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Ford C-Max Energi At The 2014 Geneva Motor Show

Are Ford’s Plug-In Energi Cars Profitable?

We’ve often heard stories about the Chevy Volt losing money for GM. And while we don’t know for sure it is losing money, Dan Akerson did state at one point: “We aren’t making much money on them, actually any money on them.” So at best, they are breaking even on…

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A Sturdy Plug-In Receptacle Located In The Proper Place Goes Along Way

How To Do A PHEV Conversion Right

Years ago, before the Leaf and Volt were available, I was involved in several conversion of hybrids into PHEV. I even made this video about it back in 2010 (yep that’s me in the video). Most of the information here is obsolete now, but you can get a better idea…

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Bring Costs Down

Op-Ed: Is the Nissan Leaf Really Ugly?

I want to address one of the most perplexing phenomenon I’ve ever seen. Anytime there is an article about the Nissan Leaf, whether it is on a general news website, automotive website, or even a website devoted to plug-in cars, I always see comments like this: I wouldn’t buy one…

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GM Recently Expanded Their Relationship With LG Chem To Include Supplying Batteries In The 2015 Spark EV

Op-Ed: All Electric vs Plug-In Hybrid

Is the BEV or PHEV the future? I think most people who read this website agree that ultimately, the battery powered vehicle is the future of transportation. We just don’t know how far into the future. So for the focus of this article, I’m talking about the next 10 to…

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Why the Electric Car is Here to Stay

Most electric vehicle enthusiasts are familiar with the story of how the electric vehicle was killed off around the turn of the millennium.  Many people were afraid it could happen again, some are concerned it could still happen now.  When having conversations with people even today, I hear people suggest…

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The Owner of This Ford Fusion Energi Plugs in a Lot

The Case For The 20-Mile PHEV

I’ve been somewhat fascinated by the Ford Energi products since they came out. I haven’t had a chance to drive one yet, but I’ve seen a few on the roads and at charging stations. Everyone here probably knows what they are. Just to recap, they are basically souped up hybrids…

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President Bush Filling GM's HydroGen3 GM Fuel Cell Vehicle In May 2005

Has Tesla Killed the Fuel Cell Vehicle?

I remember 10 years ago in 2003, George W. Bush was making a speech on television.  He was pushing his agenda for fuel cell vehicles and he made a statement that these advances mean that a child born that day could be driving a fuel cell vehicle as their first…

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Ugh Honey, We Still Have A Ways To Go

Op-Ed: How to Solve the 1% Problem

According to Voltstats, the average Chevrolet Volt driver does about 75% of their driving on electric, and 25% on gasoline.  I have a Volt and for me it is more like 99% on electric and 1% on gas. So the Volt has an EPA rating of 38 miles EV range.  Lets…

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Wonder How Many Prius Plug-In Owners Traded In For a Volt?

Op-Ed: How Toyota Could Change the World

Over the years I’ve owned many Prii, including the very first generation.  From the very beginning I always questioned why Toyota didn’t go ahead and take that extra little step to allow us to charge up and drive at least some distance on electric power from the wall. Well, now…

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