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Tesla Model 3 Sighting In New Zealand – Video

It’s winter over there, so why not conduct some winter testing? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Model 3 in New Zealand and likely won’t be the last. Imagine being in New Zealand and spotting a Model 3 prior to anyone outside of the U.S. That’s brag-worthy for…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Compared To Dozens Of “Competitive” Vehicles

The most comprehensive Tesla Model 3 “competitive” vehicle comparison to date has just surfaced over on Imgur. You’re in for a real treat here. Literally dozens of “competitive” vehicles are compared to the Tesla Model 3 in easy-to-decipher visual form. There’s even an alternative powertrain-only graphic to compare the 3…

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Tesla Model 3 Configurator – Here It Is

Tesla Model 3 Configurator Courtesy of Imgur, we’ve now got a Tesla Model 3 configurator for realz. Following the big Tesla Model 3 reveal, we expected Tesla to post a configurator to its website. That never happened, but now thanks to an upload on Imgur shortly after the event, we’ve…

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Tesla Model 3 Roadster Rendered

Have you ever wondered what a Tesla Model 3 might look like as an open-top roadster? No? Neither have we, but @ McHoffa has those who’ve wondered covered in this rendering. It’s a simple render, meaning that not much is involved in the photo processing other than shortening the wheelbase,…

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