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Faraday Future 91 PPIHC

Faraday Future Preps For Pike’s Peak – Videos

On Sunday (June 25th) Faraday Future is bringing its prototype FF91 all-electric vehicle to Colorado to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – a 12.42 mile hill climb, that features 156 turns. Technically, they are already there, and have produced a video(above) of their efforts to get ready….

23 hours ago by Jay Cole 5

“Smooth As Silk” Tesla Autopilot Tested – Video

AP2_17_22_46 1 from James Hansbert on Vimeo. A video test of the latest Tesla Autopilot 2 system in action (v8.1 17.22.46) by James Hansbert, which made Elon Musk excited because of the smooth as silk feeling of the control algorithm, has hit the airwaves. Now, whether or not it is…

1 day ago by Mark Kane 6