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Tesla Model X Panoramic Windwhsield

Tesla Model X Panoramic Windshield – Video

Aside from its Falcon Doors, the Tesla Model X’s panoramic windshield is its most talked about feature. Here’s a brief video (via USAToday) that focuses on some of the innovations found in the Model X, including that trick windshield and the Model X’s “bio-defense” air filtration system. There’s even a brief…

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Fireflies Help Model S Come To Life

Fan-Made Tesla Fireflies Video Is Spectacular!

Tesla – Fireflies from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo. A must-watch, fan-made Tesla commercial. It’s spectacular. Watch it now! Update:  For those who can’t watch via Vimeo, a YouTube embed is also added below the story (thanks to Ambulator for that tip!) Video description: A fully CG film created as an…

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Tesla Model X

Tech Crunch Test Drives Tesla Model X – Video

Last night, following the reveal of the Tesla Model X, select members of the media (and other event attendees) got an opportunity to briefly test drive the electric Tesla. Here’s Tech Crunch’s video from its drive of the Model X. Video description: “At an event in Fremont, California, Tesla CEO…

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Tesla's Test Track

Take A Ride On Tesla’s Indoor Test Track In Europe – Video

750m of vibration and harshness in Model S on Europe’s first indoor production test track — Tesla Motors (@TeslaMotors) September 26, 2015 Inside Tesla’s newly opened Tilburg factory in the Netherlands you’ll find a test track that’s used to conduct vibration and harshness tests on recently assembled Tesla electric…

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LEAF Makes Big Splash

Nissan LEAF Versus Flooded Road – Video

Please don’t attempt to drive through water this deep. It’s highly unlikely it would affect the battery pack (or lead to electrocution – a common electric car myth), but other electronics within the car are susceptible to water intrusion. And it’s not safe to drive through water when you can’t see how…

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Tesla Model X Falcon Door In Action

Tesla Model X Falcon Doors In Action – Video

The video quality isn’t top notch, but this may be the first time we’ve seen the Tesla Model X’s signature Falcon doors in action. We doubt that the door will have to be physically pushed shut in the production version of the Model X. It seems that this pre-production version…

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