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Under The Hood Of The BMW i8

BMW i8 How-To: Manual Door/Hood Opening – Video

“BMW technician describes how to open the doors if the battery dies and the proper way to open the hood.” While opening the doors of the BMW i8 without battery power seems somewhat difficult, opening the hood (with or without power) is darn near impossible. BMW engineers clearly don’t want…

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Renault Zoe Reviewed In This Future Car Show Episode

Renault Zoe Review – Video

“With the Formula E cars tearing through the streets of Beijing last week, we took a look at out the current crop electric cars here in the UK. First up is the Renault Zoe.” This is the first in a series of electric vehicle reviews expected to be released in…

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Chevy Volt On The Rack

2014 Chevy Volt Technical Review – Video

“Mean Gene gets the Chevrolet Volt on the rack to look at more than it’s propulsion system and learns about the unique construction of balancing low weight with production costs . . .” This largely positive review approaches the Chevrolet Volt from a technical viewpoint and, we must admit, this…

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leaf torque

Nissan LEAF Torques It Out – Video

“Watch as we put the Nissan LEAFs 100% torque into action. But remember to please use your torque wisely. #GoTorque.” States Nissan. What does 100% torque mean?  Well, it means that you can beat an unsuspecting SUV off the line in a Nissan LEAF. The Nissan LEAF ain’t quick, but…

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Volkswagen Golf GTE Production – Video

Witness the first batch of plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE’s as they roll down and off the assembly. The Golf GTE is VW’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid.  Volkswagen’s first PHEV, the XL1, is a limited-production model sold in select markets with a high price tag. Currently, Volkswagen says it has…

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Citation IV Concept

Citation IV Concept Inspires GM EV1- Video

This episode of Autoline Daily shows how the GM EV1 evolved from the 1984 Citation IV concept. Citation IV was developed in GM’s all-new Aerodynamics Laboratory.  The similarities between Citation IV and GM EV1 are immediately apparent. Discussion on the Citation IV begins approximately three and a half minutes into…

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