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Tron Tesla Model S

A Tesla Model S owner in Italy has attempted to create a Tron version of the car. As Evannex reports: “Although his comments (and contemporaries) are all Italian, Nicola Franceschi describes himself in English in the following manner on Instagram: “I’m a book printer, a trader (only when I gain),…

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Apple’s Electric Car Delayed?

No news and bad news can sometimes be good news, depending on how you look at it. Although we found out this week that the “rumored” Apple Car production date may be pushed back a year, we are also another step closer to knowing that the car is, in fact,…

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Tesla Model S Before Front License Plate Delete - Image: Michael Beinenson / InsideEVs

5 Fast Facts For Refreshed 2016 Tesla Model

The folks over at J.D Power issued a press release on the newly refreshed Tesla Model S. The release highlights some of the most significant changes made to the 2016 Model S. This is the first time since its introduction in 2012 that the Model S received any major upgrades/changes…

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