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Model S In Budapest

Spotted: Tesla Model S In Budapest – Video

Where isn’t the Tesla Model S seen? Seriously…it seems as though the Model S is now roaming the rounds all around the globe. With the exception of Africa and South America, Model S availability seems to be spreading across the continents and spotting such as this one here in Budapest,…

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Jeremy Clarkson in BMW i8

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Spotted In BMW i8 – Video

“Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson in petrol station reviving engine of Bmw Hybrid i8 Electric Car.” States the video description…reviving…hmm…we’re not so sure that’s the right word. It seems as though Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson was more or less entering the BMW i8, then he umm…revved it…we suppose. Editor’s Note:  If…

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RAV4 EV Road trip

Timelapse Video: Toyota RAV4 EV Road Trip

“Dashcam footage of a road trip from LA to Milford, UT in a 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV. Day 1: Van Nuys – Victorville – Baker – Las Vegas – Valley of Fire.” If you’re going to explore the United States in an electric vehicle, then why not capture the journey…

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parked i3

BMW i3 Parallel Parks Itself – Videos

It seems some BMW i3 owners aren’t aware of the i3′s optional $1,000 parking package, which includes a self-parking feature that sandwiches the i3 between two parked vehicles with only 22 inches of extra space needed. The automated parallel parking function is unique in that it requires no driver input,…

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