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50,000th BEV in Norway has "EL60000" plate

Norway: 50,000 Electric Cars Registered And Counting

Norway just passed the 50,000 all-electric car registrations this week! The 50,000th car was a new Tesla Model S 85D, and was affixed with a “EL60000″ plate to mark the occasion – which probably would have made more sense as “EL 50000″, but the series started at 10000, so you take what you can get….

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BMW X5 xDrive40e

BMW X5 xDrive40e To Get World Debut At Auto Shanghai 2015

BMW announced that the world premier of the X5 Xdrive40e plug-in hybrid will take place at the 16th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Auto Shanghai) from 22 – 29 April 2015. “The first plug-in hybrid production car from the BMW core brand is a Sports Activity Vehicle, and it…

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JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer, Tesla Motors

Tesla CTO JB Straubel Discusses Electric Cars – Video

JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer at Tesla Motors, had a presentation on electric carsat the 2015 Vail Global Energy Forum. After a short introduction to the history of the company and electric cars, the main message from JB Straubel is similar to the previous presentation year ago – leveraging scale…

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Volkswagen C Coupé GTE

Volkswagen Debuts C Coupe GTE Plug-In Hybrid

Volkswagen is moving fast with its plug-in hybrid concepts. Just after unveiling the Sport Coupé Concept GTE at Gevena Motor Show, now VW presents the C Coupé GTE at Auto Shanghai 2015. Design language is similar and both models are four-seaters. “This sport sedan, which is about five meters long, sprints…

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2015 VW e-Golf

Volkswagen e-Golf Video Review

Alex L. Dykes from the Alex on Autos channel released an in-depth review of Volkswagen e-Golf. If you’re considering the e-Golf among other EVs and have a spare 25 minutes, this is the review you should check out. Presentation includes exterior, engine motor, charging options, seats, interior, infotainment, cargo area…

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Tesla Model S P85D road test

AutoWeek Road Test Of Tesla Model S P85D – Video

AutoWeek, the largest automotive media outlet in the Netherlands, recently tested the most powerful Tesla Model S – the P85D with two motors. In the short review, the driver was astounded by the all-wheel drive acceleration of 3.4 seconds to 100 km/h (62 mph) in Insane mode. In the Netherlands,…

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MHI Successfully Completes Ground Demonstration Testing of Wireless Power Transmission Technology for SSPS (10 kW, 500 m)

Mitsubishi Wirelessly Sends Electricity Across 500-Meter Gap

Wireless charging isn’t the basic method of EV charging, although there are a lot of developments in this area and the first products for cars are already available (mostly through Plugless Power). Typically, wireless charging is done over short distances, but special technology enables the sending of energy over long…

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Storage System Using 16 Old Nissan LEAF Batteries

Lithium-Ion Now The Dominant Chemistry In Grid Energy Storage

The market of grid energy storage systems is expanding rapidly and is now transforming from molten salt batteries (typically sodium-sulfur NaS) to lithium-ion batteries. According to Lux Research, as of January 2015, there was 1,100 MW and 2,523 MWh of grid storage installed over 605 projects worldwide. Most of them…

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