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2018 Nissan LEAF Peeks Out Under Trash Bag Camo

2018 Nissan Leaf Spied Sorting A Sleeker Design Under Some Trash Bag Camo The weird disguise will come off in September, with the 2nd gen LEAF arriving shortly thereafter. The outgoing Leaf is not what you would call an attractive car, but thankfully it seems Nissan will overhaul the EV’s styling…

14 hours ago by Adrian Padeanu 112

Fire Breaks Out At Volvo Battery Lab In Gothenburg

On Tuesday, a fire broke out in the Volvo Car Group battery lab in Gothenburg, Sweden. The automaker said there was no impact on production from the fire, but 150 employees had to be evacuated from the laboratory and surrounding buildings. Batteries, especially under experimental conditions in laboratories, can be…

5 hours ago by Mark Kane 0

Faraday Future Exec Claims NIO Eve Is A Poor Clone Of FF 91

"Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but poor clones get it wrong because we are promoting individuality"​ https://t.co/lCFMwySQlo — Nick Sampson (@NickSampsonFF) March 11, 2017 Following the reveal of the NIO Eve, Faraday Future Senior Vice President of Product Research & Development, Nick Sampson, took to Twitter to call…

12 hours ago by Eric Loveday 6

Tesla Now Worth More Than Ford

It doesn’t mean much, but Tesla has bragging rights over Ford for now. The gap has been closing for quite some time now and even recently we reported that Tesla’s market cap was within spitting distance of Ford’s. Well, as of close last evening, the inevitable happened with Tesla surpassing…

14 hours ago by Eric Loveday 33

Hubject Brings Together Austria’s Largest EV Charging Network

Eleven leading state energy suppliers in Austria have joined forces with Berlin-based Hubject to create the country’s largest public charging network. The main focus is to provide an extensive charging network, regardless of the operator of the stations, to provide easy access for all EV drivers (using a smartphone app…

1 day ago by Mark Kane 5