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And It Weighs 1,400 KG With The Drive On BoardOnly

Fastest Electric Cars In The World – Video

Even those who closely follow the electric vehicle segment often forget that there are EVs that quite literally will blow the doors off any automobile out there. Take, for example, the 604-HP MiEV Evolution III.  It would be hard to list an ICE vehicle capable of beating this electric machine….

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Tesla “Truths” – Part 2

It all started several months ago when a group of anti-Tesla advocates put slips of paper spelling out the Tesla “truths” on vehicle in San Francisco. That same group is now back at it again with this: “TESLA’S HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE BEEN FOUNDED BY ORGANIZED CRIME-CLASS BRIBES AND…

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Zipcar's First Honda Fit EV In San Franscisco

Zipcar Adds Honda Fit EV To Fleet In Sacramento

Soon, the Honda Fit EV will exit production forever, but prior to that Honda is announcing one of the few remaining Fit EVs will be signing up to a car sharing program: Zipcar and University of California, Davis Support Largest Planned Zero Net Energy Community, West Village, With a Sustainable…

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LEAF Truck

Nissan Unveils LEAF Truck (Images + Video)

The future of electric trucking has arrived in the form of this Nissan LEAF pickup: “If necessity is the mother of invention, engineers fuel that fire at Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona. Here engineers are plentiful. They love to build things, test things and tinker with things. This team…

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