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Lucid Air Alpha Speed Car

Lucid Motors Short On Cash

Lucid Motors looks as though it may have more promise than the handful of other would-be electric automotive startups, however the company lacks one essential element … money. Yes, money is a prime component lacking in many a new business ventures, but management at Lucid is taking the smart path, not…

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Labor Organizations Up Pressure To Unionize Tesla

Now that Tesla’s stock has hit record highs, and Model 3 production is set to begin in July, labor organizations are joining forces and upping the pressure to unionize the electric automaker. Workers at Tesla’s Fremont factory have come forward, complaining about the unsafe work environment, monumental production expectations, low wages,…

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Tesla’s “Active Hood” Safety Feature Could Save Lives

Tesla Model S and X vehicles in Europe and Australia adhere to Euro NCAP Pedestrian Safety requirements, which maintain that vehicle hoods must have a specified amount of clearance above structural components to minimize injuries in pedestrian collisions. The fact that Tesla’s vehicles follow this protocol is not the interesting part,…

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