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Kia Expected To Launch Pure Electric Stonic In 2018

Kia’s fully-electric vehicle offerings will increase to three by 2018, all of which live in the popular SUV and CUV segments. One of the most asked questions in the EV world is, “when will we see more SUV and crossover-type all-electric vehicles?” These two segments are among the most popular…

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The Boring Company FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about The Boring Company, even if you didn’t ask. Obviously, with such an innovative idea, and now growing evidence that it may actually come to be (at least in some capacity) there is a plethora of questions out there. The Boring Company put together a FAQ…

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Voice Control A Tesla Via Google Home – Video

How about using Google Home to create Tesla Voice? A Tesla Model S owner with some drive and ingenuity created a Tesla API that interacts with his Google Home, as part of his smart home setup, to allow for a voice-controlled Tesla. Matt Dyson is a lifelong Boy Scout currently working…

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Chevrolet Bolt

Mr. Mobile Drives The Chevrolet Bolt – Video

Michael Fisher (aka Mr. Mobile) provided us with a Chevrolet Volt review not too long ago. Now, he gets an opportunity to check out the Chevrolet Bolt. Mr. Mobile calls the Bolt: “A crossover with enough range, power and features to make you almost forget that it’s 100 percent electric.”…

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Owning A Tesla – First Year Cost Breakdown

Back in November, Ben Sullins from Teslanomics, provided an in-depth year-to-date cost breakdown related to his Model S. At that time, he was only able to provide some month-to-month comparisons. Now that Sullins has been a proud Tesla Model S owner for a full year, he is providing us with…

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