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Driven By Your Mind

Drive A BMW i3 With Your Mind – Video

Fitted with all sorts of sensors and extra gadgetry, this BMW i3 can be driven by your mind on an enclosed track at very slow speeds. “MoneySuperMarket’s Car Insurance Epic Mind Drive gives customers a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to drive a car with their mind. Watch Carol Vorderman get in the…

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Modified Nissan LEAF

Highly Modified Nissan LEAF – Video

Only in Japan will you see a Nissan LEAF modified to this degree. It’s tricked-out, that’s for sure, but we rather like most of it’s eye-catching modifications. — Editor’s Note: due to some complaints/interpretation on the vernacular of the article, we have slightly adjusted it, so as to not distract…

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BMW i8

New York Times BMW i8 Video Review

“With a cabin from “Tron” paired with fuel-sipping performance, this plug-in hybrid shows enthusiasts that the future is bright. But cheap it won’t be.” States the New York Times in its video review of the BMW i8. Times adds: “The i8 starts at $137,495. Not cheap. But even at $150,000,…

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BMW i8 Duo

BMW i8 Duo Takes Over Port Of Miami – Video

Vossen has once again put out an excellent video that features only plug-in vehicles.  Perhaps you still remember Vossen’s Tesla Model S video. Here’s the video description for this clip. Check out LordMcDonell and his insta-famous BMW i8 matched with our good friends Lou Lavie and their incredible i8 in…

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