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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Charged By A Waterfall – Video

One of the first European owners of the brand new Tesla Model S P90D posted video of the car and his unusual charging concept. Video resolution isn’t super deep, but very professional. It seems the lucky guy figured out how to use a local creek (1,200 l/s) and waterfall (height…

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Battery V Petrol. The Lawnmower Test | Fully Charged

Fully Charged Tests Battery Versus Gas – The Lawnmower Test

Calm down everyone. It’s not what you think. Robert Llewellyn is not at all disappointed with the Tesla Model S and he’s not changing to covering a different industry. Lawnmowers are our friends, electric ones, with batteries. And they need our support too. Lawnmowers prove a huge difference between efficiency…

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Electric cars and the Blind | Fully Charged

Fully Charged – Electric Cars And The Blind – Video

A recent episode of Fully Charged focuses on silent electric cars and concerns about blind people. The debate is whether the responsibility of driving at low speeds should fall solely on the driver or if EVs should be equipped with special sounds activated automatically, but up to what speed (5-10 mph?)?…

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EV Fleet Condor

EV Fleet Condor Has 12,000 Orders

North Carolina-based EV Fleet came to the 2015 Battery Show with a few bold claims. EV Fleet CEO and founder Brooks Agnew told AutoblogGreen that after completing tests they intend to begin sales of Condor electric trucks with a 1,000-pound payload rating in the US in February 2016. Those vehicles…

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Tesla Gigafactory – Drone fly over – October 2015

Tesla Gigafactory Fly Over Early October – Video

Youtuber Black66 released a new low-altitude quadcopter flyover from the Tesla Gigafactory, which shows us the progress made since one month ago. Tesla has already began work inside the building, and there is a power station growing nearby too. Overall size of the building is several times (probably 4 times) smaller…

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Nissan Teatro for Dayz

Nissan Reveals “Teatro For Days” Electric Concept Car

Nissan announced a new electric concept car for the upcoming 44th Tokyo Motor Show. Meet the Teatro for Dayz, an all-electric model focused around new technologies for future generations. Nissan notes that times change: “Owning a car was once a kid’s greatest aspiration. Having a driver’s license confirmed adulthood, and…

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