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Nissan LEAF Nismo Acceleration Test – Video

The Nissan LEAF Nismo is a performance version of the LEAF – which unfortunately is only available in Japan at the moment. The Nismo package brings mostly a new, more aggressive aero package (that we kinda like), but also a reprogrammed/sport tuned VCM (Vehicle Control Module). Cost for a full conversion?  About…

3 years ago by Jay Cole 13

Nissan LEAF NISMO GT-R Mashup

Ever wonder what a Nissan NISMO GT-R would look like if it were mashed into a Nissan LEAF? Well, wonder no more as NISMO USA has released an image showing that exact Mashup and we must say it looks tight. “If you combine any NISMO model with any 2014 Nissan…

4 years ago by Eric Loveday 8

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC Featured in TRANSLOGIC (w/video)

In latest episode of TRANSLOGIC, Bradley Hasemeyer had a chance to drive the younger and wilder Nissan LEAF brother – the LEAF NISMO RC. The LEAF NISMO RC recently was available at the Nissan 360 motoring event in southern California and provided Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga with fun times behind the…

4 years ago by Mark Kane 2

Video: Nissan LEAF Nismo RC Hot Laps

At the Nissan 360 motoring event in southern California, Nissan prepped a LEAF NISMO RC prototype for on-track tests. Nissan COO Toshiyuki Shiga—the man who is also in charge of the CHAdeMO Association—was one of the drivers who took the all-electric racer based on the LEAF for a few hot laps….

4 years ago by Mark Kane 3

Nissan’s Nismo Teams with Williams Advanced Engineering to Develop Future Performance Road Vehicles; Does This Mean More Electrification for Nissan?

Nismo is the performance-oriented arm of Nissan.  It’s responsible for vehicles like the Juke Nismo and 370Z Nismo.  Additionally, there are the Nismo performance upgrades for the Nissan LEAF and even the Nismo LEAF RC racer. Mostly though, Nismo pumps up some of Nissan’s gas-burners and focuses on motorsports. On…

4 years ago by Eric Loveday 0