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BMW i3 Drifting In The Snow

BMW i3 Drifts In The Snow – Video

Yes…electric cars can drift: “First drift experiments with the i3 the first snow of the year. It was hard because it was pretty good grip, because the little snow. Overall it can be said that the car is very difficult to move in the drift, because you can dose the…

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BMW i8

BMW i8 Mood – Video

“This unique video was created using a combination of stop-motion rigs and extended shutter exposure times. All effects were created in-camera using various techniques by cinematographer / vfx artist Christopher Webb.” States the video description. We must say, this Webb guy is truly skilled. Enjoy the BMW i8′s various “moods”…

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BMW i8 Gets Wrapped

Watch BMW i8 Get Wrapped – Video

Fast Lane Daily states: “We had the privilege of being invited to Detailing Dynamics in Mineola, NY to document the wrapping of a BMW i8. A car that not only is technologically at the cutting edge but a body that gives it the look from the future. Watch our spotlight…

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Soul EV Range Test

Kia Conducts Soul EV Range Test – Video

“Kia UK set up a test of the Soul EV’s range on a single charge. The full range achieved on this test was 125.3 miles, with a conservative estimate of a further nine miles shown on the display; equaling a total range potential of 134.9 miles. A diagnostics report run…

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Behind The Design Of The 2016 Chevrolet Volt – Video

Post by Chevrolet Volt. General Motors takes us “behind the design” of the next-generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt: “From early sketches and full-sized clay models to wind tunnel testing, our team poured their hearts into creating a vehicle that excites and innovates. Go behind the design of the Next Gen Volt…

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Tesla Model S P85D

Official Tesla Motors Model S P85D Walkthrough Video

We’ve already seen a customer-filmed Tesla Model S P85D walkthrough video.  Now, here’s the official video that Model S P85D buyers receive from Tesla Motors. At more than 16 minutes in length, this video covers the basics, as well as touching upon specifics related solely to the dual-motor P85D version…

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