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Sales of New Energy Vehicles in China – June 2016

EV Sales In China Hits Record 44,000 In June

New Energy Vehicle (plug-in electric vehicles) sales in China more than doubled in June, to about 44,000 – which is over 2.1% of all vehicle sales that month. As always, all-electrics (BEVs) continue to dominate the plug-in demographics, notching over three-fourths the total (34,000), while the remaining 10,000 are plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). The…

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BYD Qin EV300

Samsung Bought 52.3 Million BYD Shares For $449 Million

Samsung, as announced, bought a piece of BYD for 3 billion-yuan ($449 million), hopefully giving the battery giant not only a partner in China to supply lithium cells to, but an easier path to entry in selling its batteries in the country. In total there was six investors into BYD privately…

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Tesla Supercharger in Czech Republic (at E.ON charging station)

First Tesla Supercharger In Czech Republic (video)

Tesla Motors launched its first Supercharging station in Czech Republic as part of larger E.ON station for all-kinds of electric cars. Humpolec station includes 6 Supercharging stalls and: two 44 kW stand-alone CHAdeMO fast chargers two 50 kW multi-standard fast chargers (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo, 3-phase Type 2 43 kW) two…

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