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Someday We'll See Gen 3 Tesla Parked Next to the Model S and Model X at Supercharger Stations

Tesla Supercharger Count Now At 2,800 Points

Remember when Tesla’s superchargers totaled about 6 back in the early days? Well, now there are just a hair under 2,800 charging points at Tesla superchargers worldwide! So, it’s safe to state that Tesla has been putting its foot down on building these Superchargers stations. Not just in the US,…

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…. Whoa.

LEGO Tesla Logo & Supercharger – Videos

Growing up with LEGOs, I almost started drooling watching the video above & the one below. The video above is Adrian Drake’s Tesla Motors logo creation. He is a Model S owner! As you can see, it gets extremely narrow at the bottom. As he has stated, people get nervous…

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Tesla Model S P85 Nurburgring

Tesla Model S P85 Laps Nurburgring – Video

The video above shows a Tesla Model S P85 RWD lapping around the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, there is no sound. However, you do get a sense of how quickly the Model S accelerates and how it’s able to rip around the corners. The P85 Model S did the lap in just…

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Also, Tesla Motors was ranked #2 in 2014.

MIT: Tesla Motors Is World’s Smartest Company

For 2015, MIT lists Tesla Motors as the world’s smartest company. Why did Tesla come out on top? MIT states: “To make the list, a company must have truly innovative technology and a business model that is both practical and ambitious, with the result that it has set the agenda…

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Which one do you like?

Former Stig Drives Electric Cars On The Track – Video

Former Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins takes a spin in 7 different mid-range &/or lower-price range plug-in electric cars with 7 different passengers. The 7 passengers were part of this “Daily Telegraph competition winner” thing, and they will be testing these vehicles at the Millbrook test track. In the short video…

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The P85D

Bjørn Nyland’s Tesla Model S P85D Review – Video

Grab some popcorn, or whatever your favorite snack is, because you’ll be watchin’ another Bjørn Nyland movie. (75 minutes) Bjørn was able to temporarily obtain a Tesla Model S P85D last month and during this time, he provides us his full in-depth review of the electric car. One other thing that makes…

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The cute little car that could!

Flux Capacitor Hits The Track – Video

Great Scott! The “Flux Capacitor” hits the track for the first time.  If you are not aware of the Flux Capacitor, or need to get reacquainted with it, don’t watch Back To The Future.  Instead, click here… But you can watch Back To The Future if you’d like, but you…

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ATS Wildtwelve Concept

ATS Wildtwelve Plug-In Hybrid Concept Revealed

Well, this is an interesting-looking plug-in, to say the least! The ATS Wildtwelve plug-in hybrid concept recently debuted at the Parco Valentino Salone, located in Turin, Italy. As the name suggests, it will have a twin-turbo V12 (likely mid-engined), but will also come with two electric motors for the front wheels. Some specs:…

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Tesla Model S Battery Swap Info & Video

KmanAuto just completed a cross-country road trip. While on that road trip, Kman went to check out Tesla’s struggling battery swap station. In the video above, Kman provides us a lot of info on this battery swap station before showing some action shots of it. (8:05 minute mark.) We never…

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