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Kia Soul EV & BMW i3

2015 Kia Soul EV Compared To BMW i3 – Video

It’s a visual comparison only, but seeing the Kia Soul EV next to the BMW i3 provides us with a sense of the overall size of both vehicles. Additionally, there’s some high-quality shots of the interior, including cargo space, of both of these electric vehicles. Sadly, the Kia Soul EV…

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I Spy a BMW i3

Largest Parade Of Electric Cars…On A Bridge – Video

A new record has been set by electric car owners in Europe: “Largest Parade of Electric Cars” – on a Bridge. Officially, Guinness tallied the total at 160 electric cars: Official Guinness World Record Attempt on September 21st 2014 on Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden. 218 participating electric cars…

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Volt's Onboard Charger

Chevy Volt Onboard Charger Dissection – Video

Okay, so it’s not quite a dissection video, but we do get a brief glimpse inside the Chevy Volt’s onboard charger. As mentioned in the video, these units are often just replaced if they fail, as repair isn’t typically possible. Has your Volt’s onboard charger been replaced?  If so, did…

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Jay Leno Speaks In Regards To Tesla Motors

Jay Leno On Success Of Tesla Motors – Video

“We’ve reached the point in America where success is now jeered.” States Jay Leno in regards to Tesla Motors. Definition of jeered: verb past tense: jeered; past participle: jeered make rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice. “some of the younger men jeered at him” synonyms: taunt, mock,…

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That's Product Placement

Nissan LEAF Stars On NBC’s “The Voice” – Video

With an average of 14.57 million viewers per episode, NBC’s “The Voice” is one of the most-watched (#7 overall) shows on television. Imagine our surprise when we spotted a Nissan LEAF dropping off two of “The Voice” contestants. Clearly a paid spot, Nissan is showing its continued commitment to promoting…

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