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Tesla Charges Up Two Superchargers In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a rather large island (426 square miles) with a huge population (over 7 million), so it’s unlikely that just two Superchargers will serve the entire island, but you gotta start somewhere: “Two new Superchargers in Hong Kong are now open, in time for the first RHD deliveries…

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Myth #1

Mythbusting – Volkswagen e-Golf Range Commercial

Some say Volkswagen isn’t committed to plug-in vehicles. Well, that attitude towards VW will likely die off soon, especially with advertisements such as the VW e-Golf “Goodbye Gas” spot seen a couple months back and this “Mythbuster” spot shown here: “Myth #01: The driving range of an electric car isn’t very…

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Chevy Sonic Z Spec Concept

200-Mile Chevy Sonic EV Coming In 2016

The source, The Truth About Cars, is known for sometimes being highly speculative and for starting some rather crazy rumors, so take this as unconfirmed at this point in time: “The upcoming pure electric vehicle being discussed in the wake of the Opel Ampera’s demise will also be sold in…

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