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MetroCab Featured In Fully Charged (Video)

The latest episode of Fully Charged is dedicated to Frazer-Nash’s Range Extended Electric (REE) Metrocab taxi for London. This very interesting and unusual car was recently tested by taxi drivers and, according to Frazer-Nash, should be sold without a premium over the diesel taxis (probably including tax incentives), which probably…

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Hyundai FCEV

Hyundai Motors Improves Lithium Sulfur Battery Technology

Hyundai Motor presented at the SAE 2104 World Congress in Detroit a paper title “Improved Cyclic Performances of Li-Sulfur Batteries with Sulfone-Based Electrolyte” on Li-sulfur battery, or maybe rather a new sulfone-based electrolyte for Li-sulfur battery, which Hyundai says improves the capacity and reversible capacity retention. Hyundai Motor’s solution increases…

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Optare Versa EV in Nottingham

Manchester Orders Its First Electric Buses

Manchester joins several other cities in England with EV buses as Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) orders 13 Versa hybrid 12m-long school buses and 3 Versa 9.7m-long electric buses. Those three electric buses will be the very first in Manchester and should go into operation in a few months. Electric buses, bought thanks…

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Mugen Shinden San Electric Motorcycle Gets Revealed

Japanese company M-TEC Co., Ltd. confirmed it will make an appearance in this year’s Isle of Man TT Zero Challenge class, which will be the third for M-TEC. Two previouse races gave M-TEC two second place finishes with John McGuinness on board as the driver. This year, for the first…

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EADS E-Fan Maiden Flight (Video)

Last month at the Bordeaux-Merignac Airport in France, one more electric aircraft had it’s maiden flight. This time it was EADS E-Fan, which debuted 10 months ago. This two-seat training aircraft, which can be used to tow gliders and for aerobatics, was designed by EADS and Aero Composites Saintonge (ACS). We…

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