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Tesla Supercharger Comparison Video

Tesla Supercharger Comparison Video

Well known Tesla Model S enthusiast Bjørn Nyland recorded and prepared an interesting timelapse video from supercharging his Model S. Shown are two examples at two different sites (Lier and Gol in Norway).  However, a different state of charge and temperature, plus different firmware on the car, do not allow…

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General Motors Researchers Develop Improved Li-S Cathode Material

General Motors Researchers Develop Improved Li-S Cathode Material

A research team from General Motors Global Research & Development Center recently published an article on their progress in improving lithium-sulfur batteries. Li-S batteries have a few times greater energy density then today’s lithium-ion batteries.  However, Li-S batteries typically don’t last long. The GM team achieved for now 900 mA…

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The world's largest battery-electric vehicle is a 60-foot articulated bus that carries 120 passengers over 170 miles per single electric charge.

BYD Unveils World’s Biggest Electric Bus

At the 2014 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Expo, BYD unveiled its new electric vehicle – the all-electric 60-foot articulated bus. It’s named “The Lancaster” after the city in California where it was designed and manufactured. Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist proclaimed: “BYD Motors is an American manufacturing company residing…

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2014 Nissan LEAF

Infographic: Electric Drive Sales Dashboard September 2014

Electric car sales in the U.S. fell back a little bit last month – below 10,000 according to the latest infographic from Electric Drive Transportation Association. However, the result of 9,340 is still 15% over September 2013. Editor’s Note: EDTA’s September (and YTD) estimates are typically slightly different than InsideEVs,…

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Mitsubishi Donates 2 i-MiEVs To Government Of Laos

Mitsubishi Donates 2 i-MiEVs To Government Of Laos

On September 16, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation donated via KLM Import-Export Sole Co. two i-MiEVs to Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) government. Laos isn’t a significant market for electric cars, however Mitsubishi expects that automobile sales will grow strong in the region. According to the press release, the EVs together with…

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Effective Now You Can Order A Tesla Model S P85D!

Compilation Of Tesla Model S P85D Videos

With the dust settled after the Tesla Model S P85D unveiling , we can now calmly check all the videos from the presentation, test drives and interviews. Here is compilation of over 10 videos on the D, each providing some insight into what’s surely one of the most exciting Tesla…

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BMW i8

MotorWeek BMW i8 Road Test Review – Video

BMW i8 reviews seems to be ramping up together with deliveries around the world. The latest outlet that checked out i8 was MotorWeek, who was curious if it drives as good as looks. Impressions are positive and on the track i8 achieved 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and 12.9 seconds @110…

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Nissan and HKDC Start Collaborative Testing of the 100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Compact Van in Hong Kong

Hong Kong District Cooling Starts Field Tests Of Nissan e-NV200

Hong Kong is yet another place where Nissan is demonstrating and testing e-NV200 before launching the model. This time, the compact van went to Veolia’s subsidiary, Hong Kong District Cooling Company Limited. Field tests will be performed at the new development area in Kowloon – Kai Tak Development (KTD), which spans…

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