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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Will Steal Sales From Small Euro Luxury Gasmobiles

TESLA MODEL 3 WON’T COMPETE WITH ELECTRIC CARS, IT’S GOT BIGGER FISH TO FRY Recently, we compared the Tesla Model 3 with other electric vehicles in roughly the same price range. While it’s likely Model 3 will take away sales from other electric cars, with Tesla’s 455,000 reservations, it’s doubtful Elon Musk plans to steal sales from small EV competitors alone. Take,…

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Learn All About Europe’s EV Incentives

EV INCENTIVES ARE GROWING ACROSS EUROPE — HERE’S WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW All across the globe, aggressive mandates are being set up to transition countries away from petrol and diesel cars. In fact, according to Climate Change News, “the European commission is considering implementing an electric car quota to be achieved by automakers by 2030, according to diplomats…

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Tesla Model Y

What Should We Expect From The Tesla Model Y?

INFOGRAPHIC: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM TESLA’S MODEL Y With September almost upon us, buzz will kick into high gear for the Tesla Semi. Nevertheless, this launch (scheduled for September 28th) may be a smoke screen for an even bigger project coming from Tesla — the much-anticipated Model Y. We’re already expecting…

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Electric Cars

Everything There Is To Know About The Tesla Network

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE TESLA NETWORK? The revolution that will soon transform the world’s transportation system centers around four parallel and mutually-reinforcing trends: electrification, autonomy, connectivity and new ownership models. When it comes to megatrend #4 – new ownership models – the prime movers have been Uber and…

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Tesla Model 3

The Economist Touts Tesla, Cover Story Reports ICE Is Roadkill

THE ECONOMIST: GOODBYE PETROL, HELLO TESLA The most recent cover story in The Economist* announces, “The death of the internal combustion engine… it had a good run. But the end is in sight.” In a remarkable account, The Economist reports that the internal combustion engine’s “days are numbered. Rapid gains in…

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Tesla Semi Rendered By Peisert Design

What’s Tesla’s Plan For Its Upcoming Electric Semi?

HERE’S THE REAL PLAN FOR THE TESLA SEMI Tesla’s electric Class 8 semi truck is due to be unveiled in September, and rumors are flying about how it’s going to work. It seems obvious that a long-haul truck would need a gargantuan battery pack – could battery swapping/leasing be a solution? Will…

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Tesla Model 3

Can The Tesla Effect Send German Automakers Into A Frenzy?

THE TESLA EFFECT: GERMAN CARMAKERS FACE THEIR IPHONE MOMENT After our overview yesterday about the allegations surrounding Germany’s top automakers, one has to wonder if Tesla may soon pose a deadly threat. A recent article in the Financial Times ponders this further — reporting that: “The $35,000 Tesla 3 is seizing the halo from Germany’s iconic industry. The US…

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German Automakers

While German Automakers Colluded, Tesla Pursued Clean Energy

WHILE TESLA PURSUED CLEAN ENERGY, GERMAN AUTOMAKERS COLLUDED TO CHEAT ON EMISSIONS TESTS The dirty diesel debacle has entered a new chapter. All five of the the major German automakers are now under investigation by European and US authorities, accused of participating in a cartel that thwarted competition and stifled…

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