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Previous Image of 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder Recalled

The Porsche 918 Spyder has been recalled for the second time.  The first recall involved rear axle control arms that could break.  This latest recall is due to a wiring harness that could be damaged by a carbon-fiber component on the vehicle. Press release below detailing the recall: Porsche recalling…

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Nissan LEAFs

Georgia Nissan Dealers Brace For Tumbling LEAF Sales

Effective yesterday, Georgia’s $5,000 tax credit for purchasing electric cars disappeared. The state of Georgia had been a hot bed for pure electric cars, like the Nissan LEAF.  But with the $5,000 incentive now gone, the state’s demand for electric cars will surely wane. Nissan dealers in the state of…

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Tesla Model X

Tesla VP Discusses Model X Towing

In this video (not embeddable), Tesla’s VP of Regulatory Affairs, Jim Chen, briefly discusses Model X towing. He clearly says (at the 9:40 mark in the video) that the Model X will be equipped to tow Class 3 at a weight of “close to 10,000 pounds.” This figure seemed rather…

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Kia Soul EV

Check Out This Modified Kia Soul EV

A Norwegian Kia Soul EV owner tricked-out his electric car. The result? This sweet carbon fiber-like wrapped Soul that really turns heads. Did some changes to my Titanium Grey Soul EV. I had ordered a black/red, but got the grey one. So I had to do some changes to get…

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