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Illinois Looks To Keep EV Spots Reserved For...EVs

Op-Ed: Crowd Funded Charging Stations

OK, so the reality in 2016 for most geographical locations is that the charging station business is unprofitable. The primary reason is a simple equation of the cost of the installations versus the number of customers to use the station. The customer base simply isn’t there yet, but it will…

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Nissan Australia Boss Has Some "Choice" Words To Say About His Country's Stance On EVs And Fuel Cells

Used Nissan Leaf Buying Guide

I’m in the market for a used Leaf. I classify myself as a Leaf expert having leased a 2011 and now driving a 2013. We’re looking to replace another car that is about to be returned at end of lease. There are no shortage of used Leafs being advertised both…

2 years ago by David Murray 38

Ford C-Max Energi set a new 2 year high for sales in July

Are Ford’s Plug-In Energi Cars Profitable?

We’ve often heard stories about the Chevy Volt losing money for GM. And while we don’t know for sure it is losing money, Dan Akerson did state at one point: “We aren’t making much money on them, actually any money on them.” So at best, they are breaking even on…

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A Sturdy Plug-In Receptacle Located In The Proper Place Goes Along Way

How To Do A PHEV Conversion Right

Years ago, before the Leaf and Volt were available, I was involved in several conversion of hybrids into PHEV. I even made this video about it back in 2010 (yep that’s me in the video). Most of the information here is obsolete now, but you can get a better idea…

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Nissan's Carlos Ghosn Says Big Upgrades Coming Inside A Year For LEAF

Op-Ed: Is the Nissan Leaf Really Ugly?

I want to address one of the most perplexing phenomenon I’ve ever seen. Anytime there is an article about the Nissan Leaf, whether it is on a general news website, automotive website, or even a website devoted to plug-in cars, I always see comments like this: I wouldn’t buy one…

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GM's First Generation Chevrolet Volt (PHEV) and Spark EV (BEV)

Op-Ed: All Electric vs Plug-In Hybrid

Is the BEV or PHEV the future? I think most people who read this website agree that ultimately, the battery powered vehicle is the future of transportation. We just don’t know how far into the future. So for the focus of this article, I’m talking about the next 10 to…

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