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4 days ago

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Will Be Capped At 75 kWh, For Now, And Have More Range Than Chevy Bolt

Okay, we’ll admit that we’re not 100 percent, absolutely certain that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 will have more range than the all-electric Chevy Bolt EV. Still, sometimes you have to be willing to do just the simplest of tea-leaf reading and see what Tesla CEO Elon Musk is saying…

4 days ago

Tesla Model 3

Right-hand Drive Tesla Model 3 Arriving In UK In Summer 2018

While plugged-in Americans are getting ready for the Tesla Model 3 to arrive later this year, EV fans in the UK just learned that they’ll have to wait a bit longer to drive their lower-cost electric vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk just Tweeted that, even thought the team is working…

5 days ago

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Software 8.1 Due Next Week

Next week will be a busy one for Elon Musk and his futuristic adventures. SpaceX is scheduled to conduct its next text flight of the Falcon 9 rocket on March 29th, and now we learn that Tesla is going to finally release the 8.1 version of its electric vehicle software…

5 days ago

Toyota Mirai Billboard

Toyota Mirai Billboards In LA, SF Will Literally Clean The Air

What happens when you put titanium dioxide coated vinyl up on a billboard? Apparently, you can capture nitrogen dioxide (NOx) floating around and make the air cleaner. Toyota is going to do just that as a way to promote the Mirai Fuel Cell in the Los Angeles and San Francisco….

6 days ago

Schematic of EV patent

Your Future EV: New Patents Show Electric Tires, Ford’s Oxygen Battery

Trying to decipher our electric future is an uncertain game, but one we still love to play. We’ve already taken one look through recent electric vehicle patents as part of our “Your EV Future” series, but if you only do something once, it’s not a series, is it? So, let’s…

1 week ago

BMW Joining Formula E In 2018

At least nine teams will compete in the 2018-2019 Formula E season, including BMW. The Bavarian automaker joins the line-up after testing the waters with Andretti Formula E last year. The other teams that will take part in season 5 include: ABT Formel E, DS Automobiles, Jaguar Land Rover, Mahindra…

2 weeks ago

VW Electrify America

VW’s Electrify America EV Investment Plan Could Install Lots Of 300-kW Fast Chargers

The penance VW is doing as part of the fallout from its diesel scandal includes a new project called Electrify America. You can read the introductory details about Electrify America here, but the general gist is that VW has to spend a pile of money promoting electric vehicles in the…

2 weeks ago

Cut up 100 dollar bill.

Trump Budget Kills Off Loan Program That Helped Tesla, Nissan, Ford Build EVs

It was controversial, sure, but the Bush-era Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program (ATVMP) was instrumental in the DOE helping a number of automakers bring their plug-in vehicles to market. Under the 2007 law, Tesla got a $465-million loan, then paid it back early to much fanfare. Ford ($5.9 billion) and…

2 weeks ago

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

This Is The Logic Behind The 80-Mile Range Of The Honda Clarity BEV

A few weeks ago, we learned that the upcoming Honda Clarity BEV will have an 80-mile range (hinted at at the same time, but not confirmed, was a cost of around $35,000). Anything under 100 miles can seem like a real step backwards in the era of the 238-mile Chevy…

2 weeks ago

Lucid Air

Lucid Air Will Start At $60,000, But Launch Edition Rolls In At Over $100,000

The cost of the Lucid Air is going to be less than we expected. A lot less. In fact, Lucid Motors has published what feels like an entire dossier about the price and options in the upcoming Air because of what it says has been a bit of “confusion regarding…

2 weeks ago

Trump Headed To Detroit Area To Announce Review Of EPA Emissions Standards

Trump to announce review of federal MPG rules this week The big news will be here Wednesday, but you can probably guess today. Sources have told Bloomberg that Trump will meet with automotive executives Wednesday and is likely to announce a reconsideration of the EPA’s fuel economy standards. Right after…

3 weeks ago

karma revero

Karma Automotive Has A Lot To Say About The Revero’s Paint

We don’t know quite what to make of the latest email from Karma Automotive. The company that’s bringing the Fisker Karma PHEV back to life as the 2017 Karma Revero is trying to really talk up the color choices for the new model. The result is a mix of taking…