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Electric Cars Do Stunts Too – Video

Electric cars can drift, perform risky maneuvers and get up on two wheels too. Here’s your proof. And no, not every story on plug-ins has to be serious, sometimes its good to just kick back and enjoy something…uh, different. Video description: A stunt show featuring purely electric cars thrilled spectators…

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New BMW i3 Ad Hits The Spot – Video

Electric car advertisements are rare. And ads that do a swell job of pointing out why one should actually buy an electric car, are basically non existent. So, when we came across this BMW i3 commercial, we just had to share. As BMWBLOG states: “In the latest ad the Germans…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Interior Comes Into View – Video

Is this our clearest look yet at the production interior for the upcoming Tesla Model 3? CNET Roadshow has assembled video via images obtained by Teslarati. Here’s a screen grab from the video (image credit – Teslarati via Wayne). As Teslarati explains: “Teslarati obtained the following never-before-seen photos showing a…

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