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Tesla's History Captured In 2-Minute Video

Tesla’s History In 2 Minutes – Video

Of course Tesla’s entire history can not be captured in just 2 minutes, but this Bloomberg video does a remarkable job at hitting most all of the highlights: “Tesla is a young company, but it’s already made history. Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart takes a quick look back at some of Tesla’s…

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20 Superchargers Online In France

Tesla Model S Owners Rally Across France – Video

To prove that travel in a Tesla Model S across (650 miles) France is now possible using only Superchargers, Tesla invited Model S owners to give it a shot: “Tesla invited Model S owners to rally across France, using Superchargers only.” Here’s video of the Supercharger-only Model S rally in…

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Hot Laps In McLaren P1

Hot Laps In McLaren P1 – Video

The video description states: “Giving our good friend Stef who is a great writer for Blackflag Jalopnik a few hot laps in the P1. The tires were pretty shagged by this point in the day, but still some great fun was left in them. I am always thankful for the…

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It's Go Time

Tesla Model S P85D Versus P85 – Drag Race Videos

Description for video above: Test and Tune night at Farmington Dragway (1/8th mile), 2015-04-17. Quietest drag race ever… P85D: 7.415 @ 93.218 MPH P85: 8.170 @ 87.621 MPH P85D 60′: 1.654s P85 60′: 1.938s P85D 330′: 4.775s P85 330′: 5.348s P85 reaction: 0.224s P85D reaction: 0.336s Description for video above:…

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VW e-Golf Lease Deal

Volkswagen e-Golf Lease Deal – $158 Per Month

This lease deals come to us via Bozzani Volkswagen in Covina, California. Featured is the Volkswagen e-Golf Limited, the cheaper of the two versions of the e-Golf. The deal itself seems fairly standard (meaning the fine print is the usual).  The only issue we see is that it states 10,000…

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