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Pedal Power: Cyclists Pedal Towards Discount On Nissan LEAF

In Rome, Nissan offers discounts on the LEAF purchase price (plus two years of free energy to recharge), in partnership with DinamoBike. The new campaign is combined with the promotion of sustainable mobility (“DinamoBike – enjoy your power”), as potential LEAF buyers need to visit DinamoBike Café and ride a…

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Tesla Model 3

Battery Technology Director Kurt Kelty Leaves Tesla

Kurt Kelty, the battery technology director at Tesla since 2006, has left the company after more than a decade – perhaps not interested in participating in the “production hell” that will be the ramp-up of Model 3. Prior to Tesla, Kelty was at Panasonic for more than 14 years, and…

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All Maseratis Will Be Electrified From 2019 On

Maserati has yet to introduce its first plug-in model, the Levante plug-in hybrid SUV equipped with a Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid PHEV minivan powertrain, but the automaker is already committing to an electrified future. According to latest bit of news, the Italian brand will turn to electrification finally with a goal…

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