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Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – February 2015

Electric Car Sales In UK Up Almost 500% In February

February was the 36th consecutive month of car sales growth in UK – registrations went up by 12% year-over-year to 76,958. The numbers themselves are low as February is one of the slowest sales months of the year ahead of a number plate change in March. Despite this, electric cars…

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This schematic depicts a process for converting waste packing peanuts into high-performance carbon electrodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that outperform conventional graphite electrodes, representing an environmentally friendly approach to reuse the waste. (Purdue University image/Vinodkumar Etacheri)

New Process Converts Packing Peanuts Into Battery Component

Purdue University researchers found a new second use of waste packing peanuts besides the ultimate fun box for cats. Postdoctoral research associate Vinodkumar Etacheri said: “We were getting a lot of packing peanuts while setting up our new lab. Professor Vilas Pol suggested a pathway to do something useful with…

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Evatran PLUGLESS wireless charging system

Evatran Extends Warranty Of PLUGLESS Wireless Charging System

Evatran Group announced warranty coverage extension from one to three years on its PLUGLESS wireless charging system. Even more good news is that this retroactively includes existing customers. “With more than 200,000 successful hours of wireless EV charging logged at homes and businesses across the USA and Canada, Evatran Group,…

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