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Tesla Insider Speaks Out On Problems Of Soft Tooling

“Soft tooling” complicated the launch of the Tesla Model X, so the electric automaker has foregone that step with the Model 3. According to a Tesla inside source who wishes to remain anonymous, “soft tooling” resulted in the debut of an initially problem-plagued Tesla Model X. To avoid a similar…

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Tesla Semi Headed For Scale Production Within 2 Years

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reconfirmed that the automaker’s semi truck will be shown off this September in prototype form. The announcement was made yesterday at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting. According to Musk, a working prototype will be shown in late September. Musk stated: “…we have shown it to a number…

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Ford Might Build Pure Electric F-150

When announcing new details on the 300-plus mile range electric CUV, Ford let it be known that there’s at least a possibility that its hugely popular F-150 truck could someday be offered in full electric form. Ford didn’t confirm that an electric F-150 is coming, but rather the automaker didn’t…

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Overload Of New Tesla Model 3 Images & Videos

Prepare yourself for what follows. It’s Tesla Model 3 overload time. Below you’ll find ¬†whole slew of images and a couple of videos from the recent Tesla Model 3 VIP event in Fremont, California. There are sightings on the track, off the track and just about everywhere in between. Red,…

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Pure Electric McLaren Still Under Consideration

A McLaren P1 replacement may eventually come in the form of a pure electric hypercar. McLaren says it’s still evaluating the possibility of an all-electric hypercar as a P1 PHEV replacement in 2023 or so. Autocar states: “McLaren is continuing to evaluate all-electric powertrains and their implementation in future models,…

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Honda Engineer Emphasizes Hydrogen Over Electric

Thomas Brachmann, chief project engineer of research & development in Europe for Honda, made some comments at the sidelines of the recent Geneva Motor Show that we thought we’re worth sharing. Brachmann, like several other Honda execs, continues to pitch this idea that hydrogen is somehow superior to electric, but…

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