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Tesla Part Of “New Big 3”

“By market value at least, the scrappy Silicon Valley upstart has become one of America’s Big Three.” States Bloomberg in a recent article comparing the value of several American automakers. Tesla’s market value has soared of late and it’s likely to rise even higher when the Model 3 launches later…

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Tesla Open For Business In South Korea

Earlier this month, Tesla inaugurated the opening of its first two stores in South Korea. Store #1 is referred to as the automaker’s Korean flagship location. It’s in the new  Starfield Hanam, a shopping mall located in Gyeonggi Province (see rendered image). The second store is in Cheongdam-dong. Korea Times reports:…

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Audi Ponders Future Electric Hypercar

With the Audi R8 e-tron behind us now, the German automaker is left without a rival to upcoming electric supercars/hypercars from the likes of Mercedes-benz and Aston Martin. Fear not Audi fans, a new electric hypercar is now reportedly under consideration. Autocar reports: “The project was revealed by CEO Rupert…

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