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A new Chevy Bolt EV pops up in  Palo Alto, CA and gets a boost alongside some plug-in friends (via IEV reader Jeffrey P)

Unsold Chevrolet Bolts Now Arriving In Volume In California

In late December, when Chevrolet Bolts began arriving in California, dealerships had pre-arranged sales of basically almost all Bolts before they even hit the lots. Now, word is that some unsold inventory is finally arriving in California…in truckloads, or as Forbes says: “A phalanx of Bolts — the just-released 230+…

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Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla To Remove Launch Mode Power Restrictions

A few weeks ago, Tesla openly admitted to limiting power output of vehicles that too often use launch mode. The initial exchange went down like this on Tesla Motors Club Forum: “Unfortunately I’m here to say this is true. My car was limited just after the 8.0 update and at…

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