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Tesla More Than Doubles Lithium-Ion Battery Life

BETTER BATTERIES: TESLA IMPROVES LITHIUM-ION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY Tesla is not standing still when it comes to improving lithium-ion technology and reducing battery costs. It was recently reported that Tesla’s battery partner, Panasonic, announced that, “We think the existing technology can still extend the energy density of Li-ion batteries by 20%…

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Tesla Model S Tackles The Autocross Track

TESLA DRIVER CONQUERS THE AUTOCROSS TRACK Grant M. is like a superhero with a secret identity – during the week, he works as a lawyer, but on the weekends, he takes his Tesla S60 to the autocross track to do battle with the forces of fossil fuel. *This article comes…

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Reveals His Keys To Success

ELON MUSK: AN INQUIRING MIND, AQ, AND A 5-MINUTE BREAKFAST ARE KEYS TO SUCCESS Fortune proclaimed, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk is among the world’s greatest leaders. Visionary, ideologue, risk-taker: None of these shorthand labels quite capture who Elon Musk is. The billionaire entrepreneur is running two companies he cofounded that together…

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Former Tesla CFO Deepak Ahuja Is Back In Full Force

DEEPAK’S BACK: THE CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER FOR TESLA RETURNS Deepak Ahuja may not be a household name, but he’s a key player in the storied history of Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA]. He was the company’s first CFO, and was at the financial helm through the near-death experience of 2008 and the…

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How Will Tesla Pull Off The Model 3’s Low Price?

HERE’S HOW TESLA WILL ACHIEVE A LOW PRICE POINT FOR ITS MODEL 3 Tesla currently offers its flagship Model S in the large luxury category — competing (and beating) cars like the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7-series, and Audi A8. Tesla’s luxury SUV, its Model X, even competes with the likes of the Bentley Baytaga….

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Elon Musk Shows Glimpses of Tesla Model B?

TESLA’S HIGH DENSITY-PASSENGER URBAN TRANSPORT VEHICLE AKA THE MODEL B Guest Blog Post: Galileo Russell is a 24 year-old Tesla shareholder based in NYC. He has been blogging about Tesla since 2012, and is the founder of HyperChange TV, a new YouTube channel about tech and finance news for millennials. To…

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Six Core Building Blocks To Succeed At Tesla

HERE’S WHAT IT TAKES TO WORK AT TESLA On March 28th, Andrew Stevenson of Tesla’s Special Projects delivered a keynote speech titled, “Opportunities for Students in Building a Sustainable Energy Future,” during the Carnegie Mellon University’s Scott Institute for Energy Innovation* 2017 Energy Week. Stevenson works closely with Tesla co-founder and…

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Tesla and EVs Front And Center At Shanghai Auto Show

SHANGHAI AUTO SHOW: CHINA CAR BUZZ SURROUNDS ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND TESLA This week the automotive world descended upon one of China’s biggest automotive events of the year, the Shanghai Auto Show. And, electric cars were all the buzz. According to CNBC, “China’s government wants more electric vehicles (EV) on the roads… as the mainland…

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Romania Upping EV Ante, Hopes Tesla Will Enter Country

TESLA, PLEASE OPEN A STORE IN ROMANIA! Norway, the Netherlands…and Romania? The Eastern European nation is not currently known as an electric vehicle hotspot, but its government recently took a step in the right direction with a set of measures aimed at reducing automotive emissions, including doubling the existing subsidy for…

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