to hear and smell) them*.  An electric jet ski?  What could be more awesome and fun, as well…

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