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BMW i8

BMW i8 Review From UK

Autocar has now extensively driven the BMW i8.  The verdict?  Well, like nearly every BMW i8 review we’ve come across so far, Autocar is mostly in love with the i8: “The BMW i8, a car that has more depth and range to its dynamic abilities than almost any other car…

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Image Via Steve Jurvetson

Lexus’ Anti-EV Ad Lives On – Still Spreads Lies

Tesla board member and world’s first Tesla Model S owner Steve Jurvetson recently posted the image seen above and the following statement, reproduced in its entirety below: “Wow. Toyota is the world’s largest car producer, and they are spending money on stoking fear of EV futures — better to stick…

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Hydrogen Fueling Station

California Approves $46.6 Million In Funding For Hydrogen Stations, But Only $2.8 Million For EV Charging Stations

Can’t say we’re at all surprised by this bit of funding information coming from the California Energy Commission California Energy Commission Advances Construction of Hydrogen Refueling and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations SACRAMENTO – The California Energy Commission gave final approval today for nearly $50 million in construction projects to advance…

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GM's Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt

2016 Chevy Volt – Separating Truths From Speculation

GM’s Mahoney Discussing Next-Gen Volt Next-Gen 2016 Chevy Volt – The Truths In all honesty, little is known of the next-gen 2016 Chevy Volt. Sure, there’s widespread speculation claiming it’ll seat 5, or provide more than 50 miles of electric-only range or… The speculative list goes on and on, but…

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BMW i8 Supplier Inofgraphic

BMW i8 Supplier List

Automotive News brings us an infographic that shows the full list of suppliers for the new BMW i8. BMW’s first hybrid sportscar is one of the most technologically advanced cars on the market and it comes with no surprise that an extensive list of parts suppliers were contracted by BMW…

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Renault Twizy Train

Renault Twizy Becomes A Train

“The new generation mini-train is here: it’s the #Twizy Train, electric & fun. Choo-choo!” Tweets Renault zero emissions Twitter account, Renault Z.E. We love it.  And we love Renault’s carefree attitude towards promotion of the funky Twizy. Now, if we could just convince Renault to import the Twizy into the…

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