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Steve Jurvetson Interview

Steve Jurvetson On Tesla Motors – Video Interview

Venture capitalist, Tesla board member, Tesla insider, owner of the first Model S and the second Model X, Steve Jurvetson was recently interviewed by Bloomberg. Much of the interview focuses on topics unrelated to Tesla (full interview here), but EVANNEX – provider of aftermark Tesla accessories, nicely cut down the…

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BMW i3 Versus Audi RS5

BMW i3 Versus Audi RS5 – Video

Loosely translated from German, the video description states: “This comparison is not purely to show how much potential there is in a pure electric car by bragging or anything, but…” Actually, we’re sort of surprised to see how well the BMW i3 fares against the much more powerful Audi RS5….

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Autopilot Demo

Tesla Model S Autopilot Demo – Video

Here’s a video showing autopilot in action in a Tesla Model S. And while these have become quite popular from Tesla drivers themselves, this one comes to us via Autoblog – so it’s done quite well. Video description: “Autoblog’s Adam Morath demonstrates Autopilot on the 2016 Tesla Model S P90D. Autopilot…

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Muffler Removed

BMW i3 REx Muffler Delete – Video

We’re not entirely sure why this BMW i3 REx owner decided to remove his muffler in favor of a downpipe after the catalytic converter, but cars will always be tinkered with, so here’s what an i3 REx sounds like with this rather odd mod. Video description: “Removed the stock muffler…

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Model S Seatbelt Inspection

Tesla Model S Seatbelt Inspection – Videos

A couple videos have been published on the recent seatbelt-related recall/inspection of every Tesla Model S ever made. Above, Bjørn Nyland gets his Model S checked out by a Tesla rep at a local Supercharging station in just a few minutes – saving himself a trip to his local service…

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That's A Wrap

BMW i8 Wrapped In Satin Chrome Yellow – Video

Video description: “The already crazy looking BMW i8 gets the Yiannimize treatment and transforms into a car from the future with this satin chrome yellow wrap!” It’s not so much the end result we’re interested in, but rather the process of wrapping, which is shown in amazing detail in this…

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Tesla Model S Automatic Parallel Parking Put To The Test

Testing Tesla Model S Parallel Auto Park – Video

This video shows a Tesla Model S making uses of its automatic parallel parking feature, part of the Firmware 7.0 upgrade. What we like about this video is that it captures the increasing level of difficulty in relation to the reduction of space for parking. Video description: Please be kind,…

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