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First ZelectricBug Up For Sale At $45,000 – Video

The California-based Zelectric Motors recently presented the ZelectricBug, which is a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle converted to electric drive with some help from EV West. According to Zelectric Motors, the car is in perfect shape and “No metal is cut – nothing welded on“. It has a 50 kW induction motor…

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Renault Electric Car Sales Approaching 50,000

Renault Electric Car Sales Approaching 50,000

One of our readers inspired us to dig for some more data and create one more graph illustrating sales of the four all-electric Renault models. As it turns out, according to the manufacturer’s preliminary data (possibly inaccurate by a few hundred units one way or the other), total Renault electric…

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Two Germans and One Japanese EV Face Off

AutoExpress Pits BMW i3 Against Volkswagen e-Golf

Volkswagen had once compared the BMW i3 to its e-up!, but now here’s i3 versus e-Golf. e-Golf just hit the UK and AutoExpress wonders which vehicle is the right choice for those looking to switch to electric drive. As it turns out, the choice isn’t easy. Range of both cars…

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