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Volt Heat Map

Chevrolet Volt Heat Map U.S.

In the past we’ve reported on heat maps depicting concentrations of other plug-in vehicles in the United States, such as the BMW i3., a database of Volt owners who have voluntarily allowed the website to collect usage data from their vehicles through OnStar, now offers a heat map for…

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2016 Volt Taken on an Early Test Drive

Surprise Test Drive of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt

It’s the first review of driving in the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Volt, and no, it’s not from the media.  A lucky Canadian Volt owner recently had the chance to take a 2016 Chevrolet Volt for a spin, now in production at the Detroit Hamtramck facility. Overall, forum member “kickincanada”…

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2016 Chevrolet Volt - Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs

Op-Ed: Where the 2016 Chevrolet Volt Falls Short

There’s a lot of great enhancements in the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt, and many people (myself included) are excited at the potential that the new Volt holds to gain  mainstream market appeal. That being said, there’s a couple key areas where I feel Chevrolet missed the mark in choosing not…

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2016 Volt

Op-Ed: The Volt is an EREV, and Here’s Why

Through all of the Volt-related stories on here, there is sometimes a vocal minority that declare the Volt is not an EREV. They claim they were lied to, cheated, and robbed of the promise of a pure series hybrid experience. They reference articles from third party websites that “prove” the Volt…

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Nissan LEAF And Chevy Volt Go On A Camping Trip

No, that’s not the start of a lame joke.  Rather, it’s what took place a week prior to Labor Day, 2014.  I decided to go try the you’re-not-really-camping activity of car camping at Wellesely Island State Park, NY nestled within the Thousand Islands at the border of the United States…

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GE Durastation Charger Family.  Optional RFID Capability Available.

GE DuraStation Chargers: Great Value, Tough to Procure

My employer recently installed 4 GE DuraStation dual pedestal chargers, in conjunction with a building generator project they were undertaking.  These chargers (also available at Lowe’s and Home Depot) are a great alternative for workplace charging when compared to some of the more popular brands out there. For example, GE…

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Should Electricity Be Regulated as a Motor Fuel?

Is Cheap Gas Here to Stay?

What’s with the cheap gas?  Is it from the mild hurricane season?  A reduction in travel?  Perhaps a conspiracy of some sort?  Weren’t people warning of peak oil? All across the United States, the cost of a gallon of gasoline continues to approach the $3.00 per gallon mark.  Ironically, this…

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Op-Ed: A Response to Climate Central’s EV Analysis

A few days ago, one of our most dedicated and pro-EV writers, Eric Loveday, published a story about a recent Climate Central report that, in summary, made the claim that traditional hybrids remain more environmentally friendly in most states than today’s plug-in hybrids.  As Eric’s evil brother on the site (or perhaps…

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We Were Going To Mock Up A Image Of A 2 Door Volt, But Then Got Lasy - So Here Is A Shot Of The MPV5 On GM's Roadshow

Volt Crossover May Debut in 2015

There’s been a great deal of speculation and interest around an SUV variant of the Chevrolet Volt. A recent story on Truth About Cars discussed a guidebook produced by Morgan Stanley that details upcoming product offerings of various auto manufacturers, including GM.  The little gem that may interest the readership…

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Over The Course Of Two Years, My Chevrolet Volt Been (And Lead Me) To A Lot Of Places

Chevy Volt: An Owner’s 2 Year Review

Two years ago, on the day before Christmas Eve, I took delivery of a brand new Chevrolet Volt, number 186 off the line.  At the time, I had followed the Volt for nearly 4 years, as Chevrolet detailed all of the engineering and testing that had gone into their “moonshot”…

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