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Chargemaster charging point in UK

Chargemaster Keeps UK Charging Network 99% Operational

British electric vehicle drivers should feel lucky, as the largest charging network of roughly 10,000 points in the UK seems to be reliable.  Not so much for most of the regions in the rest of the world. Chargemaster stated that over the last year, its owned and maintained infrastructure achieved…

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BMW i8 Cutaway

Details On BMW i8′s GKN 2-Speed eAxle

BMW i8 has been on the market for some time now, collecting positive reviews from all over the world. And just now GKN is boasting that it contributed to that success. In 24 months, GKN developed a two-speed eAxle for the front wheels of the i8, powered by an electric…

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BYD K9-12d (source: China Daily)

BYD Unveils New K9-12d Electric Bus In Brazil

On November 6, BYD unveiled in Rio de Janeiro its latest version of its electric bus K9, the K9-12d. “d” is of course not related in any way to the Tesla Model S “D”. This is just the localized version for the South American market with four doors, 24 seats…

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Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Sales of Renault Electric Cars Up 16% In October

October again was a strong month for sales of electric Renaults. In total, 1,957 units of the automaker’s four electric models were sold worldwide (10% up year-over-year), which is the best result this year and one of the strongest ever for Renault. YTD numbers almost reach 13,000 unit after 10…

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Good Ride For UK Government Officials?

The Rise of the Alternatively-Fueled Vehicle In The UK

When we look at the alternatively-fueled vehicle (AFV) registrations in the UK, we find an accelerating growth curve. However, conventional hybrids seems to be stuck and most of the growth over the past 5 years (roughly 10,000 units) comes from plug-in cars. First were all-electric, but now plug-in hybrids hold…

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Renault Sold 50,000 EVs

Renault Electric Car Sales Quietly Surpass 50,000

We are still awaiting an official announcement from Renault celebrating 50,000 electric vehicle sales, but even without official recognition, we can confidentially report that the milestone has been achieved. Despite us  indicating some three weeks ago that Renault was close to the milestone and, with numbers from October now added…

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Consumer benefit and new vehicle share for U.S. states with largest total battery
electric and plug-in hybrid electric incentives (2013 electric vehicle registration data provided by
IHS Automotive).

Study: State Incentives Drive Electric Vehicle Sales

The International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) recently released an interesting report title “Evaluation of state-level U.S. electric vehicle incentives”. Incentives are usually a political mine field, as there are always two sides – those who would like incentives and those who don’t. ICCT focuses on how incentives influence sales…

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