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Volkswagen Golf GTE Production – Video

Witness the first batch of plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTE’s as they roll down and off the assembly. The Golf GTE is VW’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid.  Volkswagen’s first PHEV, the XL1, is a limited-production model sold in select markets with a high price tag. Currently, Volkswagen says it has…

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Citation IV Concept

Citation IV Concept Inspires GM EV1- Video

This episode of Autoline Daily shows how the GM EV1 evolved from the 1984 Citation IV concept. Citation IV was developed in GM’s all-new Aerodynamics Laboratory.  The similarities between Citation IV and GM EV1 are immediately apparent. Discussion on the Citation IV begins approximately three and a half minutes into…

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Nissan LEAF Crushed By Falling Tree

Tree Crushes Nissan LEAF – Video

Watch as this Nissan LEAF gets smashed by a falling tree. Fortunately, the driver appears to be unharmed. Uniquely, an in-car camera captures footage of the tree as it strikes the in-motion Nissan LEAF. This is one video that just might startle you…

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BMW i8 In Finland

First BMW i8 Spotted In Finland – Video

What’s believed to be the first BMW i8 in Finland has been spotted and captured in this video. The video below is of the same BMW i8 parked in close proximity to an old fighter jet perhaps. Finland is not known for being an electric vehicle paradise, so we don’t…

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Chevy Volt Tour – Video

“Is this an EV? Will it leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if it runs out of juice? How safe is it? These are the sorts of questions we’ll answer. Check out Chevrolet’s Extended Range Electric Vehicle, achieving awards in both innovation and safety, and leading America another…

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